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06 Jun 2024 07:56:25
Did anyone read Lundstrum's post? Is it true that he included his red card tackle in his farewell video? What an absolute helmet! Honestly, what in God's name was the ? end thinking posting that?

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06 Jun 2024 08:13:18
He tried to get a red card also in the cup final he just fortunately missed the player.

06 Jun 2024 08:16:07
Just posted this. What reaction did he expect that to recieve?

06 Jun 2024 08:20:18
I don’t think he did mate. Just watched it there and there was only his clean tackles in it with goals and assists. Might be mistaken but don’t think there was any red cards. So let’s calm it down.

06 Jun 2024 08:22:13
Doesn’t matter mate your right.

06 Jun 2024 08:28:18
He tried too get a red in the cup final storm aye ok ?.

06 Jun 2024 09:07:23
Dessers the tackle that got him sent off at celtic park is in the reel.

06 Jun 2024 09:32:21
My star I honestly 100% think it was obvious he did, what else could he expect to get, going in like that, if he caught him?

06 Jun 2024 09:49:58
So he tried to get a red boy blue aye?

06 Jun 2024 09:51:12
Do we honestly think he put the reel together?

06 Jun 2024 09:59:43
Boy blue, I think the point was that Lundstrum wasn't trying to catch him with the tackle and was trying to get the ball.

Honestly I don't understand some fans, they actually think players deliberately make mistakes. It seems every player if they leave Rangers or chose not to sign with us gets treated like dirt.

06 Jun 2024 10:50:21
Mystar, he jumped right in and tried to take I think it was O'Riley out right at the death, so yes he did and once again you prove you never played football at a high level ?

100% boy blue.

06 Jun 2024 10:51:01
Huey 100% he didn’t try and get the ball he was nowhere near it.

06 Jun 2024 11:01:46
Huey i think i me t to get sent off at Parkhead. there's no other reason for it. He was having a total nightmare.

06 Jun 2024 11:31:20
You like seeing things that weren't there storm, he challenged for the ball 100%, storm what do you think of Barry Ferguson saying he's happy about Yilmaz being contented as a Rangers player?

06 Jun 2024 13:04:39
He was nowhere near the ball mate if Celtic player didn’t jump it was a red card the fact you can’t see that tells me everything you know about football.

Please refer to a post that I have said yilmaz is a bad player I’ll wait? ? you just keep coming up with utter bs
I have never said he was wanting a way either as I don’t know if he is or not.
I also said I would keep him but his injuries is a worry. But you keep trying you may get one right at some point.

06 Jun 2024 14:23:29
Brilliantly again storm, didn't you have a go at me saying by an ex player saying he's happy that Yilmaz said he was staying, so tell me your thoughts about what Ferguson saying that, surely you have an opinion on him saying that.

storm you thinking he was going into that challenge for a red tells me you've never kicked a ball in you full life. Listen storm i know what i achieved in my career mate, you think what you want and i know what i achieve. I'm certain not going over this weekly or monthly with some like you ?.

06 Jun 2024 15:58:05
Mystar, if he caught O'Riley, it was a straight red. it was one of his last ever tackles in a rangers jersey and tried to leave a bit on him, only reason he never was he jumped, honestly don't know how you can't see that mate.
Huey who is treating ex players like dirt? Me? Just having an opinion mate.

06 Jun 2024 16:17:12
?? mystar, I did play football and coached youngsters also, so again you are completely incorrect. You never done anything in football, my star. When we winning the league easy? Another thing incorrect. ?

Lunny tried to do the Celtic player. the fact you can’t see that tells me everything about you what you know. ? Didn’t you have a go at me saying an ex player saying he is happy that yilmaz was staying? No idea what you are talking about. ?

I’ll ask again as you failed to answer, where did I say yilmaz was a bad player? Where did I say yilmaz ain’t happy? Why you not asking John or CP5? they are both saying yilmaz wants away.

I personally couldn’t care less what Ferguson says, so I won’t have an opinion on it.

06 Jun 2024 17:12:30
You never said Yilmaz was a bad player, but you had a go at me for saying i was happy he's was staying did you not? Ferguson said the same thing, get me? cool storm you think what you think and I'll know what i know.

06 Jun 2024 20:05:01
You know nothing. All I said is you don’t know if he is staying or not which you don’t. Ferguson can say what he likes he has more of a clue than you and I never said yilmaz wants to leave you are clueless.

06 Jun 2024 20:05:36
I never had a go at you for that either ?? daft as a brush.

06 Jun 2024 20:36:52
Look back storm only a few days ago, your words imagine an ex player thinking because he says he's happy he'll not move, which i never said either, daft a brush lol man, storm you sound like you lost it most of the time?.

06 Jun 2024 20:38:45
Storm most are clueless to you man, get over yourself, your knowledge of the game is quite poor in my opinion.



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