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20 Feb 2024 07:16:48
Any see souness on talk sport? didn't realise john collins had agreed to join us until his family made him think otherwise. Tried to get collins and ray houghton before we tried to get mojo. didn't realise that.

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20 Feb 2024 07:23:41
Think they tried for Houghton on the strength of his goal against I think it was Italy, not a bad player though, never liked Collins, was never consistent enough, plus he talks absolute ?.

20 Feb 2024 07:48:06
He's a bawheid, fork ?.

20 Feb 2024 08:16:58
Sure is Seeker?baws everywhere are offended, think that might be a hate crime against baws?.

20 Feb 2024 09:17:30
Houghtons goal was usa 94? Think souness said we tried to get him b4 mojo? Might have picked it up wrong.

20 Feb 2024 09:31:05
I agree guys regarding john collins who's an arrogant apology for a man! My mate was through in edinburgh playing in a four ball several years ago and bumped into big john hughes and john collins who were on the same course together. My mate said big yogi was a cracking big guy to talk to but i knew that anyway as i've met big yogi and he is a superb fella ?But my mate said john collins was not a nice fella whatsoever and was an arrogant b*****d! Was so big headed and it was look at me sort of thing ?I had heard that regarding collins before from several other people ?.

20 Feb 2024 10:01:45
There was nobody more arrogant back in the day than Souness himself. I agreed that Collins is arrogant but what a signing he would have been.

20 Feb 2024 10:19:37
So how does that sit when people question Lowerys arrogance, Billy big baws has been said on here, boys a player, me personally thought Collins was overstated, Souness was able to back up his arrogance in his prime, just an opinion.

20 Feb 2024 11:24:03
Correct DTB

Collins was a great player.

20 Feb 2024 12:14:34
I have met John Collins on many an occasion on the golf course a class man.

20 Feb 2024 12:21:57
Collins was on another level of arrogance. Just ask the Hibs players about him when he was manager there. You'd struggle to hear anybody say a good word about him. Haven't met myself but know a few in the golfing fraternity who have. Fair to say he's not spoken about in glowing terms by any of them. Arrogant bell*** of a man.

20 Feb 2024 12:38:14
We were after Houghton in late 80s, John Collins would have been early 90s we were interested in him.

20 Feb 2024 12:42:41
I remember at the time that we were after Houghton who would have been the first Catholic signing, but he felt he couldn`t do it . Although he`s na Eire international he.

20 Feb 2024 12:45:28
I've meet Collins many times and i really found him sound, wasn't arrogant too me, class footballer.

20 Feb 2024 13:08:57
I knew Collins for years, my daughter lived next to him. I also coached three boys who went on to play for him at Hibs. Nobody had a bad word to say about him. One even suggested this was nastiness spread about by one particular player and, like all nasty rumours, grew legs. Was sound enough to me.

20 Feb 2024 13:47:19
Can see why Souness would try to sign Collins,
Very good midfielder.

20 Feb 2024 14:14:51
Hubby, have a read about what kevin thomson thinks of john collins and the way he was treated by him ?Collins isn't a nice guy ?.

20 Feb 2024 14:49:05
Sws there is many that don't have any time for Thomson.

20 Feb 2024 14:49:31
Did he show yous his six pack? ?.

20 Feb 2024 15:24:58
Coops, have you met Collins or just going by what other people say? As hubby and John and my star have and all said he was sound.

I haven’t met the guy so couldn’t form an opinion on what he is like.

I don’t see anyone else trying to tell them he isn’t a nice guy.

Also you talk about KT z who has a lot of bad rumours going about about him, I am not saying they are true but you will think he is a nice guy others don’t.

20 Feb 2024 16:01:00
Storm, john collins is a total a***piece of a guy. A know a lot of people who know him and say the same I've also no reason to not believe the good mate of mine who met him and big yogi on the golf course and he hates him and says he's not a nice fella that's it end of for me anyway?I also know hibees who say the same about him a very arrogant baw heid with not a nice way whatsoever ?.

20 Feb 2024 17:09:23
I'm totally with you The Seeker as john collins is a total bellend of a man? There's a lot of people who think the same mate, be in no doubt about that ?I've even heard his cousin says the same.

20 Feb 2024 19:14:42
SWS, fortunately I don't need to read or listen to other people's gossip to make up my mind about someone. If that was the case, I doubt I would have a good word to say about Kevin Thompson, who is not the most popular figure amongst many with Ibrox connections. But since I have not met him, I'll not draw those conclusions like you do, based on hearsay, gossip and old wives' tales.

20 Feb 2024 19:16:05
100% coops, the guy picks and chooses who he fraternises with, if you know what I mean. He has no time for the ordinary people.

20 Feb 2024 19:16:09
You maybe heard bull sws.

20 Feb 2024 20:34:39
No bull whatsoever My star, i can assure you pal.

20 Feb 2024 20:59:59
Well i can only take him on face value and he was sound sws.

20 Feb 2024 21:02:18
Talking about Bull, did you see Tav with the RedBull gear on??.

24 Feb 2024 18:13:16
I've heard mixed things about him.



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