12 May 2021 11:35:08
Hope your on the mend Ed001?
Meantime I'm hearing that all pubs and restaurants anywhere near George Square have advised NOT to open on Saturday.
Can those that feel the need to celebrate not head over to eg Bellahouston and give the town a miss, and also reduce the chance of trouble and bad news for our team.

{Ed001's Note - thanks BAR.}

1.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 11:50:41
Wasted time unfortunately mate

It’s almost in the papers already, the mob will embarrass us no matter how much you ask
The real fans will be at home, in they’re local or will visit the toon then go home,

There will be hundreds who go nowhere near ibrox, with union flags on and buckfast in they’re proms, I fear the worst already

I pray I’m wrong but how could anyone except anything else.

2.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 12:02:10
Your right Tom the majority of our supporters will stay away but we have our hooligan fan section just like the tims, maybe not so many tho.

Are the Union Bears behind this prohibited gathering stuff or just boozed up general fan base clowns.

3.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 12:18:45
Unfortunately there is thousands who couldn’t care less about the clubs reputation, my pals here will be itching to pounce but, there will be thousands, drunk, pissing everywhere, making the city centre a no go area for everyone who lives in the city, it’s got disaster written all over it

I pray it’s quickly over and no bother, but I wouldn’t put a penny on that happening.

4.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 12:22:02
You’re correct there Tom, I know a few boys who went to ibrox when there was a bit of trouble don’t flatter near the place any other season. Into drugs and all that carry on just going up to get out there face and have a sing song and ends up causing bother. I’ll be in my house with my wee maw and a carry out 👍🏼❤️🤍💙.

5.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 12:37:13
They are entitled to party as long as they don’t cause trouble a lot of people on here must be great fun at parties.

6.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 12:37:42
Hope everybody turning up to the ground has a class time. Hope you lot are condeming the players and staff the way you are the fans? If anything they made the crowd go up a level . Gerrard at the dressing room window etc encouraging the fans.

7.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 13:15:54
Nah, don't agree this time Paul mate, although Stevie and some players did wave to the prohibited crowd.

However they were probably on a high with us winning the league but encouraging the crowd?, not deliberately.

The crowd should not have been there in the first place and it would have been as much of a curiosity for Stevie and players as to what the noise was about outside.

8.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 13:49:04
I'm the same bluebilly. Remember the carry on the last time. Unfortunately our so-called fans will once again embarrass the club and the haters will love it. I get the need to have a wee drink and to celebrate. do it in the safety of your home and don't encourage the neds, because you can bet your bottom dollar they will be there pissing freely and causing damage. Btw hope you are well on the mend Ed001. You are doing a great job on this site 👍.

{Ed001's Note - cheers TS, getting there.}

9.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 14:09:51
I just don't want any repercussions for our Club, as that SNP and green mob re desperate to dampen what we've achieved this season, this is a country like no other in Europe when it it comes to pure hatred.

10.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 15:03:46
Irvger, it will take a helluva lot more than the scottish nose pickers 👃 and the smelly green party to dampen what our club has achieved this season 👍We are league champions for the 55th time and let that stick in their thrapples!

11.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 16:04:23
Let’s celebrate when the time is right ❤️🤍💙
Also we all know what’s going to happen come the weekend but, can we do it in the most sensible way? Why would the Ano government and police social and the sfa/ spfl and Rangers not come together and organise an gathering with screens in a large enclosed area like. Glasgow green, or something similar. If it’s going to happen regardless why not accept it and prepare for it responsibly?
Manchester comes to mind. I was there, market street.
It was a riot. And it was Manchester City council, and the police who were to blame not out great fans. We were bearded like cattle into corners by horses and told to leave the city through megaphones attached to riot vans yet where were we to go? They cancelled trains and busses, taxis couldn’t get in? There was no alcohol left in the city. People were sleeping in bus shelters and shop fronts and being told to leave. It was badly managed and we told
Them, WE ARE COMING, so it’s the same thing. Prepare for what’s going to happen don’t wait for it then complain. It will make it worse. I’ll be at home but I wish all the bears safe and happy times. Xx.

12.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 16:41:15
Coop, it’s the nose pickers with they’re weans wrapped up in the union flag and a red hand scarf that will dampen what our club has achieved mate

And they couldn’t care less.

13.) 12 May 2021
12 May 2021 16:59:04
I totally agree with you TT12 👍
I was very vocal about it the last time on here. In my many years following rangers its always a small minority that get our club a bad name. By all means celebrate winning our league title like hell, but be mindful and do it in a safe way within your own family and friends 🙏.