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09 Mar 2024 08:53:34
Team Tommorow.
Gk Butland
Rb Tavernier
Cb Soutter
Cb Balogun
Lb Barisic
Cm Jack
Cm Lundstram
Rw McCausland
Cam Diomande
Lw Silva
Cf Dessers.

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09 Mar 2024 09:18:21
A would rest Lundstrum for tomorrow.

09 Mar 2024 09:49:43
Barisic?! Really?!

09 Mar 2024 09:51:21
Cifuentes could be a good shout. Thot he was very poor and lazy passes i to dangerous areas on thurs. Game out to rest could do him the world of good.

09 Mar 2024 09:52:19
Also think roofe will start. And goldson will definitely start.

09 Mar 2024 10:17:42
Cifuentes? Do you mean raskin Paul?

Not 3 at the back Mystar?

09 Mar 2024 10:19:58
Raisetheroofe i wouldn't start him but think Clement will mate.

09 Mar 2024 10:21:10
Paul I just seen you were replying to a poster ?? don’t drink much but slightly hungover ?. Sorry mate ?‍♂️.

09 Mar 2024 10:24:57
I think it’s essential Lundstrum doesn’t start, played far too much recently.

09 Mar 2024 11:18:50
I wouldn't let him anywhere near the starting 11, My star! Ridvan, for me, should start every game he can, mate, as he is now becoming the player most of us knew he would be.

Let's be honest here, PC's rotation of the team hasn't been working lately, and he must stick with the strongest starting 11. That strongest 11 does not include Barisic. Infact, I'd rather play Sterling, Davies or Yfeko before him.

09 Mar 2024 11:29:24
Lundstram for me needs a rest.
Time for others to step up.

09 Mar 2024 11:32:21
It's a hard one with lunny, as our team doesn't seem to tick without him, pretty much like the Tim's without mcgregor, but saying that plainly obvious lunny needs a break, catch 22 boys.

09 Mar 2024 12:50:06
I told lundstrum has played last four games with an injury.

09 Mar 2024 12:52:57
In an ideal world I would play jack and raskin from start they need minutes and lunny and diomande get a well earned rest but I trust big Phil to play the team he knows will have best chance of beating the opposition. Rotating squad has its upsides and downsides, it's a fine balancing act, momentum and playing a settled team regularly is key.

09 Mar 2024 13:18:36
Think that will be close My Star, not sure how fit Raskin or Roofe are - if they have 60 in them they may start.

The hatred of Borna is becoming funny, so will be delighted to see him start.

09 Mar 2024 14:04:11
Raskin and Jack not the quickest in the world and I've got worries about Boyle running at Barisic.
Need a big game from the guys. step up! @.

09 Mar 2024 14:09:55
Agree rtr been saying for a long time on here borna has lost it big time, I swear he's not been same player since that little imp mcgregor had a go at him. I know that's horrible for me as a rangers fan to say that but I believe it's true.

09 Mar 2024 14:38:06
Would definitely rest lundstrum definitely deserves it a know we are short on players but surely the likes of raskin and jack are more than capable tomorrow.

09 Mar 2024 15:07:38
For me the only time Borna gets a game is when Yilmaz is injured. He’s been rested enough so should be able to see the season out. I also think tomorrow is a good time to rest Lundstrum as we have Raskin and Jack able to play.

09 Mar 2024 16:30:04
EHL: there is no hatred of Borna it’s a case he’s been poor the last few chances he’s been given, I was a huge fan of him a few seasons ago but over last few seasons he’s been poor I want to win the game and just feel Borna is now a week link it’s my opinion if he does play I hope he has a blinder as then he puts pressure on Ridvan but no hatred.

09 Mar 2024 17:07:22
I believe Borna will be gone this summer. I still feel he's a role to play for us this season. Yilmaz can't play every game.

09 Mar 2024 17:35:41
I disagree twacoos, I honestly think the narrative from many around Borna has shifted to hatred.

I still rate him, and think he still offers a greater threat than Yilmaz going forward (which the assist numbers validate) .

That said Yilmaz delivery in the last few weeks has been much better, so hopefully we see him start to post similar number to what Borna has posted throughout his time with us.

09 Mar 2024 19:35:09
OK, so let's break down Barisic's goals and assist stats in the league, EHL. In the 6 seasons he's been here, in the league he has delivered 4 goals, and 29 assists. So, if you calculate those figures, over the 6 seasons he's been here, he's averaging 4.8 assists a season, and 0.66 goals. Wow! Prolific! Nope, you're right, it is funny, and I don't know why he gets such a hard time?! ??.



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