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14 Mar 2024 21:52:31
I can't be the only one thinking we really miss Colak, of the chances created I believe he would've buried them. Dessers is not the man to lead the line alone for us.

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14 Mar 2024 21:56:39
Been saying it for ages about Dessers and Everytime I do I get slaughtered on here. He's awful. End of. Roofe should have started tonight. No doubt. Btw well done to Scott W. He done well.

14 Mar 2024 22:03:13
You'll never know, but hey blame big dessers, 11 on the park btw.

14 Mar 2024 22:04:27
Colak has scored 3 goals this season.

14 Mar 2024 22:19:37
I cannot think of the chances you mean. Thought we created very little.

14 Mar 2024 22:28:09
What chances did we create?

14 Mar 2024 22:39:30
You are correct, dessers definitely is nowhere near good enough. But incorrect if you think colak would have changed that result.

14 Mar 2024 22:56:23
I don't believe that Colak would be the answer. Being honest, we are out because of poor defending away from home and our inability to put the ball in th net tonight. With a quality striker, (better than Colak), and a decent centre back, we would be through to the next round. We missed the players that are currently out injured. Our best striker tonight was Wright and that says it all for me.

14 Mar 2024 23:02:27
Dessers hasn't scored from when we beat Hearts. So he's not had chances since then?

14 Mar 2024 23:10:51

Bang on. We were very impotent. Bad goal, but our own clear cuts very few far between. Not going to cry because did well to get this far and we were dumped by one best teams in Europe. We simply concentrate all on league.

14 Mar 2024 23:11:41
What has colak done this season?

14 Mar 2024 23:28:55
Colak can’t get a game for Parma in serie b but aye we are missing him ?.

We didn’t win tonight so must be big bad dessers fault it’s get boring now


15 Mar 2024 05:23:32
Spot on Storm ?.

15 Mar 2024 07:44:48
It wasn’t all Dessers fault Storm, you cannot deny though he was absolutley redundant whenever he got the ball. His passing is lack and he doesn’t hold the ball up well enough for me.

Btw I’m not saying Colak would’ve done better holding the ball up, I’m 100% aware that isn’t the sort of player he was, he was a box striker. The chance in question was when Dessers pulled it wide in front of goal and it deflected off Benfica player, I believe any decent player would’ve buried that chance instead of trying to loop it in.

We lack goals in this team, boggles the mind some are claiming fans are being unfair to point that out….

15 Mar 2024 08:33:50
4th in scoring charts, oh but he's not decent, your correct, wasn't his fault, would help if they actually got the ball to him, 11 in the team, while you are entitled to your opinion, I am inclined to differ, but that's why we're here, and yes some are a bit unfair imho, that's there choice??.

15 Mar 2024 09:16:48
Laudrup i am sure we all agree we need better firing power but come one. to suggest replacing dessers for Colak. he wasnt good enough for us and done very little since going away to suggest he would have converted the few chances we had last night. it was the whole team that let us down (and i am not being over critical) i am proud of how far we got but when i saw the starting line up it showed how injuries have impacted our team. proud bear and could we have won that. maybe a little more effort and luck yes, we were one goal with self inflicted injuries last week doing the damage.

15 Mar 2024 11:33:25
Fork I wouldn't ever lay blame at one player, but to keep posting he's 4th in scoring charts as if that's an achievement mate, it ain't.

15 Mar 2024 12:00:20
People need to pay attention to the clubs and managers comments on injured players returning, hearing but not listening. Raskin Roofe Cantwell just off the table in the past few days it's still warm, but hey just start them, seriously I effing wonder sometimes.

15 Mar 2024 12:38:07
So a guy doing reasonably well isn't good enough then BB3, I agree he isn't quite the answer, but give him some credit fgs, take out his 12 league only goals, where would we be.

15 Mar 2024 14:04:46
Fork you've posted twice now that he's fourth in scoring charts, for our main striker to be behind an Aberdeen and hearts player isn't acceptable imo, if your OK way it fair play, just keep in mind he's earning 4 or 5 times the 2 he's behind. 12 league goals isn't anything to shout about either mate I would honestly expect him to be on double fork. Just my opinion bro not having a go. If you read my posts you'll know I give him credit when it's due but won't give him credit for being 4 in scoring charts or 12 league goals as it isn't good enough imo.



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