09 Dec 2023 13:31:23
At game, being told Sima is very much in frame to go to African nations cup.

Away early January, depends knockout back lmid February Final 11/ 2.

1.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 14:05:41
Would be a big loss John. Let's hope we are able to bring in another couple and that they hit the road running.

2.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 16:07:49
Sima is by far our best attacker right now, even better than Danilo
The fact he can out score our so called marquee signing from the LW when his natural position is RW, Imagine what he would be capable of as our CF 30 plus goals a season easy.
Way he is going will not end up staying at IBROX, 22 yr old with that kind of ability will get bought for sure.
Doubt rangers will be able to afford the 12-15 million Sima will be valued at by seasons end.
Besides we always sell our top quality young players.
Bassey and Patterson 2 clear cut examples, you can see how that has really strengthened the squad, now that we have the weakest side since Gerrard's 2nd season.

3.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 16:53:38
Sima as a footballer is to put it mildly absolutely rotten if u think he's good god help us.

4.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:04:10
All I've seen from you Ocjk is hate against rangers, I think we have a Tim on the page ?.

5.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:15:47
What are you on Ocjk ? You've got to be at it and if not, i don't know what your watching ?.

6.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:17:26
cik that tells me what you know about the game.

7.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:19:10
Best wide player is Scotland by far, John i reckon your bets up mate.

8.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:20:41
Probably tried to sneak on to live chat but got bombed out, easy to work out with stupid posts like that.

9.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:21:46
Dearie me ocjk. Numpty.

10.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:31:43
Ockj 2 negative posts today, Last one was January 2023, slagging off cantwell and Defoe as being crocks.

11.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:33:37
I'm not usually one for banning folk but think in Timmy's case it's warranted

Ocjk definitely a Timmy got to be spouting hatred for a guy that's scored us plenty goals.

12.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 17:42:30
If you think you're correct on your take on sima, god help you Ocjk ?.

13.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 18:01:11
Sima is hardly an improvement over Sakala why are we threatening to ban a guy for pointing that out?

14.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 18:18:57
Quite a few Celtic fans on recently.

15.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 18:49:30
Sima is better than sakala for me but 30
Goals a season a just don’t think so.

16.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 18:55:22
Sima is rotten? I think the glue you’re sniffing is rotten ?.

17.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 19:02:31
Who said 30 Raskin?

18.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 19:24:03
Laudruphagi did my star, in fact he said 30 plus.

19.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 19:45:11
Cool jfm, i thought he meant John sure he has 25 mate.

20.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 19:51:25
I've already said on here that barring injury, sima would score at least 20 goals this season and i've no doubt he will ?Fair doos to John227,as he said sima would hit the 25 goals scored mark for this season and that is most definitely a very realistic target for sima to now hit ?.

21.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 20:17:31
The fact that many rate Sima so much, speaks volumes for our current situation. He's decent, but nothing special. We need serious changes going forward. going to take a few windows to get to where we would like.

22.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 20:30:35
Sima is definitely an improvment on Sakala and i liked the wee man, he's raw at times and lacks some technique but he's shown already that he has every type of goal in him, he tracks back well and works hard for the team, he is also a great outball for us, can hold the ball up and bring others into play.

23.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 21:10:36
GMS1983, let me ask you this question pal ie. do you rate and trust our manager philippe clement ? If the answer is yes then he rates sima highly and wants him signed on a permanent deal ?.

24.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 21:31:47
Novo10rfc, he didn't say that ?.

25.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 21:46:35
The defensive work Sima put in today was superb. He worked hard at both ends of the pitch, and ran his legs off for the jersey.

26.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 22:07:25
My interpretation
Obvious Celtic John Kennedy
What’s your opinion?

27.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 22:19:46
Ocjk what are you on. Its guys like you that drives players away from rangers. Always quick to criticise and slow to praise. You are either a tim or what you know about football you could write on the end of an ants cock. Why would any rangers fan make a comment like that. No wonder some players have a crisis of confidence with so called fans like you making comments like that.

28.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 23:33:39
Read the comments hagi said he will hit 30
A season.

29.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 00:05:06
Novo think you better read people's comments. More closely.

I still stand by what I said.

Sorry but a Celtic fan on spouting hatred it's so obvious there are better ways to say you don't rate someone.

30.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 00:15:26
Robbie brilliant, an ants cock ?.

Raskin i don't really pay any attention to his posts mate.

31.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 07:46:35
To differentiate the main difference between sima and sakala is quite simple and there for all to see?
Sima is very composed in front of goal and a much better, more natural finisher than sakala and that's not any sleight on sakala intended there ?.

32.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 08:44:20
Sima by far our best attacker. Great header yesterday. Clement clearly rates and likes him which may help us sign him. Unfortunately the better he plays for us and his country the higher his price tag goes up perhaps making him unaffordable. Let’s enjoy him as long as we have him.

33.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 09:34:39
Scrambled egg if that is his name it's the worst thought up username ever.

34.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 09:36:21
Sima is currently the top scorer in the SPL. Some need to give the guy a break. if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t be scoring many goals at all. If sima is rotten what does that make Kyogo?

