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28 Mar 2024 11:49:39
Regarding the lundstram situation.

Does anyone else think it could be turn out to be a goldson situation. as in looks like he's away plays last game etc then all of a sudden signs a new deal.

I'm probably just thinking outside the box here but the fact it's dragging on a bit just strikes me like that could hapoen.

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28 Mar 2024 13:18:46
Think it’s a bit different. Apparently Goldson didn’t sign an extension because it would have triggered a clause with Brighton and so agreed to wait u til his deal was over before signing on again. Lundstrum signed as a Bosman so same wouldn’t apply. Think both parties are just keeping their options open.

Yes he has been good of late but still we can get better. For a start (as good as he’s been) don’t think he gets a game for a fully fit Celtic team of McGregor, Hatate and Oreilly.

28 Mar 2024 13:27:20
I think Goldson was different because when we bought him, part of the deal was that he had a sell on %. So if he signed a new contract whilst still under contract then the sell on % would still apply. The only way to get rid of the sell on % was to let his contract expire and then re-sign him effectively on a Bosman. I could be wrong but I'm sure that was rumour at the time.

Lundstram signed on a bosman so no such clause will exist in his contract. Someone posted yesterday that both Lundstram and the club were pretty in agreement with regards to the contract.

28 Mar 2024 15:34:24
Although Lundstram has been great since Phil came in I wouldn’t be breaking the wage structure to keep him. Is he going to get better than he is now, probably not. Will his form dip once he gets a new deal, maybe?
He won’t be a sellable asset at his age either if he signs a new deal.
Rangers will be the biggest club he ever plays for so it’s his loss.
I’m sure Koppen already has some midfielders lined up to replace him if he doesn’t sign.

28 Mar 2024 16:36:03
I feel he's doing the right thing keeping his options open, it'll be his last big contract.

28 Mar 2024 17:07:00
Is that true about the sell on as this was said at the time I someone said it wasn’t but can’t remember who it was as it was a while ago.

28 Mar 2024 17:58:23
I suppose we’ll never really know but remember it was mentioned at the time that it was beneficial for Rangers for his contract to have expired before signing On again.

28 Mar 2024 19:08:17
Blue89 and Bb3, think your both on the money, he is on a good contract now and at his age should snap up anything offered by Rangers at this stage. Also he is doing the obvious thing, hanging on to see if a better offer comes in, which imo is unlikely.
He will be here for another 2 years minimum, in my opinion.

28 Mar 2024 19:16:32
I think I mentioned it at one point about kent but was just speculating.

Also think Ed may have said it does not work like that.

Though I am still not sure tbh.

28 Mar 2024 23:53:51
I said to a mate a few months ago he was playing for a new contract or a decent move elsewhere and I stand by that, not convinced he'll keep it up if new contract signed but will be delighted to be proved wrong.

29 Mar 2024 05:06:26
Tommy I think it was Ed that said the sell on didn’t work like that doesn’t matter about contract coming to the end.

29 Mar 2024 09:40:12
I've said for months now that Lundstram will move on at the end of the season. I firmly believe that he will move to Saudi, probably for Gerrard's team, and will earn more in two years there than he has in his whole career. Can't blame the man really.



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