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24 Nov 2023 22:46:28
Hearing a couple of bits.
Ross MacAusland set to sign 4 year deal after talks with Clement.

Mason Cotcher a real target of ours if he does not sign for Arsenal who he is currently training with. We can get him for a small compensation fee.

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24 Nov 2023 22:51:30
Aye didn't read the Scott Burns piece eh.

25 Nov 2023 07:57:09
Good news on MacAusland if he does sign.

25 Nov 2023 08:28:03
Ts where does it matter where he read it?

25 Nov 2023 08:56:26
I am a big McCausland supporter, I want him to make the grade not just for Rangers sake but for NI’s sake. But he has yet to prove himself? He has only played minutes now and then, all this hype could be just that, until he plays in an extended run I would be sceptical?
I would like nothing better than for him to be a star for the Gers and his homeland.

25 Nov 2023 11:52:45
Romano saying four year deal done. Wish Ross the very best.

25 Nov 2023 12:23:34
He is a cracking wee player but I think Neil McCann needs a DNA he looks the double of him and similar direct style.

25 Nov 2023 13:11:04
I agree 100% with you carrick good post.

25 Nov 2023 13:21:59
I think tjs97 is implying the OP has just read it somewhere and come on here pretending to have been given privileged info from a good contact. I don't really care if someone gets a kick from that all info is good and we all have to accept a level of criticism on here from time to time, nobody is above that. Its not to say the the OP doesn't have a contact and he is new on here we are just used to the usual reliable posters that actually have good contacts and we all know who they are.

25 Nov 2023 14:15:39
Agbroxi absolutely nothing alike???.

25 Nov 2023 14:20:39
Good luck to young Ross, hope he kicks on and lives up to expectations. A big ask for a young lad with only a few appearances.

25 Nov 2023 14:22:49
Totally agree Paul86 ???????????.

25 Nov 2023 16:08:43
Happy we've signed the lad and he is getting gametime. We rarely give our young lads a chance. Rice is another who needs gametime to show his real quality. Think he could be a super player.

25 Nov 2023 16:30:22
PC seemed pretty upbeat regarding McAusland signing at his presser.

25 Nov 2023 19:08:30
Paul i don’t understand the comparison either.

26 Nov 2023 11:10:22
Carrick we all know this already.

But you don't let a prospect walk away for nothing just because he hasn't had a lot of minutes

Don't think anyone is saying he's a certain star.

27 Nov 2023 11:12:50
Point taken gorforbig, but I was really taking about the media hype, it could ruin the kid? I understand that no one can say who is going to be a star, I remember teams in England wouldn’t touch George Best because they said he was too small, mistake or what?

27 Nov 2023 13:09:52
Great news, he has shown some good qulaities, but we need to see more, no doubt he will end up sold like all the rest of our recent quality young players, home grown and brought in.

29 Nov 2023 22:30:45
Scott burns didn’t mention the young lad Mason cotcher nor our interest in him.
Didn’t see the Scott burns piece, was just passing on information I had been given. A new poster who is a fan of the page was just joining in the rumours I had heard. No harm done.

02 Dec 2023 15:08:32
Not sure why some posters take such a delight in trying to prove informative posters like John 227 and Star in the sky who express their honest opinions well.
I can only conclude it is based on envy, not having the same knowledge and contacts. Just enjoy their posts.



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