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06 Feb 2019 23:19:10
For all those having a wee pop at Alfredo I think you need to look at the game tonight and realise just how important this young man is too our side. It was not a coincidence that when he went off the sheep got on top of us. Alfredo carries the fight to the opposition almost single handedly.

For me the incident where he got sent off is exactly what he should be doing, he basically bullied mckenna and he reacted lashing out and receiving a deserved red card, the fact that the joke of a ref then bottled it and took the easy option of balancing it up is really not Alfredo's fault, for me he was the victim tonight and we bears should be more supportive of our shinning light.


1.) 06 Feb 2019 23:49:16
Cambier, look at it again, yes we all know what Morelos gives the team but that wasn't bullying that was stupidity.

2.) 06 Feb 2019 23:52:35
Nope, morelos left a leg in and gave the ref a decision. I don't think either was red, but to suggest morelos was innocent is delusional👍.

3.) 07 Feb 2019 00:19:56
Morelos red was soft, but he needs to stop giving refs decisions to make. No way eill that get rescinded, add to that I 100% expect mcgregor to get hauled up for the Ferguson incident. Lucky not to give away s pen and get sent off, another daft moment from him.

4.) 07 Feb 2019 00:26:41
Guys I’m not saying Alfredo is innoncent, he very rarely is, what I am saying is his part in the incident was no where near worthy of a red card and I genuinely believe had McKenna not lashed out I don’t think he would even have been booked .

5.) 07 Feb 2019 00:33:57
For me if McKenna doesn’t lash out then Morelos doesn’t even get booked for that. You see far worse go unpunished regularly, I feel the ref and linesman weren’t sure and did not want to be crucified in the media ignored they got it wrong with Morelos and went with the easier option. We were poor from the minute he went off though and we need Morelos in the team so he has to wisen up. If that big eejit just gets up and square goes fredo with a bit of handbags they both get booked and the f he gets up and on with the game then nothing happens, possibly a soft foul to them, that’s why it’s not a red for me.

6.) 07 Feb 2019 06:26:02
Get the glasses off, it’s a sending off once again and could’ve cost us a big 3 points. Before that we he was excellent and giving them a torrid time but that isn’t “playing on the edge” as people like to call it, absolute stupidity is what it is, once again!

7.) 07 Feb 2019 06:50:54
Coldo I think you are delusional mate.
You say neither was a red card, what game were you watching?
Both are red cards,
You are not allowed to stand on the opposition like what Alfie did and you are certainly not allowed to aim a kick at an oppositions head whether you make contact or not.
The referee by the letter of the law got those decisions correct. Both penalties were penalties and the two ordering offs were harsh but correct. He could also quite easily have gave them another penalty and sent off shagger for his moment of madness as well.
Anyway that’s in the past now 3 points in the bag and let’s move on to Rugby park on Saturday evening and put that mob out the cup and also shut that Steve Clarke up aswell.

8.) 07 Feb 2019 06:58:20
Rick Witter as early as 10th minute he was continuously looking round before barging into defenders giving referee opportunity to send him off absolute idiot just gets team in trouble Aberdeen expert at exploiting his temper.

9.) 07 Feb 2019 08:01:54
He’s not as important as you think sitting in the stands!

10.) 07 Feb 2019 08:15:29
If you watch it again McKenna pulls his jumper brings him down as he goes down his leg hooks round alfies slides down his thigh McKenna boots him in the face red and for alfie a debatable yellow at most end of a total witch hunt against him but hey we should know it’s been going on for 6 years now any supposedly Rangers fans on here slating him want their head looked wait till he’s gone you won’t get a player like him again GET OFF HIS BACK and the imposters on here you know the wee man is doing the damage and you don’t like it 🇬🇧.

11.) 07 Feb 2019 08:51:11
Morelos is class no doubt but as a whole team were Aberdeen level to be honest how many corners did they have last nite the scoreline flattered us if you look at it really I honestly think we're still well short of the man's.

