28 May 2024 22:19:42
Anyone hearing goldson likely to stay as no. 1 likely to offer a suitable package also jack may be offered a year deal?

1.) 29 May 2024
28 May 2024 23:12:54
Out off davies goldson soutter balogun king etc no matter what people think but connor goldson is our best cb out of all the cb at ibrox.

2.) 29 May 2024
28 May 2024 23:22:30
They need gone ASAP one is always injured the other past sell but date need a clear out of old guard with younger fitter players Barron, Miller, Armstrong, for starters.

3.) 29 May 2024
28 May 2024 23:29:59
Surely not sorry goldson needs replacing and Jack is never fit. Most of these serial losers need to go.

4.) 29 May 2024
28 May 2024 23:49:52
Doubt Jack will get a deal PC has said he wants to reduce the number of injured players not keep them around….

5.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 00:03:10
If that happens we might as well chuck it.

6.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 00:09:23
Window isn't even open yet so plenty of time for someone to come in, there will be a lot of teams currently assessing their squads to see what they need for next season.

Jack i can't see getting another year, it is his time to move on.

As much as we would all like to have a full clear out its not possible to do in 1 window.

We are going to have to be clever in this transfer window. We might have to lose players we don't want to go to help finance it.

I think we will sell at least 3 of the following to help fund the rebuild - Butland, Yilmaz, Dessers, Lammers and Cantwell.

7.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 00:39:52
What do you mean suitable package mate?

8.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 01:21:46
Ryan Jack has earned roughly 100k for every game he has been fit, the most overrated player we have ever had.

9.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 03:52:47
Goldson is contracted 2 more years.

10.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 04:51:18
Totally disagree AC21 ?Ryan jack most definitely has had a horrendous time with injuries but regarding his ability ? he's nowhere near overrated for me as he's a superb midfielder and injuries aside would always be in our midfield ?.

11.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 05:31:59
No point being a gd player who doesn't play, best player camped out on the treatment table, has to go.

12.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 05:36:23
Rfc apparently and iv only heard this on a rangers site goldson is still valued and no1 has shown any interest and our price and we'd rather keep him than lose for nothing also jack is well thought of and if PC is convinced of his fitness msÿ get offered a 1 year deal.

13.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 05:37:57
Sws if fit jack is prob the best midfielder we have certainly better than lunny ir raskin but his fitness is the problem. If scotland take him to euros surely he must be deemed fit to play.

14.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 05:38:38
I. love goldson but I think his time at rangers Is done, we need two new cbs with both height and pace, two often we are caught out of position with balls over the top, n players like maidea- mirovski , lap it up, we need a big pacy cb, as a lot of the time we face balls over, or a we rapid striker

I think goldson is slowing and not been the same , but I do like the big guy.

15.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 06:20:18
Bluedreamer - Totally agree - Goldson has done well over years and HAS been one of our stalwarts but he is slowing and time moves on and has also been ran ragged numerous times over season by Scottish Prem strikers not to mention Europe - he would be an ideal backup imo but will he want that? - the club needs a better younger and more athletic player in there - it is TRULY time for change?.

16.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 06:34:51
Jack hell no.
Goldson needs to go and I don’t see us giving him another contract.

17.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 06:59:42
Goldson will stay as there won't be any interest in him. He only resigned because there were no offers to him, so what makes us think clubs will be queuing up to take him this time.

18.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 07:09:30
OWS, i'd heard a few weeks ago that there was a new deal on the table for Jack.

I also expect Goldson, and Tav, to stay.

19.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 08:20:32
Should never have been given a new contract. Noone wanted him when free we'll struggle to get rid now. Saying he's best we have is just a sad reflection of the rest. Never particularly rated him and after admitting giving up in games should have been punted certainly not kept as one of captains and leaders.

20.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 08:31:48
Jacks been fit for 6 weeks and hasn't got onto the pitch.

21.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 09:10:35
I’d be absolutely disgusted if Jack was offered a new deal and I’d go as far as saying Clement would need to pack his bags.

22.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 09:29:33
Totally agree coops, youd think ryan jack wanted to be injured the way some go on. As for ability he is the best cm at our club when fit. i'm glad these forums weren't about when durrant was injured or alan maclaren. It must life shattering for these young men and that should not be forgotten.

23.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 09:55:55
According to many, Helander was the best defender, Jack best midfielder and roofe best striker, but ultimately it doesn't amount to anything if they're not playing games for Rangers. Hopefully we can now get a spell where all our best players are fit and available for most games especially the big games.

24.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 10:38:51
If as has been mooted Jack has been fit for 6 weeks. and never played even with Lundstrum suspended then he is not wanted by PC. I'd be surprised another year. But hey ho I'm expecting Tav and Goldson to continue.
I'm excited about the players that have been mooted but not Goldson and Tav continuing as they have been.
Butland will also go I think and lammers and matondo and Lundstrum and.

25.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 10:57:47
Genuinely if ww start new season with a similar back 4 ill be seatsubbing my ticket all season. We are being taken for mugs.

26.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 11:18:29
Being the best player in a position is no good to anyone when said player is very rarely fit .

Jack has been no use for years now.

27.) 29 May 2024
29 May 2024 18:17:45
Jack shouldn't have got his last contract extension never mind another one now. Reliability to me is more important than quality and he's been very unreliable for seasons now.