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18 Apr 2024 07:56:34
No fight, No hunger, no desire, no bottle, no title.

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18 Apr 2024 08:07:22
Asathor, pretty much sums it up. still can't believe how we've folded.

18 Apr 2024 08:10:34
Prob no cup either.

18 Apr 2024 08:12:08
Spot on ASathor, this is a massive capitulation this season. PC's comments after tonight game are crazy also, he needs to take his head out of the sand and drop the main culprits, Tavernier, Goldson and Lundstrum, play some boys if needed, at least they would play for the jersey, it no longer matters anyway, at this rate our season will be over by Sunday evening.

18 Apr 2024 08:47:27
Short and straight to the point, Asathor. Just like you, mate, i believe there's no point dressing this up from what it really is.

18 Apr 2024 08:49:36
Media reporting that Lundstram now favours staying at Ibrox. Hopefully not he is part of the problem along with Goldson and Tav and too many to mention. Bring back Lammers. Oh what a thought.

18 apr 2024 09:22:37
i wonder if they have sensed a major weakness in clement

and i'm serious

these clowns are happy to act in unison, they've been doing it for years now, and seen off a few gaffers, clement will be next.

18 apr 2024 09:36:44
hopefully the chairman will put a stop to any idiotic decisions by the manager, like offering even more money to losers.

18 Apr 2024 12:21:53
Asathor I had posted something similar after the Celtic game. And unfortunately it hasn’t changed. ???????????.



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