12.) 07 Feb 2019 08:52:56
Morelos is some player and his second goal was world class imo, but, he is no use to us sitting in the stand. Referees are watching his every move and i agree with 6counties when he mentions the fact he could have been on a very early yellow for persistent fouling. When the ball is in the air he looks to see where the defender is before barging into him as they jump for the ball.

On another day he could have been sent off before half time, soft as it would have been. I'm now a big fan of the lad after beinv sceltical early on but he needs to sort out the silly stuff. He could be the key as to whether or not we win this title. We need him on the park. Keep the agression, yes, but sort it out now or he will cost us big time.

13.) 07 Feb 2019 08:54:07
6 counties, ill take an absolute idiot as you call him at every turn, 45 goals in eighteen months.
Fans should back him the way the manager does.

14.) 07 Feb 2019 09:03:01
to all the fans calling our star striker a idiot ect if it was not for that idiot that use call him then we wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the table we are now.

Who else in that team can score goals with the exception of Jermaine Defoe our team struggle to score without him that's how important he is to the team. When we loose Alfredo permantley we are going be in big trouble unless we spend a lot of money on a replacement he will be a big lose to the club.

15.) 07 Feb 2019 09:17:42
He is still an idiot no matter how many goals he gets. Wee man syndrome.

16.) 07 Feb 2019 09:32:56
So that’s it sorted then. Well argued. So Morelos can get sent off as many times as he wants for continuously kicking out and lashing out and letting his teammates and fans down and we just have to accept his behaviour because he scores goals. His disciplinary record is a disgrace.

17.) 07 Feb 2019 10:28:29
Nah ross, I think it was hand bags and both could have been yellows, if you read my previous posts you will see that I have said that I can see why both were sent off. 👍.

18.) 07 Feb 2019 10:35:30
Mind lads, he didn't cost us the game/ points. His 2 goals helped us win the game. Does he need to screw the nut? Definitely. No need to go overboard with the criticism of the boy though.

19.) 07 Feb 2019 10:44:37
6counties this really was my point in my original message, fans like you really need to take a step back and consider how much further off the pace we would be if Alfredo was not in our team. We should be thankful for the effort, energy and desire to win this kid shows, I just wish we could bottle that and feed it to some of the other passengers we carry week in week out . I know he can overstep the mark but at least he steps up to the plate and if we manage something special this season it will be down in a huge part to Alfredo .

20.) 07 Feb 2019 11:04:43
Cambiger agree your point about other passengers ie barasic candais nd tavenier last night.

21.) 07 Feb 2019 11:41:56
On the incidents:

McKenna - clear movement towards Morelos so, red card for me.
Morelos - Left his foot hanging in a 'sensitive' area. No clear stamp, BUT, not completely innocent either. Soft, but as mentioned previously, gave the ref a decision. Needs to take this out his game. (PS rolling about afterwards was a bit shameful) .

McGregor - From a Goalkeepers Union perspective, I'm okay with this. He's come out, protecting himself on the floor and given the striker the option to challenge or pull out. No card, no foul.
Ferguson - That's retaliation for me AND it's close to the keepers head. Correct that he should be carded.

Rangers Pen - Hint of offside, but play the whistle and arm in an unnatural position. Penalty
Aberdeen Pen - Bit of arms everywhere on both sides, but player goes down under the challenge and if it was reversed I'd want it. Happy that was the right decision too.

That's my tuppence worth. :)

22.) 07 Feb 2019 12:25:25
Tinman you clearly never seen the same incident as the rest of us, how can you say that it’s a debatable yellow card when he slaps McKenna and aims a stamp at him, I like Morelos, he’s by far our best player but he gave the ref a decision to make and fair play to the ref he got it right with both reds.

