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04 Jan 2019 11:08:05
Eddie Howe saying no deal has been finalised.


1.) 04 Jan 2019 11:25:01
It's not done till Defoe does his medical and signs the paper work him white said today Defoe is waiting i'm Manchester for a call to do his medical in Manchester today.

2.) 04 Jan 2019 13:49:16
Obviously it isn't. The medical has still to be done.



17 Nov 2018 23:41:57
Has anyone else heard that Warroll has stated that he's not interested in staying at Rangers. Is this just paper talk or has he actually said this? If its the latter then he can leave now. It goes without saying that playing for Rangers should be an honour. Run on back to Nottingham Forest then you'll realise what your missing! Rangers are the most successful club in the world !


1.) 18 Nov 2018 01:50:13
He said in a interview that his intentions were to go back and try break into the first team. What do we expect him to say though? They r his parent club and there paying his wages. Imagen Docherty saying he didn’t want to come back to us when we’re the 1’s paying his wages we’d b raging. Think in that position I got to just talk the talk. I’ve no problem with that dosnt mean it’s true.

2.) 18 Nov 2018 10:23:41
He was asked about his future, and unlike Kent who said he'd consider it, or even being vague about it (like being sensibly non-commital), he immediately pledged his allegiance to Forest.

3.) 18 Nov 2018 13:47:35
He’s a Forrest player and a Forrest fan guys. Oh, he’s also mince. Making a big deal of nothing here.

4.) 18 Nov 2018 15:23:29
The lad is up here doing a good job for us. He has moved away from his hometown and his favourite team. Not everyone has to be a Rangers fan.

5.) 18 Nov 2018 21:43:13
Worrall is a poor player in my opinion.

6.) 19 Nov 2018 12:03:02
I hate they way some fans believe that Rangers is the only football club in the world that that everyone across the world dreams of playing for us and only us.

Worrall is a great defender which is why he captained the England U-20's and won the Toulon Tournament last year. He has played well for Rangers while being here "on loan" from Forest. He's from Nottingham and is a life long Nottingham Forrest fan so he is playing for his dream club.

To say that because he said that he is a Nottingham Forest player, he must now be sent back is utterly laughable!

7.) 19 Nov 2018 14:33:36
Very well said salim kerkar👏👍.

8.) 19 Nov 2018 20:32:39
Give Worrall our support as he is currently an important member of the squad, and it's irrelevant if he is signed permanently or on loan.

9.) 20 Nov 2018 23:32:04
He’s played all right for rangers in my opinion no great by any stretch heads the ball to opposition a lot . maybe gets confused against a red shirt.



22 Aug 2018 07:53:10
Any body know who this new director at Rangers is? Apparently he's put a 7 figure sum in .


1.) 22 Aug 2018 09:11:14
He is the guy who bought Ashley shares along with fans group.

2.) 22 Aug 2018 11:24:00
Some Danish guy called Julian?

3.) 22 Aug 2018 12:26:45
He's a Hong Kong based businessman worth a fair bit.

4.) 22 Aug 2018 15:56:27
Sure Timothy will be on soon to tell us how dodgy he is.



19 Aug 2018 00:25:34
Guys i'm probably going to upset the apple cart but i think its time to pass on Lafferty, i'm not a huge fan but i'm not saying i'd knock him back. I just feel this has been stringing along now. I don't want Hearts to think we are desperate to sign him, i'd like to think we have other options.


1.) 19 Aug 2018 03:38:40
As much as I'm getting kinda sick of it as well I still think he's a good fit with us for the short term, big, strong and can play wide if it's needed.

He'll fill a gap for a year or two until we can get someone better for something that isn't crazy money.

2.) 19 Aug 2018 08:55:34
I think its time to just get behind SG and my and stop doubting what they are doing. FOR THE RECORD we’ve not confirmed a bid was made Hearts are doing all the talking in regard to Lafferty. KEEP THE FAITH 🔴⚪️💙.

3.) 19 Aug 2018 09:28:52
Defo LDM👍.

4.) 19 Aug 2018 11:16:53
i said it was dead the other day move on **** hearts.

5.) 19 Aug 2018 11:19:00
Only people who have spoke about lafferty is him and Craig levein. Same stuff was getting said last year with dorrans and Murphy deals. Just be patient the deal will be done.

6.) 19 Aug 2018 11:57:33
Just reading the Russian team may not get visas processed in time for Thursday.

7.) 19 Aug 2018 13:31:05
Goalie think you have to realise there's not many decent centre forwards who would move to Scottish football you've seen that about 4 centre backs refused to come.

8.) 19 Aug 2018 14:27:24
Cmon man, big Lafferty is a stick on. He can play on the left, he can play through the middle and he can play the flute. ; )

9.) 19 Aug 2018 16:29:04
If we don't get Dominic Solanke then we will sign laff. Klopp still undecided.



09 Aug 2018 07:50:27
In this mornings paper Rangers have
rejected £1.8 million bid from West Brom for Tavernier. Ed, how much do you value the player? Can we afford to lose him before tonights game?


