18 Dec 2023 22:56:31
Info from someone connected to Hearts that Rangers have agreed a deal in principal for Shankland and Scott Wright is part of the deal with Hearts also trying to cancel Lowry's loan due to his attitude.

1.) 18 Dec 2023
18 Dec 2023 23:32:03
Is lowry injured just now mate.

2.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 08:13:20
Honestly don’t see Wright being used to part fund deal… The manager seems to like him … just an observation… I am also unsure if they would want Lowry as a chunk of the deal either … seems to be losing his way the boy ….

3.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 08:14:10
Lowry has a back issue apparently, out of the team as a precaution. Hearts working with Rangers to get to the bottom of it. So Naismith said anyway.

4.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 08:34:54
Yeah thought their was am issue with lowry injury wise.

5.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 08:56:47
Been back at rangers for nearly two weeks, hopefully nothing serious.

6.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 09:32:22
I could see this being true for a few reasons:

- We need a CF more than we need Scott Wright at the moment (as much as I like him) and I imagine some sacrifices will be required to shuffle the squad around to where PC wants it.
- The emergence of McAusland means losing Wright is less of a problem for PC than many others, regardless of how much PC likes him
- From the player perspective Hearts are the next biggest move outside the Old Firm where he could stay in Scotland (and in his house)

From a logical perspective, it would be a move that suited all parties I think.

Might not be true, but I don't think PC liking Wright would preclude it, particularly in light of points 1 and 2.

7.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 09:38:55
Lowry attitude maybe the same attitude towards beale that Sakala had a problem with. We all show attitude in our job now and then. Its how that is managed.

If Lowry thinks he is a super star. Then let him go to a super star club. Or else he plays for the club who pays his wage. Weather it be on loan or not.

To many players have thought they are bigger than Rangers and found themself in the brown stuff. More so the players we have had who downed tools. So I hope the players we have just now have seen this and understand how big a club Glasgow Rangers are.

8.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 10:20:49
Did nobody notice PC putting his arm around Shankland at the end of the cup final I thought then there was something going on transfer wise there seemed to be a nudge and a wink thingy then immediately afterwards all this rumours come out about Shankland having agreed to sign for Rangers if you ask me it’s true.

9.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 10:46:58
Orange squash behave yourself ? .

I think Wright being used would be a good deal.

10.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 10:55:24
Is wright not out of contract in the summer?

11.) 19 Dec 2023
19 dec 2023 10:58:56
if there was a nudge and a wink it must have been a long distance one,

12.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 11:27:47
White Horse. Lowrys attitude is all wrong and tbh with the attitude he has got he’s the type of guy that you don’t want near the club, he should have a look at another young lad who has made his break through this year and take note. I don’t know where he gets his superstar attitude from as he has done hee haw for rangers or hearts. No doubt he is very talented but looks like that will go to waste…time will tell.

13.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 11:32:28
Think Clemont likes Scott Wright to be fair but like others he is using what he has got at moment, Hearts know come the summer Shankland will not sign a new deal and if he only wants too come to us they are going to struggle to get a decent fee with a year left on deal, we need at least one goal scorer in window and Shankland will score goals, his play outside the box has improved big time, his upper body strength makes his hold up play good as well, it’s a no brainer if a deal can be done.

14.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 11:55:50
Yes Shankland, a tactic could be hold up play till he gets there . England has loads of big lumps available and cheaper . This guy has had 2 mins with Scotland, have you seen what Clarke has available? and he's not good enough to hack it with that bunch that couldn't hit a buffalo on the arse with a banjo .

15.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 12:52:16
Gdog. I think orange is onto something. I noticed pc cuddle shankland too and said the exact same thing to my son at the time. I believe this may be the case. time will tell tho.

16.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 12:53:54
How can Clement put his arms around a Hearts player at the end of the cup final against Aberdeen . If Lowry has an attitude problem I would like to see him back at Ibrox to give Clement a chance to sort it out. I think the kid has real talent but if this manager can`t get it out of him then he should be on his way . I noticed he was on the pitch with a few other youngsters at the end of the game which I thought was a bit strange as he is registered as a Hearts player. Maybe it was him that Clement hugged at the end of the game.

