27 May 2024 18:48:06
I see Sakala has scored 17 goals in the Saudi pro league this season, making him the third top scorer there.

1.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 19:07:46
Should have kept Sakala and Colak Mark, god knows what Beale was thinking.

2.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 19:16:55
Blue river no we should not have, Colak feigned injury all the time. Struggle to get minutes in league two Italy.

3.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 19:31:21
Colak was a bad egg whom made himself unavailable on several occasions, he’s went on to score about 3 goals in seria b . We done well to get him off the wage bill.

4.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 19:37:25
BR i think he was told he must raise funds before he could spend. The net spend was low but when you look at it now maybe the board did the right thing not just giving him a pot of money without first raising some, as the ones he did spend money on haven't improved us. Sakala was a bit of a joke figure at times as well but he at least caused celtic some worries with his pace.

5.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 19:44:38
Colak was an imposter and we did well to get rid.

6.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 19:50:02
Bgate w, colak could score goals in scottish football that's not fabrication mate its fact ? I don't know how anyone knows definitely that colak feigned injury because there's absolutely nothing concrete to suggest that ?The guy was a natural penalty box finisher, simple as ?.

7.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 20:20:56
I liked Sakala and Colak.

Overall though I'd say Sima and Dessers were an upgrade.

8.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 20:47:33
I think that was more to do with Beale's management. So yes we should have kept Colak. I thought both Colak and Sakala's interviews were eye opening.

9.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 21:30:49
Sakala shat the bed in big games.

10.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 21:46:38
Sakala should have stayed tbh, felt it was a mistake at the time, he was a pain in the arse at times with his offside and erratic finishing but he scored 14 league goals last year, he was the only one that looked like scoring in pre season and you regardless of who we were playing he always gave 100% and played with energy.

We never replaced his pace and energy, he could also play wide or through the middle, beale wanted to play with 2 strikers who were also comfortable in the wide positions and sold one of the only players we had that was comfortable in doing so. The two big misses against celtic were huge negatives against him though.

11.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 22:13:28
Selling Sakala was a mistake defo.

12.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 22:45:22
Sakala had a great song and seemed like a nice guy. Otherwise, a headless chicken. Colak flattered to deceive albeit scored the winner in Holland to get us into the CL group stages.

13.) 27 May 2024
27 May 2024 22:58:15
Sir Walter, with all due respect if I played as a poacher only I’m pretty confident I’d score plenty for rangers and I wasn’t even a striker my good friend. My issue was he made himself unavailable when he was fit to play.

14.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 01:42:16
Sakala couldn’t do it in the big moments just like Dessers. Stats look good but the big moments usually mean more for Rangers.

15.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 05:23:19
With all due respect bgate w, how do you know colak made himself unavailable to play when he was fit mate ? My impression was he was always desperate to play for rangers and didn't want to leave rangers ?.

16.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 06:01:17
Mark44 no offence to the Saudis but i’d fancy my auld Gran to get at least 5 in their league having watched a few games.

17.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 07:30:20
Walter well known FACT. Plus only scored three in Italy.

18.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 08:37:52
31 games 19 goals and 6 assists was sakala stats for the league this season.

19.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 09:30:08
Is that how bad Dessers is? that he makes fans think that Sakala was good?

WOW guys!

20.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 10:32:12
Walter it was embarrassing, widely spoken about. Even youth players were talking about it. Senior players were unhappy about it along with coaches and staff. Very limited player ??.

21.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 10:37:41
John please provide evidence that what you say if a FACT? Colak stated in an interview that he loved the club, wanted to stay and felt forced out under Beales management as he would only get 5-10 min here and there. There is NO Evidence to prove what you say is FACT. If so then please show us? .

22.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 10:39:46
Also it does not matter what he has done in Italy, it only matters what he did with us and he was a goal scorer with us and would have scored a lot more given the chance.

23.) 28 May 2024
28 May 2024 19:48:34
Blue I don’t need to do as u say, we got rid as he cheated the club.