{Ed039's Note - £4-5m and no we can’t afford to sell him before tonight)

1.) 09 Aug 2018 15:43:19
Agree Ed I actually think he is worth more given he's a proven right back that not only assists but scored an incredible amount of goals from that position Not perfect at defending but his play is all about directness and getting up the park, which we could agree is one of the best in Britain not just Scotland

Nowadays you demand much more from a fullback to get up the field more and you have to say most aren't always great or get caught out at the back when your relying on this type of player to not just defend but also get all the way up the park

Even the best full backs don't always get it perfect

Hardest football position to play your football imo.

{Ed039's Note - I agree he is good going forward but in my opinion he is a very poor defender and that’s reflected in his value)

2.) 09 Aug 2018 16:13:40
Totally agree with Ed, let’s be honest if he was as good at defending as he is going forward he wouldn’t be playing for us.

3.) 09 Aug 2018 16:31:42
Kaz I agree he’s worth more I’d say 10m but hardest position in football no chance!

4.) 09 Aug 2018 16:31:58
I like tav, but if he was to go we would not be weakend, not with flanagan there. Yip tav is better at going forward but we are much stronger defensively with flanagan. I would like to see tav play further up the park👍.

5.) 09 Aug 2018 16:51:47
Thats just my opionion HB81 Ok what you reckon is the hardest position? You do most running in those positions.

6.) 09 Aug 2018 17:53:15
Yeah most running but it’s not the most technical position a good engine and decent cross and you can get by! imo goalkeeper is the hardest position closely followed by Striker especially if it’s a loan striker, We need a striker!

7.) 09 Aug 2018 18:03:36
Putting the ball in the net is the hardest thing to do in football mate also playing as a striker your playing with your back to goal most of the game witch is also a lot harder than most might think .

8.) 10 Aug 2018 22:52:31
Yea ask alfredo. the effort he puts in and still gets stick on here.




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31 Jan 2019 08:35:03
Was at the game last night, wish now i'd stayed home and watched it in the comfort of my own home. We left early with 25 minutes to go because we were freezing, had a bit of a journey home but mostly we couldn't watch any more of that crap. I watched the same crap last week at a freezing Rugby Park. Our supporters deserve a much better performance from every single Rangers player . Yes guys i'm pissed off but i'm not the only one. If you merit the chance to play for Rangers then you must try and give 100%. I simply don't see that from certain individuals.


1.) 31 Jan 2019 23:00:18
Whats point in even going to game if all your going to do is moan and leave 25 minutes early pointless we all knew it would be freezing but still go to games and ok 2nd half was poor but leaving 25 mins early is ridiculous long journey or not give your ticket to someone more appreciative who will be grateful of going to gane instead of being so negative.



29 Jan 2019 20:17:30
Greg Docherty scores AGAIN.


1.) 29 Jan 2019 20:25:41
No he has an assist tonight.

2.) 29 Jan 2019 21:19:00
Jzer, your correct, my apologies my man.

3.) 29 Jan 2019 21:47:09
No worries man, boys having a great season.

4.) 29 Jan 2019 21:57:04
Surely Greg Docherty should be recalled from his loan spell NOW.

5.) 29 Jan 2019 22:50:49
I would leave him copland, more benefits in the long run. 👍.

6.) 29 Jan 2019 22:52:59
Midfield going to have 3 new faces next year on top of what wee already have my god talk about hard battle for places, docherty and the 2 pre contract boys, grez, Middleton, Candias, hopefully Kent, Murphy, possibly Davis, Arfield, Jack, McCrorie, Dorrans, Rossiter, Halliday, Holt wee definitely must trim this down. Who would u get rid of and who would u have as our core midfielders for next campaign?

7.) 30 Jan 2019 00:26:15
Holt won't return, he is sadly not good enough. Halliday's contract is up so it will be interesting if he is given another year. Rossiter will need to prove his worth while out on loan and then in preseason and will need to stay fit. Dorrans needs to stay fit and prove that he has the quality that we have yet to see, (similar to Rossiter) . Sadly I fear that we won't get Kent unless it is another season's loan and I am not convinced that we will sign Davis on a permanent contract.

8.) 30 Jan 2019 04:53:04
M3LVO you cannot put all those lads in the same list. jones grezda middleton candieas and kent are all wingers and not in direct competition. I would put them in front 3 department. Sadly don't think middleton is good enough. Reminds me so much of greg wylde.

9.) 30 Jan 2019 06:31:31
First of all nice to hear from you on here again, TOMUSA. I tend to agree with you regarding young ryan kent! Hope i'm wrong but i can't see us being able to sign kent, on a permanent deal! There's clubs in the english championship, like leeds utd for instance, who are prepared to pay liverpool £4million for him! I agree, the best we can hope for is another season long loan deal! I'll reiterate, hope i'm wrong!

10.) 30 Jan 2019 07:29:02
Super cooper

How do you know Leeds are prepared to pay £4m for him?

11.) 30 Jan 2019 08:45:24
I can see Greg Docherty getting another loan deal next season but at a higher level. That's if he's not sold as I reckon there will be interest.