23.) 07 Feb 2019 13:18:05
well a guess we will soon find out if the ref got it right if appeals are lodged.
The amount of criticism aimed at morelos is terrible he is a class above anyone in our team we should be supporting the lad not slagging him off puts 100 percent in every game and like previous comments a wish we had more player like him and this is gerrard loves having at the club.
He is only 22 years of age so still has a lot to learn but weighing up the positives and negatives to his game then we defiantly need to try keep him at our club as long as possible.

24.) 07 Feb 2019 15:43:18
I’d really hate it if we signed luis Suarez! Gets booked to often haha! Morelos is the only thing keeping us in the top 6 never mind 2nd cut him some slack! I hope he kicks a few more haters as the season rolls on.

25.) 08 Feb 2019 14:33:17
Yes definitely . idiots say what use is he sitting in stands .? Well he won the game for us before he went to stands . ALFREDO MORELOS x.

26.) 09 Feb 2019 12:07:53
And you'll be the first one on here demonising the lad when he decides to aim a kick at somebody in the first minute to leave us with 10 men for the whole game. I think the boy is the hottest property in our game right now but how can it be so wrong to point out that he needs to sort himself out and cut out the silly and petulant stuff. Even our manager has said it on many occasions. Maybe it is the idiots among us who can't said this! Rant over!




Cambiger's banter posts with other poster's replies to Cambiger's banter posts


03 Jul 2021 10:01:55
I still can't believe the stick Alfredo gets on these pages. For me he has contributed more than any other player in our squad in delivering 55. I am not even sure SG would still be at our club if not for him as I think the Euro runs in the seasons prior to last would have helped convince the Board to stick with him. I also believe without the money his European performances/ goals has earned us we might not have been able to afford the Kent's and Hagi's. For me every Rangers fan owes that young man a huge debt of gratitude as it was Alfredo's goals that made those Euro runs possible. On top of that if he is to move on he is going to bring in our record profit ever for a player in a time where I am lead to believe our club need the finance to avoid losing other key players. I think all fans should reflect on on what our young Colombian Buffalo has given and will bring to our club if he is too move on before being too quick to put the boot in . In my opinion it will be massive boots to fill as even last season I felt we looked like a far better side with him leading the line.


1.) 03 Jul 2021 10:57:39
The majority of us on here do back Alfie, Cambigger mate and we will be sad to see him go as no doubt he will like all great players do.

He did upset a few on here in his early stages with his bad temper and red cards. He is certainly more level headed now with his new family to think about, plus I firmly believe Stevie's guidance also helped him stabilise.

I do believe he will make it at a bigger club than ours and wish him all the success he deserves if and when he leaves.

2.) 03 Jul 2021 11:35:30
100% cambiger

I love the guy and have done since the start and I hope he goes onto have a good career after us when he leaves as he has done brilliantly for us over the years and is our record scorer in European football.

3.) 03 Jul 2021 12:06:45
Great post cam ringer.

4.) 03 Jul 2021 12:22:43
Well said 👍🏻.

5.) 03 Jul 2021 12:50:39
Yeah great post mate well done 👍🏼
I think Alfie is destined for athletico Madrid, he’s just their type of player all day long. 2 seasons at Porto then onto Madrid for €40m-€60m.

6.) 03 Jul 2021 15:08:40
Cambiger Well said There isn’t any other player at Ibrox at this moment in time that can lead the line better than Alfredo, The way he pulls defenders about and leaves spaces for our players to exploit, O aye his goals especially in Europe, 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚽️🇬🇧👍.



02 Jan 2021 19:28:33
Why do we bears seem so determined to talk about who wasn't at their best rather than focus on the positives. I felt we really missed a Jack or an Arfield to help out our midfield but for me Davis and Kamaradona were outstanding. I was also really pleased young Hagi had a big impact on the game and was delighted big Itten got a chance at the end .


1.) 02 Jan 2021 19:48:23
Because some in here always have a go at certain players but never have a go at others who have been worse over the last few weeks for example kent the boy wonder gets away with it and has been our worst player for weeks and was the worst player in the park today.

