01 Feb 2024 13:14:58
Heard a rumour that we are trying to get Koita from Salzburg has 6 months left on his contract. Striker wether it's true or not i don't know ?‍♂️.

1.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 13:56:02
He's only 5 ft 8, maybe a bit of a dercheville type.

2.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 14:49:37
Tommy Conway.

3.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 14:54:50
meant to be very speedy.

4.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 15:14:02
I can mind he was mentioned to me a few years ago, not linked with Rangers just a random chat, maybe had an injury or just never moved on, cause the man that spoke about him said he was a very talented player.

5.) 01 Feb 2024
01 Feb 2024 15:37:48
Seen someone on X share a pic of the SFA player registration site which includes the name Oscar Cortes and Tommy Conway. Cortes obviously a done deal but am I right in saying Tommy Conway would be on there as he's an U21 international or would he have to be a domestic player and therefore signed by a Scottish side?