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23 May 2024 09:44:12
Tavs going to Stevie Gerard team for 5 million he will also get 200 grand a week.

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23 May 2024 10:28:09
200k a week? C’mon man, even the Saudis aren’t that mental!

23 May 2024 10:33:16
???? Please stop!

23 May 2024 10:40:44
Tob be fair henderson was picking up 700k a week.

23 May 2024 10:47:14
The story came from from Frank Mcavenie why would anyone believe that.

23 May 2024 10:48:49
Bit late for April fools day ?.

23 May 2024 11:23:28
Nearly as crazy as our manager starting him on Saturday.

23 May 2024 11:29:44
Frank McAvennie! Jesus Christ on a bike, the game is truly a bogey if you believe anything out that fud's mouth.

23 May 2024 11:32:22
The hype of being reunited with SG, the hype of his free kicks, the hype of being Rangers captain and the highest scoring defender in British history. Why not.

23 May 2024 11:33:56
Pmsl. ????????.

23 May 2024 12:18:52
If that's the case surely if I pull the boots back on I could make a nice sum to retire from within a couple of seasons. 200k a week jesus ?.

23 May 2024 12:48:20
Just checked calendar, it’s not April 1st ?.

23 May 2024 13:42:35
Frank the fanny lol.

23 May 2024 14:24:59
Tav has been a superb servant for our club, but we big changes and a new captain imo.

23 May 2024 14:42:33
Stuarty I’m sure jack hendry is on more than 200k a week that’s F##k all for that league.

23 May 2024 15:41:38
5 million for a man his age not bad.

I’d have hoped for more maybe 7-8 but he is on the decline pace wise

That 5 million could get us a few proven spl players with some for future

Barron Watson shankland

I honestly think if we get a more defensive minded right back it would take pressure of midfield and let them push forward and not have to play two sitting midfielders every week.

23 May 2024 15:43:41
Jack hendry on nowhere near that 1.7 a year works out just under 34k a week.

23 May 2024 16:00:41
Jack hendry ears 32 a week in Saudi.

23 May 2024 16:43:56

23 May 2024 16:57:16
Well seeing his is a rumours site
My sources indicate this is ?.

23 May 2024 17:10:46
Henry doesn't earn 200k a month on around 30k a week.

23 May 2024 18:55:03
Please Sheikh Ma Wallet Emity! leave enough to take Goldilocks and Davies too.



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