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23 May 2024 02:33:45
News I have heard is we are trying to resign Nathan Patterson, I'm told on a loan to buy option, let's see.

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23 May 2024 05:59:33
I’ve heard that mentioned a few times but the transfer was more related to Everton not being able to afford the money they’re due to us rather than loan to buy?

Regardless if he’s coming to us or not I think Everton will need to sell him.

23 May 2024 06:13:08
This isn't happening! Honestly, where do you think we getting the money to pay for the boy? Pure pie in the sky!

23 May 2024 06:28:11
If he was fit I'd take him in a heartbeat but Shere does that leave sterling who most fans want to replace tav.

23 May 2024 07:09:38
The same Nathan patterson that's been linked to man united and arsenal. Aye ok.

23 May 2024 08:16:23
Loved Patterson but apart from the Scottish option I prefer Ben Johnson rumours. Out of contract so can spend elsewhere we need and a bit like Sterling can play various positions. Pattersons injury record is beginning to be a worry too.

23 May 2024 08:36:23
Everton paid what they owed us. Paterson not interested in returning to Scotland and has a horrendous injury record.

23 May 2024 08:47:42
Good to know John, do we still get money for x number of appearances etc….? Thanks for the info.

23 May 2024 09:09:09
Would love this to be true if it’s not costing us much. I’ve heard they still owe us some money too.

23 May 2024 09:48:21
Dado yes we do. Couple addons in relation to club and country appearances

Majority have been met and paid.

23 May 2024 10:08:11
He's rank rotten no thanks.

23 May 2024 10:11:09
should have had Max Johnston and might still.

23 May 2024 11:33:36
Nope. Not happening unless he’s now 30. ?.

23 May 2024 11:58:24
He's not rank rotten. Guys been injured. Sure I seen man u looking at him a few months ago on this page.

23 May 2024 12:50:20
He is rank rotten. He's been terrible. His Scotland performances Been terrible tae. So aye he's rank rotten imo.

23 May 2024 13:17:28
Simply not the case. I expect him to move to either Man U or Arsenal this summer. Everton will sell him along with Branthwaite, Calvert-Lewin and possibly Pickford.

23 May 2024 14:44:15
man united Where looking at king and mccrorie apparently yous know the papers talk a load of s##t Patterson was never going to go to manu.

23 May 2024 15:42:06

23 May 2024 17:41:41
Rank rotten ma ar5e, if he gets through injuries he'll play for a top 8/ 10 prem club.

23 May 2024 19:29:19
No he won't. That's fully fit tae. He's not rangers class never mind man u arsenal etc.

24 May 2024 01:12:34
Would weaken the team.

24 May 2024 07:51:41
Patterson isn’t getting a big move he’s never fit.



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