2.) 02 Jan 2021 19:51:16
Totally agree, the game is played in two ways. IN possession and OUT of possession.

In possession I thought most players were poor. However from a defensive point of view, I thought the back 4 were really good and thought Davis and especially Kamara were brilliant.

Today we did a number on Celtic and it was long overdue!

Bring on the 55!

3.) 02 Jan 2021 19:56:28
There's not a doubt we missed both jack and arfield mate! Those 2 add steel and physicality 💪I said in an earlier post that i rate glen kamara highly but he's more of a technical midfielder and more suited to our european escapades 👍Davo had a much improved 2nd half today 👍I believe that with jack or arfield in there with kamara and davis, we would have had the perfect balance, for this particular game i feel 🤔.

4.) 02 Jan 2021 20:05:35
Kent and morelos were poor today and have been for a while yet keep getting picked.

5.) 02 Jan 2021 20:14:27
Lots to be positive about with this team, players and management.
Individual players form can go up and down, that's football.
We've got a strong squad of players this season and while there may be a few ups and downs I think we have a great chance to win the league.

6.) 02 Jan 2021 20:34:39
6 counties fredo is the reason they went down to 10 men.

7.) 02 Jan 2021 20:39:13
Was wondering when you’d be on 6counties - 3 points against Celtic always good for a negative from you 🤭.

8.) 02 Jan 2021 20:40:21
You sound like a nervous wreck KJA9, Do you wake up saying Kent's name? Why do you hate Kent so much? 👍.

9.) 02 Jan 2021 20:44:19
And fredo had massive contribution in goal scored . we had no dig without jack and arfeild but still won . I for one am delighted.

10.) 02 Jan 2021 20:52:36
How do YOU cope with your obsession (Morelos) coldo? 🤔
Maybe give kja9 some help/ pointers? 😉.

11.) 02 Jan 2021 20:56:35
Coldo the irony of your reply to KJA9 is astounding 🤣🤣🤣.

12.) 02 Jan 2021 20:57:07
Morelos received no service from midfield.

13.) 02 Jan 2021 21:01:55
Problem today was not Kamara but Aribo who has undoubted talent but for me is not overly suited to OF games. He wants a bit of extra time on the ball and that is not what is need in these games. Really missed Arfield today. Less skilful but has more awareness and can get up to support the front 3

Regarding Kent, it’s a hard one to figure out. At times he goes by players so easily but you feel he almost doesn’t have the confidence to go flat out all the time or doesn’t want to seen to be too greedy. In the second half today, when he plays wide left, you almost feel he feels he is obligated to give it to Barasic on the overlap and he then drifts out wide and gets it back when that have had time to regroup

Thought big Itten done ok when he came on. Held it up ok and had a decent effort. Ultimately, i think we keep Morelos till the summer and then say bye bye. He is not a cool finisher and gets his place in these games
For his physicality. He was poor again but still influenced the game with the sending off

An retro Sir Walter type win which give the a wee taste of the league cup final (not that they were as dominant today as we were then) .

What a save from Shagger!

14.) 02 Jan 2021 21:27:24
Coldo reply is a beltervthere 🤣🤣🤣.

15.) 02 Jan 2021 21:33:14
Kent and Aribo were awfull wasted possession far too much
Your all forgetting who made the great pass for Morelos to turn his man 🤔 how about some positives for Tav?

16.) 02 Jan 2021 21:51:38
Just tongue and cheek to KJA9 because he gives me a hard time about fredo. Its not to be taken seriously but there's always one and barrowlad is the one🤣🤣. The usual retort is why do you hate when you have a go at a players performance🤦‍♂️👍.

17.) 02 Jan 2021 22:00:02
Said for a while now that aribo wants too much time on the ball👍.

