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03 Dec 2023 15:44:21
It's worrying that a 20 year old has probably been our best player.

We are absolutely brutal! Lundstrum? OMG he sees more of the ball than anyone else and dees nothing! What's happened to Cantwell and Sima? Awful.

When PC Came in we looked rejuvenated. We now look as if it's back to the Beale. I would rather play an unfit Roofe than Dessers.

Surely PC must see that this formation doesn't work? Honestly man this is terrible to watch!

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03 Dec 2023 16:49:00

Bit quick to slag Sima/ Cantwell. There getting it together and our best players here today. Cantwell pass thru for second abs spot on. I'm patient guy and considering Tim's behind long period today gainst nobody patiently waiting for away match collapse by tic. Three away match draws, we win gih and we're up there. Only question is why does it look Lammers getting game? But got to say, I loved Lawrence today.

03 Dec 2023 17:07:44
Not quick at all Miller. The first half we were terrible. We move Todd and the game changes. Add Dessers to that list. Many youngsters did we have on the bench? None. If Ross Mc can do a job then it's time to give mire youth a chance.

03 Dec 2023 17:15:01
What do you want lundstrum to do like?

03 Dec 2023 17:26:44
Lundstrum had one good season. The first half he was giving the away and had about 3 shots. Not one on target! He slows the play down. That enough for you?

03 Dec 2023 17:37:00
I thought Lunny had a cracking game, broke the play up covered every blade and kept it moving can't remember one mistake tbh.

03 Dec 2023 17:57:11
Spart from his finishing he pkayed well, thought dessers done OK with holding the ball up. Still don't think he's a striker. Young Mccausland was great. Not sure why it's worrying that he was our best player, that's why he's just got a new contract.

03 Dec 2023 17:58:17
Watch the first half back TJB.

03 Dec 2023 18:11:27
thats ok As1974 only opinions yours is as good as mine.

03 Dec 2023 19:31:19
As1974 I totally agree up until sima scored thought he was one of worst performers. He is no left winger creates nothing his instinct is 100% finding space in the box doesn't hesitate unlike dessers.

We need a new left winger that takes me on barasic and sima can't link happened several times in cup Vs hearts too barasic looks for out ball sima not available or willing to run channel.

03 Dec 2023 19:33:11
Tjb take away goal then watch rest of his play it was pretty bad.

He was marginally better second half thought cantwell and Lawrence sorted themselves out in second half Lawrence dropped deeper let cantwell go forward more which suits us better.

03 Dec 2023 19:35:31

If dessers is a striker what is he ?

Only answer I can think of is guff

He's terrible sorry but mega slow always on wrong side

I'd play sima or even lammers lol?? as a striker before dessers.

03 Dec 2023 20:10:31
Lunny was good again today like the rest a this season if Jack played like lunny we would be shouting he should be captain it’s a joke the moans about him.

03 Dec 2023 22:25:23
I don't know what he is gofor. I thought his hold up play was decent today, he is about as sharp as a doughnut. I thought his hold up and pass to cantwell before simas first goal was very good. Maybe he needs to be part of a two striker set up with somebody sharp with him. We don't pkay that system so he's not much use to us.

03 Dec 2023 22:30:09
Tjbb I agree with u re lundstrum played well today as did sima cantwell Lawrence and mcausland.



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