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14 may 2024 19:16:25
so, sky says soutter out with a ' knock', strange that.

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14 May 2024 20:46:47
Maybe a knock to the jaw Tom?

14 may 2024 21:13:08
haha, possibly bgate, certainly not a hammy as some said,

omg, why can't dessers just hit the ball.

14 may 2024 21:28:48
must say scotty wright definitely has a lovely finish in him, always capable of a goal, that was a lovely finish.

14 May 2024 21:33:37
Sky also said he wasn’t injured in sat and were wrong ?.

14 may 2024 21:39:13
and i'm going to give Cantwell the benefit there, the way he struck that ball, the power behind it

i think he fancied the keeper was leaving a big gap, get it over him with some curl and pace, yes he meant it, unless he says he didn't.

14 May 2024 21:48:23
Nice goal tom but it was his first league goal for 2 years. So always capable isn't really the right wording mate ?.

14 May 2024 22:02:14
Tomthumb. his first league goals in 2 years but he is always capable of a goal?

14 May 2024 22:09:31
always capable of a goal but that's his first and second in 2 years in the league. Not good enough but good tonight ??.

14 may 2024 22:16:39
yes always capable is correct, because he is and always has been capable of scoring, whether he's done it or not is another debate, how much has he played compared to kent fir example, far better goal record, , just lacks confidence i think, maybe hasn't ever believed he could be a rangers player, but he finishes very well when given the chance.

14 may 2024 22:24:35
erm, yes m he's always capable of scoring, am i in another universe tonight

wright has been capable of scoring goals his entire career, or are you saying he only became capable today, he's as capable of scoring goals as i am capable if putting the kettle on

has capable got a new meaning now?

14 may 2024 22:26:17
hiwzat, think maybe a rethink of the word capable is needed mate, if he scored in the scottish cup final a few years ago he must have been capable back then too eh.

14 may 2024 22:33:30
irv, i think a couple of guys dint know what capable means. i didn't say likely, probably or usually, i said capable,

14 may 2024 23:03:47
id better get a few hours sleep before i'm incapable, , have a great cup final day all.

15 May 2024 10:35:37
See souttar and lundstrum sitting next to each other at the game last night.

15 May 2024 11:15:36
TT you didn't say likely, probably or usually. you said “always capable of a goal” ? Which would implicate you’d expect goals. As i said, good tonight but need better overall.

15 May 2024 15:07:59
Banging your head off a wall, Tom. My view is the lad is a good player and very capable. Seems to have niggling injuries that hamper his progress. Definitely a confidence player which has probably been knocked up and down the place, hence the inconsistency. And you were right, his second goal was a brilliant finish.

15 May 2024 15:57:13
The guy is rank rotten and just because he scored 2 goals last night doesn’t change the fact he has never been good enough for rangers.

15 May 2024 17:42:17
Not rank Rotten at all. The guy has skill you could only dream about, mate ?.

15 May 2024 22:21:21
Storm you are very angry a lot, but in this case i'm fully behind you ?.

16 May 2024 09:21:53
Scott wright has everything in his locker - pace, skill, shooting ability however he doesn't have a football brain and consistently chooses the wrong option on the park. Unfortunately i don't think you can train that into him do ultimately he's not good enough for us.



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