18.) 02 Jan 2021 22:12:48
The answer to the original question is simple mate, because it’s a football forum, it would certainly be the most boring football forum if everyone says the same thing, would it not

kJ, you have now been saying “ Kent the wonder boy for months now, do you never bore yourself, it’s every day all day

Are people not allo A different view to you mate, or your ok just telling people they have “ no understanding of football “ would you be saying these sort of things in the pub to people with a different opinion to you, I only ask as you now seem to think it’s ok to tell someone they know nothing.

19.) 02 Jan 2021 23:09:59
My original point was based around on a day like today why not focus on the positives rather than all the negative nonsense . I was on a high coming on here hoping for some positive reflections on possibly the best start to a season ever but no all I’m reading is this player was rubbish but that player was worse and so on. We have had it that bad for so long I think misery is a state of mind for some and it’s the only time they are happy is when running down our own.

20.) 03 Jan 2021 02:41:50
Well said Tomthomb12.



08 Nov 2020 22:19:15
Fantastic today to a man today. Special mention to Roofe though, I think he showed today what a good footballer he is, I thought he was involved in everything and I think he will score a barrowload of goals for us this season. I genuinely cannot believe how strong our squad is looking at the moment . I am hating our momentum being broken with this two week break and wish we were just rolling into the next set of fixtures.


1.) 08 Nov 2020 23:07:31
it may just be a great chance to have a break from playing every other day mate, and recharge the battery, I read all about roofe years ago, Leeds i think and there's never been a doubt about his ability, hopefully now he'll stay fit.

2.) 09 Nov 2020 00:11:07
Possibly mate, I just feel that we are so much stronger than the rest at the moment that I think the break will possibly help them more .

3.) 09 Nov 2020 00:54:39
Good result today and Stevie breaking records again. The only thing is these international breaks. They do my head in. A disruption to club football. Hopefully all our players come back fit and healthy and we batter the shaggers. Tav, goldson, bassey, Kent, Barker, itten, roofe, Defoe aren't internationals so we have a good squad even if our other ten or fifteen international players are crocked. What a good position we are in to have almost two brilliant players for each position. 55. One day closer.



19 Oct 2020 14:24:41
Just something that has been going through my mind since we qualified for the Europa League. I understand the financial element as to why qualifying was important but now we are there most of the realistic money available to us has been banked. I think we should use the EL games this year like we do say league cup games in Scotland. Play all our fringe players, keeping the more important players for a league battle which this season will still be. Any other year this would not be my opinion but the league title is absolutely everything this year and any distractions are not needed. I would almost have a midweek team and a weekend team with only minimal crossover, some of the older member's of the squad would not even be travelling . Thoughts?


1.) 19 Oct 2020 14:42:07
Great idea to be honest mate. If we get through group realistically only worth a couple million. Having already banked possibly 6/ 7 million. I would be resting 3 or 4 key players. Put bassey in. use zungu jack etc in middle.

2.) 19 Oct 2020 14:44:06
Agree Cambiger, the league is our no.1 priority this year. Qualification was good for the finances but I'm happy to "take it easy" in the EL to concentrate on the league.

3.) 19 Oct 2020 14:45:23
Normally I would disagree but the reality is every other team from Scotland does nowt for our co-efficient ranking so focus on the league this year. I think Gerrard will know this anyway. I hope lol.

4.) 19 Oct 2020 15:50:22
The difference being though, in previous seasons we didn’t have a squad big enough to realistically cope with the rigours of playing both domestic and European football and keep the standards high, Gerrard continually stated that himself and continually said he wanted to improve the overall standard of the squad with players who could come into the starting eleven without the quality being affected (this is where people have been getting confused, when we have made signings some folk have moaned that they don’t think the players brought in are better than the starting eleven we have. Well maybe they aren’t better, but they are at the same level which overall has greatly improved our ability to consistently put out a team of great quality, unlike in previous seasons where losing a few players has crested Big problems) . If you look at our bench from Saturday we’re just about there now. Considering we didn’t even have Katic, Edmundson, Zungu, Roofe (or even Stewart) in the squad at all, we probably now have the ability to make 4 or 5 changes between European games and domestic games without affecting the quality we’re putting out.
For example if everyone is fit and up to match speed, would replacing McGregor, Helander, Davis, Arfield, Barker and Morelos with McLaughlin, Balogun, Jack, Zungu, Roofe/ Hagi and Itten, dramaticly reduce the standard of the team overall?
It may be too early to tell yet but I’d still be confident with which ever team we put out.

