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28 May 2024 20:59:45
I have a good feeling already about our window.

The type of players we are looking at all have quite similar attributes, strong, fast, technical etc.

I'm hoping we get bulk of business done early but we all know some transfers can drag on.

Of the players we are heavily linked with I really like the look of Mofoking. He's similar to Cortes carries ball very well and beat his opposite number.

Be nice to have a choice of winger next season.

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28 May 2024 22:27:02
When it comes to transfer windows, the feeling good well has been drained.
I’m just preying by the law of averages we must sign a decent player eventually, one that will actually take us to the next level. Fingers ?.

28 May 2024 22:50:07
Id say Cortes gets his shot of quicker, but tbh I get your point 100%, I like the look of the South African kid. I think he better be prepared to get kicked lumps out of.

One player I’ve changed my mind on is Troare the Malian ?? player. If we got him and he could stay fit- honestly think we’d have serious firepower on our hands, some of the goals this guy has scored are wild. This guy as a winger scores more than most strikers. Although if we bought him does that signal that sima ain’t coming back? Think that Cortes is definitely staying I was looking at his IG account and it still says he’s a Rangers player- says nothing about Lens- I know that don’t mean anything but sometimes it’s a signal of we’re a player wants to be.

I wonder if the interest in Troare is real? Came from an African report that we were in advanced talks but I’ve not read anything from the UK saying we are interested. Could be smoke. I’d like it to be true. Time will tell unless anyone knows differently?

29 May 2024 01:40:54
Yeah he looks a player too (Traore) scores nice goals and looks athletic. I think Sima will be a surprise folk say 7million but I'd say 3.5million or thereabouts he's in last year of contract and if we add sweetener of sell on a deal won't be too hard, he loves it here. I reckon Wright/ Matondo will go leaving only McCausaland and most likely Cortes so we need cover in the wings. Add Sima and one more we are sorted. Who that will be am not sure but hearing Mofoking is very likely.

29 May 2024 01:41:43
I can't blame u Sima mate tbh surely we get it right one of these days.

29 May 2024 03:25:25
Absolutely ?, I’m hoping Sima uses some serious player power to force through a move, Brighton have every right to sell him but at the same time they can’t send him and his family somewhere he doesn’t want to go.
I haven’t forgotten that when we were playing proper $hite at the end of Mick Beales reign about the time we were getting beat in Cypriot minnows he was the only one scoring goals, during one of the darkest days I’ve ever witnessed at Ibrox and personally don’t ever want to witness again- again Sima was scoring trying to get us back in the game, although Scott wright came on got sent off and blew it, although we were proper mince that day.

I think there's a chance we can keep Sima, supposedly we were already speaking to Brighton about keeping according to PC- so we just need to hope wait and see. See that Mofokeng is valued at 400k, I know it’s probably not accurate but if it’s a low fee this should be no brainier. There’s people saying on the rumours page he is coming and soon. The best young talent in the South African league. If we can develop the wee guy could be worth a few quid after 2 or 3 seasons- hopefully some winners medals too. One thing we haven’t seen is Sima and Cortes in the same 11, be nice to see and with a more clinical striker upfront.

29 May 2024 04:38:12
You're spot on Arcade ? There's nothing better than to see a very direct, attacking winger taking on his opposite number mate ?They get you off the edge of your seat ?I've liked the look of oscar cortes from the start and the south african winger mofokeng looks much the same ?As for the malian winger adama traore, he looks superb with most definitely an end product, so here's hoping ?.

29 May 2024 06:17:25
Look if our board would have went in the last transfer window and signed Lawrence Shankland we would have been sitting with a treble now. The amount of chances we created and missed were enough to win double the amount of matches we played. People will say this and that about him but look at his numbers in a worse team and also he is already proven in the league. We needed this type of player for a long time. I know we need more than one player in but he's better than most of the ones we have been linked with. Here's looking forward to a more rewarding new season. But we are always optimistic (we need to be) .

29 May 2024 06:45:23
Listen guys transfer windows have given much enthusiasm over last 6 seasons with a winning end product still to be seen! - I am hopeful that this does not come to roost and see Koppen/ PC as men who know that major changes are needed and am praying that they get transfers right for a change! (those currently in our shop window all look great on paper and stats too so hope that it STILL will be like that when they pull on the light blue)
I still want a dynamic leader in team and one who can get the belief and desire back into winning the big games -much though he is unliked McGregor knows values of his team and gets message through to his players constantly and leads by example -and if he wore the light blue we all would rave about him - Oh for a constantly fit younger Ryan Jack (that is the type we NEED) - experienced winning head required badly imo.
We have seen many false dawns and am hoping dearly that scenario is well in past and that we get a good blend of youth/ experience/ skill/ pace and desire by start of new season -I have tempered enthusiasm so let's not get too carried away by any signings as we all know many before them have looked great on paper or you tube clips and came here and the weight of jersey proved too much! I live in hope and am excited to rid the deadwood and become a regular winning team once more?.

29 May 2024 13:04:51
I don't get excited about a player until I see Hagi's post about them.



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