35.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 09:37:19
Seems like guys like GMS need to reconsider the standard they think we can attract and keep at Rangers with how world football is now. Sima very decent player, yes but leggy and lacks quality in some parts of his game. If he had it all, he wouldn’t be near us. We need to remember 38 games a season we play majority against significantly lower quality.

36.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 10:30:49
LaudrupHagi - Sima valued at half what you said as Brighton want to move him on in summer with only 1 year left on his contract come summer time. Whether we can negotiate less that’s still to be seen.

37.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 10:43:32
Possibly some type of swap deal involving Cifu.

38.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 12:00:51
Sima has been a revelation and to be honest I was one who had my doubts when I thought sakala was doing well

Thing is money talks so many we try a loan too buy with some money up front n rest when contract is up cause if he'd happy here n wants too stay no brainer,

As for a defensive solution I would definitely put the feelers out for Worrall

He has came on leaps n bounds since leaving us might be looking for that opportunity away from forest as training away from team

Striker, from what I have heard miroski is definitely going to celtic and mckenna is a target for them too

But for us I would look at van veen
He would be cheap and wants back to scotland, n also pay the money for shankland we all know he is more than good enough.

39.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 12:40:35
Sima is the minimum standard that we should be targeting. With the money wasted over the years under Wilson and Park we could have and should have signed better. We can only hope that under the new Regime we will start to see the quality of players that we used to expect at Rangers.

40.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 13:05:59
Sima is doing great and scoring goals from his position on the left why do certain Rangers fans and pundits want him moved to centre forward . There is nothing to say that he would be effective in this position and we may lose what we are getting off him just now . Leave him where he is and get a striker in to add to his goals output. Worst bit of praise ever was the comment "even better than Danilo", to be honest that's a low bar as far as I my concerned, Dessers with pace that's Danilo.

41.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 13:16:55
My star I predicted 25 goals for sima and 15 dessers.

42.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 14:42:49
I think Dessers is on 7 so far. as bad as he is, he's still much better than the hopeless Lammers.

43.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 15:05:07
Dessers is getting slightly better with each game will admit I wanted him away still do in a way but I am also curious of what he will be like after the winter break.

44.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 15:09:47
John i believes both them will get that mate.

45.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 17:02:59
Here’s hoping, 40 between these two would be excellent.

46.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 18:31:00
Why we drawing equation between Sima and Sakala? Two different players only one finished article.

47.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 19:01:40
Don’t forget the assists, am sure both have few?
Add that to the goals and it becomes quite good for players some do not like.

48.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 19:05:46
OCjk's just raging cause his Champions league quality lego team got split in two by Kilmarnock for the second time this season ;)

You still salty son?

wait till we see yer wee sour puss starts melting when Rangers go top of the league on the 30th of December, if not before.
be an even tastier victory for us, if big Sima slaps a hatrick past yer chip shop wrapper defence.

49.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 22:06:17
Lol and there's my star telling folk they don't know anything again some things never change ???.

50.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 22:07:55
Lol but this time I happen to agree with mystar in sky.

51.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 22:26:13
gofor you like to post nonsense about me you done it yesterday, have i got under you skin man? probably have by saying you post nonsense regularly, just keeping it real and telling you how i feel mate, sorry if offended. ✌️.

52.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 01:06:55
You saying I like to post nonsense about you Beale56 my star in sky or whatever is hypocrite stuff you dish it out too.

I just treat people how they treat me and you like to brand people this or that even though your wrong a lot of the time too.

If I agree with any of your points I will still say so.

53.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 01:12:27
Sorry if offended lol no your not. ? Insult twice then claim peace ?says a lot about your character.

You just can't see it from anyone else's point of view I said about sima playing as a CF and you were heavily critical but didn't see same responses when a large number of people started saying same thing.
And one of a few this all started because I disagreed with one of your posts

Lol also peace symbol lol I extended an olive branch before to you and was swatted away.

54.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 06:53:32
Lol it all started because you disagreed with one of my posts, gofor i have never worked like that my full live mate, it's just with the amount you waffle on about, prime example is your post above about Barisic coming back from injury but let's not play him on Saturday and just throw him on Thursday night.

55.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 08:49:07
Life even.

56.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 10:42:24
The love for Sima is nice to see but i feel it just shows how poor our front line is.

Dessers and Danilo could be on 10+ goals each already if they had finished half their chances (some are shocking misses) .

Sima has taken some of his goals well but also missed a fair few.
Goes missing in games frequently also.

He is young and learning his craft so not wanting to be too harsh on the lad but some folks seem to have their blue tinted glasses on and prisoners of the moment.

57.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 15:40:34
Again making your own narrative up mystar where did I say anything about injury? I was speaking in general about pc selection the games before Europe in order to rest people for Europe.

And I did not mention specific game or injury.

58.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 18:11:14
Oh man, gofor didn't you post in a reply to me, Barisic should be rested before European games? in reply to playing Yilmaz, gone gez peace for a few days mate.

59.) 11 Dec 2023
11 Dec 2023 22:46:30
Naw lol my point of you read it was about who Clement sees as first choice I think it's borna pc prefers personally I think borna coming to end and will move on for free.

Would be very surprised if he signs a. new deal.

60.) 12 Dec 2023
12 Dec 2023 08:47:30
Cool gofor.