12.) 30 Jan 2019 13:21:20
If we sell morelos or tav in the summer, which is very likely, then we will use some of that cash to sign kent👍.

13.) 30 Jan 2019 18:44:19
if we sell both of them i would be more worried than getting Kent in. who will score the goals we need?

14.) 30 Jan 2019 19:28:23
Really geesadodothat? I'm sure we would also reinvest in another ST. We have sold plenty of goal scorers over the years and replaced them with other goal scorers. 👍.



16 Dec 2018 17:07:08
Yip, 3 points and top of the league. let's be honest again it wasn't great against a very poor team. 23 corners, 80% possession. Its a bit concerning, can't beat a poor Aberdeen or Dundee. What Rangers player stuck out today? Tav is never a right back or captain. Yes i'm expecting a lot lot more from this team.


1.) 16 Dec 2018 17:21:46
im a big steve g fan and i do think he's doing a decent job but we have to stop playing with so many defensive midfielders ie jack and mcrorie in same side at home to a piss poor hamilton side no spark or invention in middle to front, god we really miss wee freddy boy when he's out thanks he's back on wednesday.

2.) 16 Dec 2018 21:31:35
If you watched the game jack played well forward and had a good game. scotty A was poor compared to what he can be tav hit and miss again I’m afraid.

3.) 16 Dec 2018 21:32:28
Ps where on earth was Jordon rossiter?

4.) 16 Dec 2018 23:53:13
Hamilton were absolutely atrocious. Until the last 15 mins they never tried to attack. No wonder only 50 of their fans bothered to show up.



09 Dec 2018 19:30:24
Did anyone else notice McGregors passion and desire to try and win the game today? Pity no other player shared his feelings!


1.) 09 Dec 2018 21:22:57
He should have the armband without a doubt.

2.) 09 Dec 2018 21:57:28
Mcgregor was the same on Wednesday night.

3.) 10 Dec 2018 10:35:40
He doesn't need the armband to be a leader. If we gave Tav the armband to keep him at the club, it's a good decision. We have traditionally had leaders all over the park, something we lack just now. But Rome wasn't built in a day.

4.) 11 Dec 2018 00:12:36
Ted how you can say if we gave Tav arm band to stay was a good decision. Tav is one of our biggest problems, such a poor player.



02 Dec 2018 16:07:25
Did anyone back Rangers to win the league 2018/ 2019? If so what price did you get? This may be a reality . Incidentally i got 9/ 1.


1.) 02 Dec 2018 16:20:30
8-1 I got.

2.) 02 Dec 2018 17:22:58
I also got 9/ 1 with betfred Goalie! Myself and one of my mates who i go to the football with, put a tenner each on rangers. You just couldn't turn your back, on odds on the bears, as generous as that!

3.) 02 Dec 2018 17:24:20
I got 7/ 1 and added Liverpool at 9/ 2 for a double.

4.) 02 Dec 2018 18:24:39
I put £50 on at hills, they had 7/ 1 but boost took it to 7.58/ 1 returning £429.
That will go towards my season book 😉.

5.) 02 Dec 2018 19:47:31
Got rangers at 8/ 1 and Ayr at 33/ 1 be a nice double for a £5, £1035 back if it lands. Got Ayr EW at that. 1st or 2nd.

6.) 02 Dec 2018 19:55:58
8-1 fot me.




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29 Jan 2019 17:30:28
Coldo, not sure what you mean? If Morelos states he wants to play in England then why would he want to go to Turkey?




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29 Jan 2019 16:34:00
Coop, it doesn't matter if Galatasary are going to offer 15 million. Morelos as stated he wants to play in England.




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23 Jan 2019 16:59:53
Im from Kilmarnock and can tell you 100% that the road conditions are absolutely fine. I would be totally shocked if they called the game off as i'm going and looking forward to it. So i see no reason at all for the game to be off.




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20 Jan 2019 15:22:40
Dont know where Pena is but he is still thieving wherever he is. He must be laughing, wiping his nose on our shorts and getting paid 20 grand a week. The guy is a disgrace!




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14 Jan 2019 17:21:50
Jboy21, i didn't go golfing today, however i did read that report online regarding Skirtle in the comfort of my home. I not sure Skirtle is right for us, to expensive with no sell on.





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03 Mar 2019 14:21:48
Jboy21, i here what your saying and i wish Rossiter all the best but the fact is he's stepped down a few divisions to the 2nd.




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23 Feb 2019 01:09:41
Supercoop, what about the amazing Steve Davis you keep raving about, is he not in your starting 11 ?




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16 Feb 2019 23:47:40
True words my friend but what motive do you need, playing for Rangers in front of the best supporters in the world and coached by Steven Gerrard. Now if those players cannot absorb and appreciate this then its time for them to fxxk oxf. This was another poor effort today. PS Celtic destroy them every time.




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16 Feb 2019 23:38:16
Was Defoe and Davis playing today? A huge struggle today. PS. Celtic have no bother beating them recently.




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12 Feb 2019 21:44:06
DOIGER; hope your bet comes up mate. I put a tenner on Rangers at the start of the season to win the league . Got 9/1.