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04 Mar 2024 16:25:22
Cortes to go under the knife, likely won’t play for us again.

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04 Mar 2024 18:29:33
Bad news! Hopefully he makes a full recovery and comes back to us on a permanent move for next season.

04 Mar 2024 18:40:42
This season.

04 Mar 2024 18:58:43
Why won’t he? At the end of the day we only signed him on loan to defer the fee to the summer. I can’t imagine an unfortunate injury will impact whether we sign him permanently or not.

04 Mar 2024 19:21:36
Where is this coming from, Borna?

04 Mar 2024 19:49:37
No obligation to buy davidb1996, only an option to buy, if his injury is bad would we sign him, heartless I know, but would it be good business if he's f.d, personally I'd take him, potential to be really special.

04 Mar 2024 19:53:59
We’ve an obligation to buy on a 4 year deal. This has been widely published a million times. Keep up.

04 Mar 2024 20:45:46
Has this been confirmed all i saw was PC saying an opp hadnt been ruled out.

04 Mar 2024 22:21:30
A know Diomonde was obligation to buy thought Cortez was option to buy.

04 Mar 2024 22:32:07
Ibrox that is for Diomande.

04 Mar 2024 22:41:56
Wrong Ibrox, Diomande obligation to buy, Cortes option to buy.

04 Mar 2024 22:44:02
Keep up, your sarcasm is funny cause you are wrong. ??.

04 Mar 2024 22:46:55
Diomande 4.3 mill obligation, so in short and to rub your nose in it your wrong??.

04 Mar 2024 23:50:05
Never said it was an obligation I’m saying had we the funds to do so he’d have been signed permanently in January.

05 Mar 2024 00:15:52
Correspondence unfortunetly is an "option" to buy, Diomende is an "obligation" pc will know already if he wants the kid next season and on his brief showings I would take the punt. He looks like he loves to take a player on which I think we need.

05 Mar 2024 02:30:28
No one said you did Davidb, you said " defer to summer" doesn't apply either, we got him on loan. The decision to buy him is secondary to is he good enough, if not and now with a nasty injury, it could be no, if gets out the other side of his injury OK, then he needs further assessment before decision to buy, I'm no PC but I like the guy, would sign him no probs, but it is a business. You don't make an investment without due care, would like a loan extension prob. Hope this explains it bud.

05 Mar 2024 04:37:40
Ibrox4me. No its not. that's diomande obligation.

05 Mar 2024 07:50:02
Predictive txt's a nightmare robbielogan? does your nut in.

05 Mar 2024 08:50:48
PC said Cortez, if he gets head down has a 4 yr contract offer on the table as incentive. Optional, but we are prepared to make perm. His parent club want the deal.

05 Mar 2024 10:03:16
Exactly Gdog, hope injury is not bad, boy gets back asssed with injury in mind, head down n signs, looks as if he could be a good find. ? and totally correct, all optional, keep up Ibrox. ? kidding bud?.

05 Mar 2024 10:12:14
Ibrox, it's Diomande that we're obliged to buy.



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