20 Jan 2024 07:52:53
I just watched Big Phil’s press conference and the subject of injuries was brought up. If I understood him correct he said that Kemar Roofe is out till last few weeks of season . if this is correct then surely his time needs to be up in the summer. I’m not being disrespectful as I think he’s a very talented player but we need to move away from players that can’t complete the majority of a season with niggling injuries. It’s understandable that it’s a contact sport and players will sustain injury but this imo is getting a bit too much. On a brighter note, I love the way our manager handles the media…. pure class.

1.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 08:34:47
Roofe should do the correct thing and retire in the summer.

2.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 08:41:08
Think it was Danilo he was referring to.

3.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 08:45:44
Seems strange regarding Roofe, no one mentions the injury and how are people certain how long he is out. I fear rangers have been duped by this lad.

4.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 08:47:18
He was referring to Danilo.

5.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 09:24:37
He was referring to danilo. And think its pretty clear roofe will leave in the summer. Wasted millions on him. One of our highest earners aswel.

6.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 09:37:57
Roofe will be gone in the summer.

7.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 09:07:35
Be lucky to get another 5 games from Roofe, the injuries are mainly in his head now. I read an article on the golfer Will Zalatoris the other day saying his injury was 85% mental and 15% physical. Automatically thought of Roofe when I seen it.

8.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 09:10:38
Sorry my bad he mentions roofe then Danilo, he said Danny and I thought he said and he. When referring to Roofe. Got that one wrong. Apologies.

9.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 09:20:09
No matter when he's back, Roofe should not (and in my mind will not) be given a new deal. Like Jack, he can be a top player, but we can't go on paying full wage in guys who complete 10-20 games per season. From the pressers I don't see PC standing for it, and I'm sure we'll be taking no such risks on guys with poor injury records going forwards.

I don't think he knew how poor our transfer records had been when he joined us, but I'm confident he's the man to turn things around.

10.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 10:37:05
Jack isn't a top earner.

11.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 11:17:24
depends on your take on big earner.

12.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 11:17:35
It’s got to the point where I don’t even consider Roofe a Rangers player anymore. His time with us is over what happens next for the lad I don’t know .
No doubt a really good player but he should be so disappointed how it’s went, nonetheless he will walk away from football a wealthy man.

13.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 11:27:03
2020, Jack only on 7k so not a top earner at rangers.

14.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 12:00:23
I think it’s funny how people see out of contract players a bad thing I see it as a positive let’s face it no one was every going to pay money for roofe, getting him off wage bill and getting a replacement that will be more available will be a boost to the squad

Lundstrum initially played briliant under Clement last couple games carrying an injury so he could be one we need to get a new deal

Jack I’m still 50/ 50 can argue for keeping or selling but if we can get someone like Barron could be time to move him on

Barisic I think has had an unfair time from our support recently but time has naturally come to an end and new player needed although still think he could do a good job for someone.