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22 Mar 2024 21:22:10
Soutter sleeping for Dutch goal I hope we move on from him.

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22 Mar 2024 23:27:05
Yeah his fault for the goal, no denaying, but i wouldn't b binning him. Thought he played very well against benfica. We need scottish players in the squad and while h3 does have lapses, i think he's generally been consistently good.

23 Mar 2024 01:17:43
Boomboom, do you have a single good word to say about any of our players or our club?

23 Mar 2024 07:05:34
Hubby, his name should be bhoom bhoom 88 ignore.

23 Mar 2024 08:15:28
Whether Soutter was at fault or not, he's been our best defender recently, and Scotland lost 4 goals. We have to just support all of our players and Let PC be the man who decides who stays or goes. after all he knows more than anyone on these sites. I notice the usual garbage sites continually on about Tavernier and Butland, funny that just before another crucial OF game, thankfully we have a thoroughly professional Manager now who will not allow anyone to be detracted from the priorities for us.

23 Mar 2024 09:47:01
I grew up loving watching Scotland play. The home Internationals were something to look forward to, but there are far too many International matches disrupting the season. This is purely for the benefit of the associations with no regard for fans, players or the clubs that pay the wages and their treatment through injury. When the satanta deal went south the sfa had two tv deals for home and away games. Their deals were bigger than the leagues tv deal, yet no help. Teams go into administration they get fined when they have no money. The sfa hates Scottish football and its fans. They need sacked no more money or attention. At the top fifa lead the way with their corruption and meddling with our game. Like the sfa what they know about football could be written on the back of a postage stamp with a 4 inch paintbrush. i'm sick of international football couple that with a manager who hates our club and sections that boo our players which can be attributed to the rise of the snp and their divisive politics, sadly scotland has became a complete turn off to me which does annoy me. If the uk government wanted to quell scottish nationalism then a British league and British national side is the way ahead. Not only would the old firm benefit but i have no doubt hearts, hibs and Aberdeen would flourish and challenge once they got the money. Teams further down would also benefit. The sfa would be against it but that would be purely down to self interest. If fans seen their clubs benefit be able to keep their best players and get better ones too . Stadiums would be filled. I love rangers no other team. I can take interst in watching players develop i had a soft spot for west ham as my dad is mates with ray stewart but i never support anyone but the gers now i feel i no longer can be bothered with international football. F##@ the sfa.

23 Mar 2024 10:18:09
Livi the matches are to help prepare for the euros. I like you used to enjoy watching Scotland as I could walk to Hampden. Can't be bothered with it now. I was happy for this international break to give us a chance to get some players back and rest others as we were starting to look very jaded.

23 Mar 2024 10:31:31
Jfm63 i understand but its march the euros are months away and throughout the season there are too many.

23 Mar 2024 10:47:59
Don't disagree with the number but as I said I think this one is beneficial for us.

23 Mar 2024 12:45:43
I as a proud scot love International football, always have always will. Having followed scotland all my life and sat with fans of every club in scotland I'm still yet to have a conversation about the snp. I don't think Steve Clark hates rangers, he doesn't like the negative side that follows both teams, which is very understandable. A tiny section of Aberdeen fans boo rangers player, to which I have witnessed them being called out on it.

23 Mar 2024 13:12:36
I don’t watch friendlies just can’t be arsed with them.

23 Mar 2024 15:43:53
I'll even watch woman's football if it's on storm, or the under 10s on AstroTurf across from my house ? mad for it!



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