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08 Jun 2024 09:51:59
Would recommend Zan Vipotnik if we can sell either Dessers or Danilo.

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08 Jun 2024 10:27:17
I'd sell both Dessers amd Lammers probably get around 9m for both, sign Rrahmani for around 5/ 6m sign Mcburnie for free or another ooc.

08 Jun 2024 11:21:17
Why McBurnie? He has had 2 seasons with 10+ goals in his full career and they were like 6 years apart. Absolutely no consistency and not worth it.

08 Jun 2024 12:07:01
Dessers didn't you see or other ooc player? many ooc cf's, my point was selling both will give us about another 3m for another player, needs too be the way we work.

08 Jun 2024 13:35:37
DessersForgoalkeeper, i definitely hope we sign albion Rrahmani as i really like the look of him but i would also say that oli mcburnie would score a lot of goals with rangers in this scottish league imo mate ?.

08 Jun 2024 14:10:19
My star i'd go for that too mate.

08 Jun 2024 14:13:28
I like McBurnie. Love how passionate he is about Rangers, but feel like we only get him as a last resort.

08 Jun 2024 16:30:42
Mcburnie isn't an upgrade on dessers . I'd go as far to say I'd keep dessers over mcburnie.

08 Jun 2024 18:42:06
Need to ask Walter, you’ve said you like the look of Rahmani. How many full games have you seen him play? For me he looks like Dessers Mk2. His highlight reel (remember that’s his good bits) is awful. Most shots are scuffed and hit directly at the GK. looks quite poor tbh.

Think we would be better going Miovski tbh, and pay the going rate for him. Yes it’s pricey. But little to no gamble. Same could have been said for Shankland (who would have probably won us the league) but PC thinks he’s too slow ?‍♂️.

08 Jun 2024 18:56:34
You really think we will get 9m for those two?

08 Jun 2024 19:28:18
LS 5m for Lammers 4m for Dessers, sure we had a 4m bid in January for him.

08 Jun 2024 21:12:10
My Star, I think there was interest in Dessers in January but we never had enough strikers to let him go. So I’m hopeful that tbf to Dessers went on a scored some, to me it’s time to cash in.

I don’t like talking bad about him because he was at least fit for every match, and has unreal mental strength. But if we need money to fund moves for Rrahmani because that’s a signing PC wants it should be done. Dessers doesn’t take us to another level. A lot of people on here sound really positive about the guy all I’ve seen is his end of season highlights I’ve heard comparisons to old Rangers players that lol always happens. The latest I read Jelavic? If he’s that good or has that potential to be I’d be happy with our main 2 strikers Danilo and Rrahmani, then a 3rd maybe a older one like a Defoe style one but there very rare.

08 Jun 2024 22:08:45
MrRangers Sell Lammers and Dessers buy Rrahmani and an ooc cf, gives us cash for another player, we'll need to work along they lines mate.

08 Jun 2024 22:10:05
By the way MrRangers i was having a bad day a couple of weeks ago mate, what i said wasn't called for.



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