17.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 13:36:01
Don’t think anyone going giving their views on Shankland from games for Scotland to be fair, he will score goals and is better that holding ball up and bringing others into play than what we have, yes will be batter across Europe and maybe Clemont has someone lined up but Shankland is a definite to give us goals till end of season.

18.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 13:59:50
I'd be offering king and lowry for a season long loan as part of the deal, possibly devine too. These boys need to play to see if there good enough for gers.

19.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 14:25:08
I’m confused, when did Shankland sign for Aberdeen?

20.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 14:29:52
Cuddle shankland at the end of the cup final?, he must have had blood* long arms given we played Aberdeen.
As for Lowry, not the first time a rumour has surfaced re his attitude. Shame, he might be one lost.

21.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 14:46:51
We need someone who know can score 20 goals a season, I'm not sure Shankland's that player.

22.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 14:55:27
Devine wants away. As not getting time here.

23.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 15:04:45
this cuddle guff at end of a cup final is another mad dream in a daft nut.

24.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 15:18:53
I'd definitely be putting a buy back clause in Devines contract. That boy will be a player after a few seasons playing regular football.

25.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 15:23:33
Pc shook hands and hugged many hearts players after that game.

26.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 16:12:07
Stevie. Wright deal to summer 25.

27.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 16:13:28
Mark, we have struggled for years to find a player who can score 20 goals in league.
That’s how we need much more goals from midfield.

28.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 16:24:47
I think wait and see if the rumour is true before slagging off Lowry.

29.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 17:47:41
Cheers John, I thought he’d be off on a free.
If that’s the case he’ll likely be here next season then unless the shankland rumour is true.

30.) 19 Dec 2023
19 dec 2023 18:02:56
havnt seen any slagging off, not at all, and if you mean stop coming onto a rumour site and talking about rumours that's very strange, what are you on here for mate?

31.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 18:14:42
He means the semi final and yes PC did cuddle shankland.

32.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 18:46:52
The quality we have in that team, those players should be scoring more goals.

33.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 19:33:49
I'd be happy with a deal for Shankland plus Wright. Also hope Lowry is back and under the wing I'd Clement and Co. Do feel there is a player in him and deserves some love following the passing of his mum etc.

34.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 20:49:11
Gdog we will need Wright as we lose sima for a month in January.

35.) 19 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 20:51:31
Wright is needed until we sign a right winger, would be a mistake to let him leave just now. He's contributed some vital times this season considering his lack of match time.

36.) 20 Dec 2023
19 Dec 2023 22:14:32
A couple of points, 1st of all the poster prob meant cup semi where Clement embraced Shankland at the end, I’m sure he stated earlier he was aware of him when he played in Belgium and is a respectful guy anyway so prob just displaying his good sportsmanship.
Secondly I’m not a huge fan of Lowry but I think the boy losing his Mum should give him a bit more leeway in the attitude stakes. He’s only a boy and that can’t be easy for anyone let alone a guy that age.
Back to the Shankland thing and I think he should be our number 1 target, he’s scored 3/ 4 in Europe this season, 4 from 3 starts for Scotland and every time he plays us and Celtic he seems to score. His hood up and link up play have improved a lot and he knows the league it’s a no brainer for me.

37.) 20 Dec 2023
20 Dec 2023 01:41:58
How can someone question whether Shankland is a 20goal player considering he is already posting those numbers.

38.) 20 Dec 2023
20 Dec 2023 04:49:39
The signing of Shankland is an absolute no-brainer for me considering his numbers since signing from Hearts. As a club, I hope we have learned from not signing Scottish talent (Ferguson, Doig, Hickey etc) when we have the opportunity to. Shankland is a much more well-rounded player since he returned from Belgium and will score goals for us.

With regards to Wright being a part of the deal, that would be surprising. PC seems to fancy him, and he offers directness and pace against low block teams. Plus the fact he contributes to the Scottish quota for EL squads, I find it hard to believe he would leave.

39.) 20 Dec 2023
20 Dec 2023 08:29:57
So, the question is simple, 20 goals outwith penalties, or are u making him our first choice penalty taker.

40.) 20 Dec 2023
20 Dec 2023 15:31:46
TomThumb - several posters saying Lowry has a terrible attitude despite zero evidence. He’s a Rangers player and should be shown some respect.

41.) 20 Dec 2023
20 dec 2023 19:13:30
doesnt mean nobody can talk about it does it.