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01 Dec 2023 18:28:10
Rodney Wallace, I knew as soon as cifu made 2 bad passes you would be all over him, I was correct 15 mins in your slating him you couldn't wait to, that's not passion, that's picking a victim. He played well up in Aberdeen you still slated him.
Rodney I've never even as much as mentioned zander Clarke on here mate your totally mixing me up with someone else. Maybe mixing me up with blue boy possibly?

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01 Dec 2023 20:04:01
He was OK against the sheep but last night he was absolutely dugs meat.

01 Dec 2023 20:06:55
Boy blue Lammers is dug meat simple.

01 Dec 2023 20:13:13
To be fair cifuentes has been really poor since he arrived.

And that's coming from someone who loves what they seen of him playing in MLS

It's maybe time to accept that rangers and the MLS just doesn't work.

01 Dec 2023 20:19:38
"Picking a victim" because my view differs to yours. I hate to inform you, but that happens often in life.

Check the poll on Cifuentes. I'm not the only one who thinks he's not Rangers class.

Explain to me what you think he actually contributed then please?

I may have, apologies.

01 Dec 2023 20:32:59
I said on here when we signed lammers, that i was deeply concerned about how many clubs he had been at already in his career ? He's never had a settled club for a reason and imo he's nowhere near good enough to play for us, so I hope somehow we can cut our losses and move him on ?So happy however that big john lundstram under clement is getting back to his best ? The big fella gives his all for the rangers ???.

01 Dec 2023 20:42:40
Gofor rangers and anywhere doesn't work at the moment lol.

01 Dec 2023 21:00:11
I'd be on the phone to Brighton, they had a bid of 10 million turned down last summer. anything around 6/ 7 million would be great business.

01 Dec 2023 21:11:51
Cifu has been horrendous and shows being a good player in the American League doesn't translate to the SPL for whatever reason, proven time and time again. imo American soccer is a retirement league and any good young players are hoovered up before we get eyes on all the rest are not what we need as we've seen.

01 Dec 2023 21:57:38
East Belfast, I said same thing, he was the best of a bad bunch up at Aberdeen.
Gofor, I agree mate he's not been great since arriving, but not gona give up on him, as it must be a culture shock coming here from l. a was it? Also think football is played so much faster here, I honestly think he'll get to grips with it some adapt quickly some don't, but I do get time is against him. I've still seen little things from him that makes me believe there's a player.
Amato what did lammers have to do with it mate?

01 Dec 2023 22:23:38
Rodney, your missing my point mate. Where did I say he played well last night? My point was you had a go at him in the Aberdeen game, I pointed out to you I thought he had a decent game, so last night I saw he made 2 bad passes 15 minutes into the game and I knew you would be on slating and you were, to me that seemed like you couldn't wait to say that to prove your point that he's rubbish, if that is the case your hoping one of our own plays bad so you could prove a point. That's how i saw it.

01 Dec 2023 22:43:00
TJBB usa is a better standard than our league.

Rodney what bs are you talking what is rangers class these days? Going by back in the day they are no player in our team that is rangers class.

01 Dec 2023 23:19:07
Thats going to be an on going debate and we have no way of measuring atm. To say its better or worse is only a judgment. I have no way of comparing, only the that Sands and Cifu failed in the SPL.

02 Dec 2023 07:38:17
Tjbb and polster.

02 Dec 2023 09:47:25
Tjbb it's not the mls that's falling us it's obviously our scouting system mate.

02 Dec 2023 11:01:49
I hear you BB2. Although we would need a scouting system in the first place lol think we have an old Granada 24" TV, top loading video player and a couple of vhs tapes.



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