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11 Feb 2024 09:54:30
I have seen a few people on here wanted hagi back thinking he is the answer and better than some players. The boy has played 17mins in the last 6 La liga matches.
We need to get rid in the summer but I doubt it will be to the team he is on loan at just now.

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11 Feb 2024 10:23:08
Correct storm, the lad has had his time in. Scotland. We need better.

11 Feb 2024 10:31:07
See what your saying storm, but would PC maybe want a look to assess him, he is getting more out our players, just a thought.

11 Feb 2024 10:35:59
HAji not good enough for us under PC. I think he will go to a mid table EPL club.

11 Feb 2024 10:49:42
Hagi won't be back in our 1st team as he's not good enough. The guy has been here for years and has managed only one memorable performance, and that's it. For a so called "flair" player that's nowhere near good enough.

11 Feb 2024 10:55:34
If Hagi isn't good enough for us, TJBB, then he's definitely not good enough for a mid table EPL club. That part of your post just doesn't make sense?!

11 Feb 2024 10:57:37
Agreed, hopefully can get a reasonable sum to re-invest from his sale.

11 Feb 2024 11:20:10
Raisetheroofe thought the same, not good enough for Rangers but good enough for the epl.

11 Feb 2024 11:27:39
We need to max out on what we can get for Hagi and move on. Clement is clearly wanting to upgrade the quality of our squad and our Backroon Staff and over the next couple of seasons the Board needs to give him every support possible.
Hagi is one of a number of players that we need to offload.

11 Feb 2024 12:21:22
lol, come on chaps.

11 Feb 2024 12:40:01
TJBB he would be no good in England and he has no chance of mid table epl championship at best.

Fork I will say what I want that’s why I posted it.
Some will agree some may not. Pc never got a tune out of Lammers did he? So we don’t know if he will get a tune out of hagi and I doubt he will even try as in my opinion he will be away in the summer.

11 Feb 2024 12:41:00
Sorry fork I read the 1st part of your post wrong been up since 5 because my dogs are aholes and read it wrong ? apologies.

11 Feb 2024 13:15:37
We maybe do need better than Hagi but we currently have worse than him getting minutes regularly .

11 Feb 2024 13:27:15
Not a problem Storm aka grumpystiltskin ?.

11 Feb 2024 14:12:42
At least you apologised.

11 Feb 2024 15:10:13
He wouldn't get near our starting line-up.

11 Feb 2024 16:55:45
Hagi is very talented.
I just don’t see him having the physical attributes to play for Clement.

11 Feb 2024 17:29:27
I am shattered fork ? been sleeping on and off on the big chair aw day ?‍♂️

Gr4 it has nothing to do with you what I do ok.

11 Feb 2024 17:54:34
Sorry, MPH, Hagi is not, never was, and never will be "very talented". The Hagi myth that he's "talented" is just ridiculous.

11 Feb 2024 18:18:57
Getting auld bud ? not a worry we've all done it?.



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