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08 Dec 2023 18:44:26
Based on PCs press conference I think Shankland is someone he wants. He started getting a bit twitchy when asked and then started laughing.

Are there any other decent strikers close to the end of their contracts?

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08 Dec 2023 19:04:09
There's one thing we do know as clement actually said it himself ie yes we'll be signing a striker in january ?.

08 Dec 2023 19:40:02
Blue 89, not sure how u work that out.

Shankland has 18 months left so not near the end of contract.

08 Dec 2023 20:55:00
I’ll take anyone that can consistently put the ball in the back of the net.

08 Dec 2023 21:12:06
I'm not sure Shankland is the answer.

08 Dec 2023 21:28:12
John, I’m meaning any other strikers, who are out of contract. Didn’t mean Shankland was.

08 Dec 2023 22:23:23
Azul that won’t be shankland then as half his goals last season were pens and he ain’t getting them off Tav.

09 Dec 2023 07:33:36
There will b loads blue. We need to trust the manager and head of recruitment.

09 Dec 2023 10:08:45
Agree storm . I just want us to sign a decent striker who can score bundles of goals and stay fit for a full season… that would be ideal.

09 Dec 2023 12:29:03
I didn`t think the manager was twitchy I just think he is surprised at the amount of attention him congratulating a Hearts player ( and he wasn`t the only one ) has caused. This is just assorted media building on rumours that they started. I see Lee McCulloch saying that Hearts might want £2 million for him, at that price we might be interested but not for anymore than that. We would need to be convinced though that he could be effective staying higher up the pitch and in the box . Drops way too deep at the moment to be the player we need.

09 Dec 2023 12:43:27
I'd take shankland as a Scottish option but we are not going to pay the kinda money hearts would want for Thier top performer.

09 Dec 2023 13:09:41
It’s a funny old game, shankland has been excellent for his team yet some on here wouldn’t take him
Personally I think he’d flourish even more at Ibrox.

09 Dec 2023 13:39:45
Gofor is shankland a free hit for Europe, ie I think we have only three Scottish grown in squad. Ie Souttar Jack wright

Or does he count as one of three changes allowed.

09 Dec 2023 15:45:04
shankland Is good enough for rangers it is just the cash hearts would want that puts me off.

09 Dec 2023 16:23:18
Better off Picking up Morelos on a Free.
Especially now Danilo's out long term after the injury at the hearts game.
Santos have been relegated, they can't honor the rest of Morelos's contract, so he is free to sign, has been training like mad to increase hi fitness levels, still has one of the best ratings for a striker in Europe.
Also sell Cantwell he is mince, all he does is run about like a heedless chicken, he will never recover the form he had in his wonder EPL season for Norwich, take 3 mill for him. there is no way he is worth more than 3-4 mill on his form this season.
Bring Hagi back and play him in the 10 position.
Easily the best option we have for that position.
Another stupid decision b beale along with selling Sakala.

09 Dec 2023 16:54:45
With Morelos being a free agent, we could bring him in before the transfer window opens.

09 Dec 2023 18:19:40
Morelos already downed tools for us once and thought he was way above Gers only to realise the EPL links were smoke and mirrors.

I like El buff but his mentality is the reason why we dumped him in the first place.

09 Dec 2023 19:02:00
No we can’t mark. He had a contract.

10 Dec 2023 00:11:26
There are tons of good strikers going into last year of deal I get shankland would be good for home grown quota but if rather focus on winning league first then look at players for Europe after that.

10 Dec 2023 09:15:25
Cantwell is mince? He scored exactly the type of goal you want a number 10 scoring today and unfortunately chopped off, Assists game before, c'mon man get real in the 10 he is a good player.

10 Dec 2023 12:45:28
I don't see us signing Shankland unless we can pick him up for £1m / £1.5m. He is a good goalscorer but would he score against packed defences playing for us?

10 Dec 2023 13:17:50
I thought Morelos had been out for weeks with a muscle injury, so how can he have been training like mad? He was training like mad and got into good shape before signing for Santos and, was rotten by all accounts and then got injured . Who knows what he would be like by January fitness wise, he certainly wouldn`t be match fit. let's enjoy the good memories of him and move on.

10 Dec 2023 14:37:47
The opinions on here lately have been strange
Now we have Cantwell who’s Mince
That’s a definitely no he isn’t mince quote from me.

10 Dec 2023 22:18:29
Don't get the cantwell haters boy runs his heart out every game and it's 100% commitment every game.

Surely we can't be hammering him now other areas of team we need to look at first

Find these posts highly suspicious on run up to old firm game.

12 Dec 2023 10:48:39
"Cantwell is mince" have you ever watched Rangers play?



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