17 Apr 2024 14:05:43
I just want to thank MPH for posting the stats on Raskin in comparison to Devlin at Hearts.

When we're comparing our players we need to compare them to our biggest rivals, and this is the only comparison that will show us how our players stack up against the only team we can't get the better of.

I understand why MPH posted that after the other poster's post, and it was very interesting seeing that there's not much in it between Raskin and Devlin (although very worrying), but I would like to see stats on Raskin, Lundstrum, Diomonde (our 3 Centre mids) in comparison to O'Reilley, McGregor and Hatate. That's our benchmark! Until we have a better midfield than them, we will always be playing catch up.

When is the last time we spent decent money on a CM or CM playmaker? It's obvious that free transfers and loans having been cutting it.

1.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 14:53:58
Your wish is my command!
SPFL only:-
Lundstram – 89% passing accuracy
O’Reilly – 83% passing accuracy
McGregor – 92% passing accuracy
Hatate – 80% passing accuracy
Lundstram – 85% passing accuracy
O’Reilly - 71% accuracy opposition half
McGregor – 90% accuracy opposition half
Hatate – 75% accuracy opposition half
Lundstram – loses possession 11 times per game ( average )
O’Reilly – loses possession 19 times per game ( average )
McGregor – loses possession 8 times per game ( average )
Hatate – loses possession 11 times per game ( average )
Lundstram – 53% duels won ( ground 50%, aerial 57% )
O’Reilly – 54% duels won ( ground 52%, aerial 56% )
McGregor – 54% duels won ( ground 52%, aerial 56% )
Hatate – 47% duels won ( ground 53%, aerial 40% )
Lundstram – 4 assists, 0 goals
O’Reilly – 11 assists, 13 goals
McGregor – 5 assists, 2 goals
Hatate – 2 assists, 3 goals

Only put Lundstram in as he is our top performing midfielder stat wise.
Most worrying is our midfielders goal contribution to Celtics.

2.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 15:22:28
I think he’s most comparable to McGregor given they both play in the deepest part of the respective midfields. O’Reilly and Hatate will both play more ‘risky’ passes than the other 2 hence why their stats appear to be worse.

3.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 15:25:53
Thank you MPH. Apart from the goals and assists, it would appear as though it's evenly balanced, even though the performance doesn't reflect that.

4.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 15:27:51
Bang on rtr, they need to be on par or better, ours ain't. Re raskin it's funny how when players are out the team they become better than they are. Raskin as far as I'm aware is fit, hasn't had a sniff in our mf, even struggling to make squad, if we are turning to him to fix things, I fear the worst.

5.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 15:35:57
Excellent comparison stats MPH, fast becoming our resident rainman ?.

6.) 17 Apr 2024
17 apr 2024 16:05:05
looking at both midfields shows me just how far back we, and them have went in recent years, midfielders like barry, fergie, durrant, sounness etc wouldn't see mcgregor in their way
come to think of it neither would tam burns or paul mcstay

and yet. like broon before him, mcgregor will have many titles and old firm wins in his locker, neither he nor broon were ever close to top quality, and that's what hurts me most, 2 very ordinary players have more medals than they ever should have been allowed to, mostly caused by our, or murrays stupidity, and other clubs utter inability to challenge.

7.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 16:21:59
I think individually they can be compared, RTR.
But as a unit we fail every time in the games against them.

8.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 16:55:53
We could say that about our defence and our foward line too, MPH. They don't play as a unit, and that's why we're failing.

Think back to our defence over the years. They all worked for each other, and covered for each other, so if a player goes by one, they're not getting by a second. The same with our forward line. Think Hately and McCoist, Dado and Nacho, Boyd and Miller etc, they all played as units, and solid ones at that.

This team, are not just failing individually, but also as a unit, and I just don't see a quick fix.

OK, some ain't going to like this, but here goes. As much as Tav has got us out of a hole over the years, for us to instill a strong winning mentality, we need new on-field leadership. Not Goldson or Lundstrum, I mean totally new leadership who can instill something into the players that has been sadly lacking for so long.

Some say Tav is a legend, but if we're being honest with ourselves, he's probably one of the least successful captains we've ever had. His record is abysmal!

9.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 16:57:50
Goods stats tattie, can I ask do you have any for the last few o. f? We maybe match them statistically against the rest, but as you say we crumble as unit v them. I feel this was 1 year they weren't at it, we look like failing to capitalise, when we desperately needed the c. l money.

10.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 18:11:32
Totally agree, RTR.
Spine of the team is crucial.
With those around them contributing as well.

11.) 17 Apr 2024
17 Apr 2024 18:19:59
Agree with a lot of that post RTR and I have never thought of Tav as a legend up until mwell game I thought he had defended better this season but it’s went to pot since that game.