03 May 2024 14:13:26
Goldson out for season is that true?

Wonder if that's the last time we will see him in a Rangers jersey?

What is the problem with him? Anyone know.

1.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 14:48:54
Torn medial ligament.

Hopefully that's the end of his time here.

2.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 14:53:51
Stig manager says knee injury, also confirmed Jack out a few weeks, Cortes and Danilo won’t play this season matondo still out

Yilmas getting closer

Whilst rangers players Barisic and lundstrum r selectable

We r really at bear bones.

3.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:07:58
tjn, 2 years left on his big contract, he is going nowhere.
We will need someone to fill Ryan Jack's, or Kemar Roofes space on the treatment table anyway ?.

4.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:10:59
Think that's a bit of a crass comment if I'm honest. Overall he has been one of our best and most consistent performers. Hardly ever injured and was immense in the 55 season. Also had some brilliant performances in Europe for us and getting to the EL final. Hasn't been his best season but overall pound for pound one of our best signings.

5.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:36:36
Well said NRD. People think he may leave so the routine is run them down, same last time thought he was leaving.

6.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:41:29
Ah right thanks for reply John
We certainly are down to the bare bones at the most crucial time now of the season ?.

7.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:41:48
NRD. he always has been consistent. he always seems to get caught out and blame someone else. in europe he was consistent - every year he scored at least one OWN GOAL. i'm pretty sure someone would have stats on that.

8.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:42:24
TJN what a sh*t comment that is. how any rangers fan can be happy at our vice captain being injured is beyond me. The big guy deserves the support of every rangers fan at the minute.

9.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:45:32
Yilmaz has been getting close for weeks now I wonder if he'll play again this season.

10.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:45:36
John is that jack as in Butland that's out for a coupla weeks hope not.

11.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:47:25
He's been a good servant but his time has been and he needs to move on for his career and as a club we need better than goldson he's clearly lost pace and makes same mistakes like bb needs to go.

12.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 15:49:09
Do people not realise when they are slagging off a player. They are also slagging the badge they ware.

13.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 16:06:14
Always scored an OG and always caught out!
Nae bother?.

14.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 16:18:51
He has been a good servant but he has been here too long let’s be honest I am not slagging him off but he has been poor all season IMO. It’s the same with Tav stayed too long.

John no surprise Jack is out again he should never have got another contract.

15.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 16:51:19
Scotty I think you'll find nowhere did I state I was happy he is injured, so feel free to retract that statement.

I said I hope it's the last we've seen of him, which is the sentiment of most sensible fans. He has been an embarassment the last 18 months, and has dragged down our captains peformances at the same time.

I also don't subscribe to him being "immense" in the 55 season, where we bottled a treble and had 0 fans in attendance.

He's a loser, in a squad of losers, and hopefully this manager is the one to finally have the balls to see them out.

16.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 16:54:49
Only my opinion Thestigno1, but i don't think we've seen the last of connor goldson in a rangers jersey mate, because i believe he'll still be at rangers next season ?.

17.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 17:08:05
Wish our fans didn't slate players so easily . Yeah goldson, tav etc have their flaws. But they certainly been loyal servants to our great club. Show some respect, yes I believe both could move on let us freshen things up a bit . No one was complaining when both won us 55 with solid defending or going to seville. I will remember good times no the bad.

18.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 17:21:23
White horse what a stupid comment so as fans we can never be critical of player because we are somehow criticising the badge? Have you never been critical of a rangers player.

19.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 17:48:39
One person responsible for Tavs performance and its not Goldson, if your honest Tavs been poor on his own, defensively, going fwd scoring some crackers and the pens, no probs with that, he's an attacking full back, but the engine is going IMHO.

20.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 18:00:43
Amato, no it’s Ryan Jack,

21.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 18:19:45
Goldson has not been up to par recently I wonder if he has been playing with a niggle the last few games.

22.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 19:12:40
Their is players fit in the squad problem is they are not deemed good enough to replace either injured players or players that are leaving, Ben Davies, Leon King, Dowell, Wright, Raskin, so that’s why it’s looking like bare bones, and dosent look like at this stage the manager wants to pitch a youngster in like Rice or McKinnon, need to try and address the overall quality of the squad, won’t be easy though.

23.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 20:34:30
Sws he probably will be because he ain't getting a wage like he's getting at Rangers.

24.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 21:20:45
Also My star tav is an absolute certainty imo, to still be a rangers player next season ?.

25.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 21:44:11
Not if a offer comes from Saudi he ain't turning a wage like that down sws, hopefully if he stays he'll be back up for Sterling.

26.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 21:44:14
TJN your statement is an embarrassment and in no way sensible.

27.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 21:57:26
Not for me SWS, they may well still be here, but at what cost to our team and results, they are not the same players anymore, time to move on IMHO.

28.) 03 May 2024
03 May 2024 23:43:59
Lucky for me Scotty, I didn't ask.

The backing of serial losers on this app is pathetic.

Real rangers men of the past would be disgusted with the club from the last 8 years.

29.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 05:57:11
No scotty is correct, your using goldson to excuse tavs defensive capabilities, tavs poor on his own, boy gets a sore one and you single him out for another players failings. He may be slipping but tav is doing it also all by himself, not goldsons fault.

30.) 04 May 2024
04 may 2024 06:11:04
all his statements are embarrassing scotty,

31.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 07:11:18
Fork what u have is someone satisfied with serial losers and players who hardly ever play,

Three trophies in twelve years so far.

32.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 07:18:57
I took a wee break from this platform for a few months but I see not much has changed. Criticising players is fine so long as it's constructive but . dearie me some statements are OTT and uncalled for.
And it's still the same ones that are guilty of it.

33.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 10:15:51
John27, I get the 3 trophies in 12 yrs, I hope your comment doesn't mean you think I'm satisfied with serial losers, far from it mate. Was noting tjn blaming goldson for tavs form bud?.

34.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 10:43:14
On the upside the club keep physios in work.

35.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 11:22:59
Correct John. As a man of a certain vintage, you are fully aware of the standards that should be met.

Not a man who said in an interview in a semi final "we knew we were beat at half time".

Tav has been poor, yes. But having goldson covering him makes his job 10x harder.

6 years at the club and he makes the same mistakes upwards of 10 times a season.


36.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 12:06:59
N t u. Walter ober last three years states first name on twam shhet jack lawrence roofe.

Tav goldson have at least another two seasons. Barisic brilliant.

All these players have contributed in the past but r not rhe standard we requir going forward. Nor r 18 year old kids.

37.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 13:21:15
We need a new defence in the summer. these players aren't good enough. no room for sentiment.

38.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 14:00:35
Mark two cb's I'd be very happy with Sterling and Yilmaz as our fullbacks.

39.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 14:00:56
Mark exactly.

40.) 04 May 2024
04 May 2024 17:12:41
I have a horrible feeling that Goldson will still be at Rangers next season although I live in hope that he isn't.
Ideally there will be some truth in the rumour that Gerrard wants him in Saudi and we will make some money on him and he will get a final payday.
As far as I am concerned we need two quality new centre backs since I don't see Souttar as anything more than backup.
If Yilmaz could stay injury free then I would be comfortable at left back and although I wouldn't be adverse to a new right back we would need to replace Tav's goals elsewhere in the team.
I would also like to see us sign a replacement for Lundstram that is a significant upgrade both defensively and in attack.