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13 May 2024 20:08:03
The BOD need to massively up their game here. Yet again we are having to have substantial player turnover over the summer, which will result in PC having to string a run of wins together whilst embedding a new team.

He will be under unnecessary pressure and be handicapped. The board need to try to find a solution to recruitment once and for all, and sort out players contracts in a timely and effective manner. Also; they need to try time the sells right as well to get top dollar

They need to up their game as well.

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13 May 2024 22:06:33
I've said it before but new investment and new blood in the Boardroom is badly needed. Just like the team the Boardroom is stale. Too many non-execs that bring nothing to the Club.
Time for change.

13 May 2024 21:13:28
Good post, we have been poor on this front for some time.

14 may 2024 00:27:05
you said it before bb

i must have missed it.

14 May 2024 07:40:08
I might be missing something here but what is it we expect the board to do that they arent?

They've absolutely backed managers where possible. Beale brought in how many players last year and PC already saying he's confident qell do a good amount of business.

Financially, were looking much better than before and in my opinion the club is close to being run in the right way (onfield success is the final piece of the puzzle to enhance the player trading model)

From a fan experience point of view we're making moved in the right direction (ie seat geek etc)

Even when it came to managerial appointments, I think they done the right thing and took their time, brought in souness to help and appointed a high calibre coach.

What is it the board aren't doing that they should be?

14 May 2024 09:01:50
I sense a lot of positive change under John Bennett. The one major thing we need to stop doing is building a team in the image of a particular manager as managers are transient; they leave to bigger leagues if we’re successful and they are made to leave if we’re unsuccessful.

We need an overarching football policy where players and managers are recruited to fit within our playing style. That style can obviously be tweaked and moulded by the football board as global footballing philosophies develop. However, I think most Rangers fans would want a team full of heart and endeavour and I would welcome a core of good Scottish talent with a smattering of continental and international flair.

John Bennett seems like an intelligent man and I’m sure he will be a sound custodian of our club.

14 may 2024 09:22:42
but you are correct bb,
the board have been stale, nit all but some inactive non execs, we do need fresh 8mpetus to push the club firward, deep down some will have believed the league, and champions league cash was in the bag, ma8nly because it should have been,

that's been thrown away so we have to do ut the hard way but fresh investor and impetus is required,

14 may 2024 11:07:15
i do have confidence in John Bennet tho, there are very good people there. It's very difficult to get on an even keel with Celtic. We got there this year and fell apart. This was as close as you could ask for.

The cash from automatic cl qualification would have made for a great base to return to the pinnacle in Scotland, but of course the usual people couldn't inspire the end product.

14 May 2024 11:26:05
Postecoglu transformed Celtic and he didn't spend a lot of cash. High energy football does that. We had it under Gerrard and for a while under Clement and we need to return to that in my opinion. Recruit only young guys and forget all of these middle-aged cabaret acts who will predictably get us all no-where.



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