5.) 19 Oct 2020 16:00:03
Were going for the quadruple this year. don't be a defeatist. we fear no foe.

6.) 19 Oct 2020 16:16:16
I think our squad now looks good enough to compete on both fronts. Why can't we progress out of the Europa League group and reach the last 8 or last 4? For Davis, Arfield, Kamara read Aribo, Jack, Zungu, or any combination. Plus Roofe and Itten. We've got cover in goal and at the back too. If this is going to be our season let's win the league AND progress as far as we can in Europe!

7.) 19 Oct 2020 16:25:30
Last 4 a bit of a stretch with quality in the doiger. we got played off the park and outclassed in every dept by a good leverkusen who then got knocked out comfortable by inter. But yes we are most certainly stronger than last season.

8.) 19 Oct 2020 16:31:56
If Rangers even attempted to have a “ midweek team and a Saturday team “ we would be ridiculed and never allowed to forget it if we won nothing
Not a chance this will happen mate,

It was talked about regularly a good few years back, And Rangers really did have far better team than now, and enough players, it didn’t work then and it sure as hell wouldn’t work now

It’s completely understandable that you know the league is everything, but rangers are in the process of regaining their international reputation, no not for me, we play the game to win.

9.) 19 Oct 2020 16:33:44
There is still substantial £££ in the way of points (wins and draws) plus topping the group etc.

10.) 19 Oct 2020 16:57:23
Agree Tom Thumb, we want as many points as possible to keep up our co-efficient. This could mean automatic qualification to a Champions League group slot in the near future and all the millions that entails.

A midweek European team? No thanks, although I'm realistic enough to rule out going last 4 let alone win a quadruple. Think some are getting carried away because we gubbed a rank rotten Celtic side who are about to be given another footballing lesson from Milan - presuming Milan are interested.

11.) 19 Oct 2020 18:43:53
Nobody wants to stop 10 in row more than me, however, next season is far more important. As I understand, the top 2 teams qualify for the champions league but the winners go straight into the group stages and the 30 million it brings. If I had the choice, I know which one I'd choose. Laudrup said recently " nobody outside the west of Scotland gives a damn about 10 in a row".

12.) 19 Oct 2020 18:45:51
Honestly don’t care about europa league as I have said since the start of season understand financial implications of not getting there but 55 is way more important.

13.) 19 Oct 2020 18:58:07
we need europe or be sure we wouldn't have a team capable of winning 55. we definitely wouldn't 1) be able to afford who we have now 2) they wouldn't come if there was no European football.

14.) 19 Oct 2020 19:42:45
Can’t understand this, the league is everything this year, that’s a fact, but nobody said rangers can’t compete in Europe too, and we will, this title will bring its rewards, and stopping them is absolutely paramount,

15.) 19 Oct 2020 20:28:35
Go out to win every game, taking each 1 as it comes on individual merits, assess squad fitness and recovery etc and play the strongest poss team no matter who we play. In it to win it or don’t turn up.



02 Aug 2020 10:56:16
Was just reflecting on yesterday's game and tbh I cannot understand some of the negativity surrounding the result/ performance. We went to a venue where we have had some recent struggles and for me were fully deserving the victory. I will always accept that result from there and not too long ago we were leaving there with our tail between our legs having dropped two points behind after one game.

I remember Sir Walters team going up there and coming away with a hard fought win for it to be deemed a tactical masterclass.

Two areas of the team I was particularly encouraged by was the centre back partnership and the partnership in centre midfield. I have never really saw what others saw in Kamara but yesterday I thought his energy was terrific and I will gladly put my hands up to being wrong, wouldn't be the first.

