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12 May 2024 07:20:15
Few points from yesterday why wasn't Stirling started ahead of Lundstram in the middle of the park? That performance from Lundstram has been brewing for weeks. If McCausland was seen good enough to play on the wing with 10 men why not start him? Now onto other matters, were is the revolving door of youngsters we were promised when Gerrard took over? How we going afford a rebuild when there's very little money in the pot and lastly why didn't we buy Barron from Aberdeen entering his last 6 months of his contract in January?

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12 May 2024 07:58:17
the dropping of lundstarm down to the manager. younsters getting a chance also down to the manager.
the budget is down to the board.
some will say barron mot good enough
i say he good enough for this league
i would add young armstrong from killie to the list.

12 May 2024 08:16:36
I'd say,

Sterling wasn't started in midfield as he isn't a midfielder.

McCausland maybe wasn't fit enough to start.

Our youngsters aren't seen as good enough to start.

Loans, out of contract players and working the market.

Due to financial restrictions we couldn't spend any money in January - hence the three loans.

12 May 2024 08:16:40
Not watch the game? We wanted Sterling up there as a height advantage against Taylor. With the lack of clarity with football clubs, exactly what we have in the pot is unknown. But player sales would be a start. Barron was reported on here to have shown a poor attitude or got greedy.

12 May 2024 08:43:59
Good Morning Bigbertie1, I can't disagree with what you say, sadly too many of our fans don't think Scottish players are Rangers Class, whatever that means nowadays, in my time supporting the Club over 60 years now, it meant buying players who were doing well in Scotland and in most cases were Rangers Fans also, it worked very well for us.

We don't know what our budget will be, albeit we made a load of money from Europe again, but we mustn't waste it as we've done for years now, sadly I agree that we do have serial losers in our squad who should now move on for ours and their futures, there are good players in this country who fit that criteria who would love to play for us, and who on my opinion, would be better than what we currently have, e'g. Shankland, Barron, Armstrong, Watson, keep the Goalie, Sterling, Souter, Yilmaz and build a team around these 4. It couldn't be any worse than where we are just now, and would be a lot cheaper also.

12 May 2024 07:50:17
Mccausland is absolutely terrible. Once we strengthen he should be out the door. There's a reason a 2nd division Dutch team refused him for free.

Trying to take a touch from a 20 feet dropping ball 10 yards from goal instead of laces through shows his mentality.

12 May 2024 09:08:54
Not blaming McCausland in the slightest for yesterday, but imo he won’t be good enough to push us on to the next level.

12 May 2024 09:19:34
The synergy hype that the gaffer has gone on about and built up the 1st few months he was here is now gone and may feel a bit of that v dundee at home.

12 May 2024 09:35:35
Every Walter Smith championship winning side had a large Scottish group with 4 or 5 class overseas players. Signing these players from the English championship has been a disaster and we must go down a different road. So we gave up the midfield for a height advantage over Taylor?

Dear lord, I hope that wasn't the best our manager could come up with or there's dark days ahead. McCausland couldn't start, but was seen to be fit enough for 52 minutes with 10 men. Do people actually read what they post on here or is it simply a lack of knowledge. That's a ridiculous quote. We are giving Silva 35k a week in wages so we most certainly could've signed Barron instead of wasting money on Silva's wages.

12 May 2024 09:33:04
Butland will want away in summer? Rangers are not a good team, even the diehard supporters must accept this? Sterling was a good signing along with a few others, but we are not going forward? I love the club but we have to realise that this league is dire and the standard will never rise, just not really any competition week in week out,

12 May 2024 10:08:52
The buck stops with the Board and with the manager. The manager for me gets the benefit of the doubt as he inherited a squad that was well past its sell by date with some poor acquisitions made in the last days of Wilson's reign as DoF.
Teh Board is a differen matter. Too many of those that are on the Board are living on the past gratitude of coming in alongside King when needed and they need to be replaced and in the process we need serious new investment and support for James Bisgrove in finding clever ways to increase our turnover so that we stay in line with the Fair Play Rules.
Signing more third rate players will not help us to move forward.
When Lawrence Marlborough inherited our club he realised that he did not have the wealth to take us to the next level. From what I am seeing we need a similar revolution now.
New money, a new Board of Directors with the wealth to take us forward and players that are winners and want to play for the jersey.

12 May 2024 11:24:46
What millionaires are going to put money into Rangers? These people are business men, they want a return. No money in the Scottish league, TV money per club is small, all these big league money men want England ( Sky money) . We need to nurture young players or try and pick up bargains, it can be done? Celtic does it.

12 may 2024 11:27:10
ehl, i understand your point about sterling not being a midfielder

but he ain't a striker, right winger, left back or any of the other 3 positions he's played this season, in fact the only one he's been good in is midfield.

12 May 2024 11:31:29
Good post BerkshireBlue ???????????.

12 May 2024 11:42:46
2020 27 is not young for Armstrong.



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