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18 Apr 2024 18:59:45
One of my main frustrations last night was PC’s interview, complete politicians answer with absolute delusions that everything is fine and we were unlucky.

Fast forward less than 1 day and Sterling‘a answer to the same question is outstanding.

‘We've been s*** the past few games".

"We're fighting for a title but the way we're playing. it's like the season's dead".

"I don't know if the belief is there’

That is the absolute truth there and PC should have said the same.

Good on Sterling, must better answer than Tavs ‘we’ll learn and improve’ crap that he spouts every few month.

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18 Apr 2024 20:08:30
Agree with Sterling on what he says and not on what PC says. I am sure Dujon can handle himself in the dressing room if any of the so called leadership team disagrees with him.

18 Apr 2024 20:19:00
Possible captain in the making for me, IF we can hold on to him.

18 Apr 2024 22:12:53
Totally agree dado, if we had got right in about them from first whistle and didn't let up but just couldn't get a goal, I would agree with pc, but it was total opposite mate, if he honestly believed that he got a reaction from them last night, it's hugely worrying. He doesn't need to slaughter the players, just say it wasn't good enough, he knows it, players know it, does he honestly think we as fans saw a reaction? Who is he trying to kid here, baffled by that statement tbh.

18 Apr 2024 22:14:55
Macdoj, you would need some nerve to disagree with the boy, after last few performances.



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