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29 Mar 2024 15:38:26
It won't let me reply in the relevant feed. can't remember who was upset at "rangers fans missing out to let celtic fans in".

Any stadium in the world has a section for away fans and home fans "missing out" because of this.
Having away fans is NORMAL. Having none is not. Football is about 2 teams and 2 sets of fans. that's what makes the old firm what it is.
As for the sectarian chanting, it is bile but our fans are every bit as guilty particularly away games.
I am extremely pleased at the news there will be away fans.
I feel for fans who need to move but remember it was our club who created this issue.
Our fans want to follow our team to their place as well. Was only a matter of time before sky stepped in imo.

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29 Mar 2024 16:00:49
Very good post Dado.

29 Mar 2024 16:34:05
Well said Dado.

29 Mar 2024 16:35:30
100% correct dado without fans football
Is nothing and for me that means both sets.

29 Mar 2024 17:03:10
On the basis both set of fans as bad as each other, I'm amazed the authorities or sky haven't stepped in with the stuff you hear. Too much of a hot potato. On the football front, good to have a title race going down to the wire. Have a good Easter all.

29 Mar 2024 18:34:41
Dado, i agree.

29 Mar 2024 20:25:55
Excellent post big dado.

30 Mar 2024 07:11:07
Hopefully create a bigger stadium for most to enjoy. But that Will take years. I've said for many a year Ibrox should be a bigger capacity. I'm now 50 and still not increased.

30 Mar 2024 09:23:04
Hope the hospitals can prepare themselves to deal with the fallout along with all the other s*** they have to deal with. Unfortunately in the heat of the moment, some people are incapable of behaving themselves. And you know what, it's getting almost back to 70's and 80's levels, fuelled by social media. Both sides are as bad as each other and I'm not for it at all.



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