27 Mar 2024 20:07:09
Has anyone heard about Tavernier agreeing terms with Gerrards Saudi team? Deal to happen in the summer.

1.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 20:21:48
He has spent a good few years with us and wouldn't be surprised if he now wanted a change for him and his family. If so we need to cash in and IF true, hopefully its a handsome amount from Saudi and Gerrard?

2.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 20:31:32
In a word. NO.

3.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 20:53:40
Must have been tapped up if true as no bid accepted?

4.) 27 Mar 2024
27 Mar 2024 20:54:37
I'd take the money, Tav owes us nothing, been a gd servant and if he goes for a big payday, then who can blame him.

5.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 00:01:37
No never heard anything since its made up.

6.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 01:09:36
Very much doubt he would be considering anything while we're in the heat of a title battle. Come the summer with 56 in the bag then maybe he will think about moving on for the riches of Arab football or maybe he would think about the chance to play in the champions League. Either way been a great servant to us.

7.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 05:27:32
Just my humble opinion guys, but i think tav will stay with rangers and go into his testimonial year next season ?I think he'll more than likely finish his career at rangers and i for one, hope he does ?I look forward to his testimonial, sometime next season ??? Superb servant to our club ?.

8.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 06:20:25
Yes the glamour games of the new format CL, a gd tempter for Tav, gd income for us, being realistic we may do well, at least a while, maybe next stage, but we won't really get anywhere, so it's one last hurrah should we win the league, or is it learning how to drive a camel, either way most will wish Tav a fond farewell.

9.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 06:40:20
These deals can sort players out for the rest of their life's n tav deserves it if offered loads a money he's been there for us good and bad, I only dish him well on his next chapter wherever, n if its us bonus.

10.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 09:53:57
He isn't going to leave a year before he's due a testimonial.

However, should we get a 7-10m offer, he should be sold. Would be negligence otherwise.

11.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 10:59:31
Why wouldn't he, testimonial monies usually go to charity, move to Saudi, big contract, family set for life, what's not to like.

12.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 11:08:36
When all is said and done players always say winning trophies and the prestige it brings. i'm sure being one of the few to get a testimonial will be massive. Breaking 500 even bigger, for tav being the first non scot and even though we only see the man and the player to be the first black player to do so will be something that he knows and will be something that will bring immense pride even if never mentioned. Think back 36 years ago when idiots would sell inflatable bananas outside grounds to wave at mark walters, dale gordon, Raphael meade and paul elliot. How disgusting was that, that fans would wave them at thier own players. How things have changed that we only judge by the way someone plays rather then skin colour is right, good but natural. Tav is great player, ambassador, captain and man and i believe he will want to stay and i for one don't want him to go.

13.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 11:14:08
Footballers are set for life anyway, not like they work for £500 p/ w. Not all players enjoy Saudi, just look at Henderson lol

It's up to Tav if he goes and if he chooses then he'll leave a legend . Even if offered 7m we should reject it (if Tav wants to stay) as how do we replace the goals/ assists and consistency for that kind of money.

14.) 28 Mar 2024
28 Mar 2024 14:08:42
Devil's Advocate here, his legs go, gets a bad one, form nosedives, ah it's OK just stay. Guys getting on boys, if the dough is available, then take it if he wants to go, he'd go with everyone's gd grace and thanks for being a tremendous servant.

15.) 29 Mar 2024
29 Mar 2024 08:37:10
Great post Livibear, he's definitely a Rangers Legend and whatever he chooses to do nothing will change that.