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15 Mar 2024 22:27:36
How important is CL next season in the rebuild we need and I'm sure Pc wants? We have money commuted to diomande and prob need to sign 4 or 5 1st team players but if we don't get automatic entry I don't think we can afford it unless we sell butland or recieve big money from saudi for tav . I worry despite having a better manager than our rivals we won't afford the tools he needs and ultimately he may feel he maybe unable to achieve his goals andd may lose him.

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15 Mar 2024 22:52:30
Ows you do really panic far too much mate.

15 Mar 2024 23:29:46
I don't think we base our clubs business model on CL. i'm not sure we we need a rebuild, yes prob around 4 players however we have been prudent in the xmas market with limited funds so summer achievable with funds. I don't see the need to worry ows, the opposite for me.

15 Mar 2024 23:52:11
Don’t worry about a thing cause every little thing going to be alright.

16 Mar 2024 06:37:44
I have it on good authority from 3 little birds.

16 Mar 2024 07:19:26
Jfm63, would that be, Tweets Pie, Calimero (ask your parents) and Foghorn Leghorn, I say, I say boy. ???.

16 Mar 2024 08:23:11
Pointless worrying about anything in life. Que sera, sera.

16 Mar 2024 10:39:51
That cl money will be needed in the summer. Sima, Cortes and Dio to be paid for, if we're keeping all 3 that is.

16 Mar 2024 11:19:25
You've just mentioned Ryan Hardie as a potential signing, no wonder he's panicking. Income from europe is key to our progression and sustainability, that why winning cups and leagues is important. Also stops us playing catch to them financially.

16 Mar 2024 11:20:40
Cameron at Dundee worth watching, tremendous energy and plenty talent.

16 Mar 2024 11:22:20
Mark, we have EL money coming, bud. Should cover them if we take all of them. ECL qualification would be ideal and allow us to plan ahead with a bit more security. Get your drift though bud??.

16 Mar 2024 12:00:16
Sima will go back if we sign Cortes. We ain't signing 2 LWs when other areas require upgrade.

16 Mar 2024 12:27:00
The new sustainability rules are going to make it even harder for us to rebuild without selling players.

We need to find ways of increasing our turnover - which I know the club have been working hard on - and we need to reduce the wage bill, so can see us operating with a much aller squad going forward.

16 Mar 2024 13:06:36
Of course we need CL money, only a fool would think differently.
Yes, we can survive without it, but considering we have the highest wage bill in Scottish football, and that we only turned a profit of 250k (before tax) after receiving CL money, then it's plainly obvious we need it If we want to be successful.
How in God's name can some on here say differently?!

Sima, Diomonde and Cortez are going to cost in the region of £13-15m, so how is EL money going to cover that, Fork? It's not!

16 Mar 2024 13:07:42
Rtg i take it you have never seen Ryan Hardie lately then, he'll score 20 goals in the championship this season, would score many in our league, would like him signed with another quality cf.
Boomboom, Sima has played the most games of his career on the rw tho, Clement wants him signed, rw/ lw Sima cam Cantwell lw/ rw Cortes both them can play wide on either side, I'd be more than happy with that.

16 Mar 2024 13:46:00
Just because he is scoring in the championship does not mean he will be a success with us. People have this flawed conception that the championship is a better level. Its far from a better level when it comes to the old firm. Hardie would do well at a Hearts etc but not at Rangers or Celtic, that's why he was punted a few year ago.

16 Mar 2024 14:01:55
Cool then rtg you've clearly never seen him play in ages then.

16 Mar 2024 14:06:59
Fork my mum is dead 35 years and my dad 26 years. I'm sorry to say I'm old enough to have watched calimero and that really is an injustice it is.
I'm sure you know that the bob marley song with don't worry about a thing is actually called 3 little birds.

16 Mar 2024 14:34:36
Beg to differ RTR, we made 18 million on the final run, so we're not going to be a boot on the jacksie away from the figures you quote, would like the 3 of them, but don't know if sima will be signed, if not we have enough for Cortez/ Diomande.

16 Mar 2024 14:35:13
I didn't to be fair Jfm63 ??.

16 Mar 2024 15:27:33
I think you best do your sums again, Fork. Don't worry, I'll keep you right.

16 Mar 2024 16:08:41
My sums are fine RTR, We made 18.1 million from final run, its everywhere online if you have a look, so as stated we would not be a boot in the ass of having enough for 2 definitely of this years income.

16 Mar 2024 16:14:11
Figures around this year counting CL and EL being quoted around 14 mill to 16mill earned, not counting gate income. So nothing wrong with my sums bud?.

16 Mar 2024 16:32:16
This year alone 16.27m euros, 13.89m pounds.

16 Mar 2024 16:53:23
So it's 2 players now, Fork? Make your mind up!

Even if your figures are true, there is no way the club spend it on transfers. We were only in the black by 250k (before tax) and that was with CL money and big player sales, so how in God's name is the money we made reaching the last 16 in EL, and no big player sales, going to stretch to buy those THREE players?! Back to school matey.

16 Mar 2024 17:06:19
Raisetheroofe i think we invest in Cortes and Sima for future profit mate, hopefully anyway, probably cost 8/ 9m.

16 Mar 2024 17:35:08
Based on your figures I said we wouldn't be a boot on the ass of 3, but I don't think we will sign sima, so yes 2 for definite, but would like 3, you really are obtuse btw all figures available online, look and learn instead if being a sarcastic fool, because you think your correct, not me needing schooled?.

16 Mar 2024 18:50:11
"Obtuse"?! "Sarcastic fool"?! ??

16 Mar 2024 19:31:53
Will you two go to, the naughty step and take a time out.

16 Mar 2024 19:33:48
Fud then, lol ?? ya swine, one ah owe you?.

16 Mar 2024 19:50:12
Sometimes i wonder if you sit and read a dictionary Fork ?.

16 Mar 2024 20:08:08
Lol its the madness in my head, need to let it evaporate from my cranial sponge of knowledge, then gravitate to enhancing your appreciation of my response to your question. Lol?? yes to answer your question I'm a loony ???.

16 Mar 2024 20:10:09
Lol@Jfm63 ? naw no going.

17 Mar 2024 08:52:16
Nothing wrong with that fork! A bit mental myself at times. Keep the fountain of vocabulary going ?.

17 Mar 2024 08:55:53
And fork, your personality so reminds me of someone i know. It's uncanny. i'm going to ask him when i see him if he uses this forum!



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