I think we need to sort out the striker position as soon as possible, the last thing we need is to get into a groove and then have the full team disrupted in what is a critical area.


1.) 02 Aug 2020 11:07:36
Some of our support only see negatives and look for any reason to moan. 3 points is a decent result at the sheep.

2.) 02 Aug 2020 11:20:35
Cam I’m afraid to understand it you just need to accept the west of Scotland mentality. A bit Neanderthal methinks .
Onward and upward.

3.) 02 Aug 2020 12:31:06
There wasn't really any negatives yesterday cam, I thought morelos looked a yard off it and was honking compared to his own standards but it is early days and the sharpness will come, however great assist and awareness for kent. I agree we looked solid in the central position's, early days but I can't remember the last time I saw a cb casually stroll a game the way balogun did. I thought kamara and aribo were excellent. Hagi tried to be too clever at times. But as performances at pittodrie go we can't have too many complaints. 👍.

4.) 02 Aug 2020 13:36:29
haha morelos told to come back to flood midfield and laid on assist for goal. keep those standards consistent and improve a bit from there, add a little fire. we have a season.




Cambiger's rumour replies


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05 Jul 2021 08:27:00
I'm afraid I agree with the doubters here, I watched Lundstram a few times last season and felt he looked slow and kept getting caught on the ball in the middle of the park. I'm just worried the pace of the game up here might be too much for him. Having said that I have complete faith in SG and he has been after him for a while so maybe my untrained eye just not seeing what others do.




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05 Apr 2021 10:27:58
If we did have scouts watching Lundstrum they couldn't have been that impressed. I thought he looked slow and kept getting caught on the ball. I've not seen much off him but never been overly impressed by what I have seen.




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02 Feb 2021 09:49:06
Id be surprised if Leicester were in for any midfielders, they are very well stocked there and have some top players sitting on the bench each week.




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31 Jan 2021 11:17:16
I actually think he has all the attributes to be a top defender. I am hoping that he goes performs really well and either come back to challenge for a place or we manage to make a bit on his sale.




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18 Dec 2020 10:26:23
I think a lot of you are missing the point Robertson said similar in style, he never said he thought he was the same level. He is a talented kid however and for me any news on a new deal is a promising step . He would definitely have had clubs interested in a pre contract in January.





Cambiger's banter replies


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03 Jul 2021 23:31:28
I agree Coops, Sterling was pants tonight think Southgate will be regretting not taking Kent.




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06 Apr 2021 09:45:31
Unfortunately guys we can't have our cake and eat it. For me the only way Patterson reaches his full potential is now by playing games. I love Tav but every game he starts with Patterson on the bench will hamper his development. A game every month or two will be no where near enough now, he needs to be playing regularly to become to player we all hope he can be.




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05 Apr 2021 10:36:39
I am a big Defoe fan and like the influence he seems to have around the dressing room but for me its time to say thanks for all your efforts and he leaves with our huge thanks. He is earning a very decent wage and has been bit part at best this season. I also think in games like yesterday he is taking what could be valuable game time away from players who desperately need it and who will hopefully be here for seasons to come.




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03 Mar 2021 15:35:08
I also think the Livi pitch is probably the worst of all the plastic pitches. Its a joke that amateur teams can maintain a grass pitch but teams playing in our top flight are allowed to play on this every other week. For me it gives an unfair advantage to the teams playing on it regularly and the sooner its banned or teams like Livi, Killie and Hamilton are relegated the better.




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19 Feb 2021 14:11:39
I think Alredo influences the game more than any other player in our squad. When he is on the pitch teams do not get as much of an easy ride. I thought the games he missed recently in the league compared to last night really highlighted how important he is. We went from struggling to break down Hamilton, Killie etc to looking like scoring 5 or 6 away in the knockout stages in Europe. I know his behaviour is not good enough but I think there are still some who just do not realise how much he brings to the party which astounds me.