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09 Jul 2024 21:24:53
James Tavernier will still be our captain next season. His house is not up for sale and he has no interest in leaving Rangers. He is Rangers Captain and loves our club ??????.

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09 Jul 2024 21:43:09
Told by a couple of very good sources, Tavernier will NOT be a Rangers player this season, Gaz.

09 Jul 2024 21:43:38

09 Jul 2024 21:45:45
That is awful awful news.

09 Jul 2024 21:46:25
We will see, gaz.

09 Jul 2024 21:46:38
Said it all season he’s not going to walk away now it’s his testimonial year.
If we win the league, he could possibly leave on a high next summer a success.

09 Jul 2024 21:46:41
Just a pity he isn’t good enough anymore and can’t defend.

09 Jul 2024 21:54:38

09 Jul 2024 22:01:25
His house is up for sale, reason it's up for sale is because he has had a new house built. To best of my knowledge the house isn't yet complete so he may have taken his current house off the market. Regardless of house situation if a Saudi team come for him he will be offered insane money that he (and anyone else if the offer of 4 times your wages comes along) would accept.

09 Jul 2024 22:17:48
Strummer you stated his house is up for sale. Please tell me where you got your info from as he stay in my village and I know him and his wife. Also when I walked past his house this morning with the dogs no For Sale signs are up. So tell m where does our captain stay or stop spouting lies.

09 Jul 2024 22:19:17
God help our team then I appreciate everything he's done but his time is up along with goldson otherwise it. ll be a long season.

09 Jul 2024 22:21:06
Lambigtee so he’s built a house but hasn’t built a house to the best of your knowledge that’s up for sale. Speak sense man and stop spouting nonsense. I know Tav and his wife very well they stay in my village so if what you say is true it will be easy for you to answer where is his house?

09 Jul 2024 22:25:00
Awe I’m off to phone breathing space.

09 Jul 2024 22:32:16
If we are upgrading the team (I hope?), then tav / goldson need replaced, simples.

09 Jul 2024 22:35:24
Hope you are right my star.

09 Jul 2024 23:00:28
Let's make it clear NO Bids have been received for him his agent can talk to clubs but until we receive a bid he's not going anywhere having him gone is an option especially as a defender I would have loved it if he was playing in a more advanced position in Right Winge would be my preference and no captaincy.

10 Jul 2024 00:03:01
Most boring part of this sight is debating Tavs future atleast three times a week. let's just wait and see shall we.

All for rumours just not when its every second day.

10 Jul 2024 00:27:49
Is this village near Brigadoon? there's a village near me where they take the pavements in at night and the gaff is jam packed with cousins, the ice cream van won't even go there now due to the pitchfork wielding women diving about on broomsticks and obviously the vampires that every village have are a problem too. It's even worse than Croy.

10 Jul 2024 01:28:26
Gaz you just out the jail or something. Relentless after a long sabbatical ? its quite funny tho so keep it coming.

10 Jul 2024 02:24:02
I’ve thought all along reading between the lines and gut instinct Tav will still be a Rangers player this season, but won’t be no1 choice - the RB position first choice will be Dijon Sterling, Tav will play less and have to fight it out to be starting!

Hes a club legend who can still contribute but Rangers should be clever in how his minutes are handled, he’ll be 33 in October and handled correctly could still contribute, my assumption is Rangers will usher him to the side he’ll still be heavily involved, on paper he’ll be captain but those “Butland Captain” Rumours began for a reason and my guess is Clement has spoken to them about this - with Tav playing less Butland will be ushered in as new captain.

10 Jul 2024 08:09:43
I’m sure that’s your opinion. I’m. It so sure. I really hope so. Only player we have that I know what we will get out of next season. Ain’t another player at rangers that’s as consistent.

10 Jul 2024 08:35:30
Correct big dado he appears at transfer time from the dark side and spouts utter rubbish.
He doesn’t know Tav that’s bs

He went from walking by his house in one post to knowing Tav and his wife very well. Think everyone should walk by tavs house with a dog then ?.

10 Jul 2024 09:01:17
My star, we badly need this to be true.

10 Jul 2024 10:28:36
Just keep Tav as back up to Sterling, simple.!



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