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07 Jul 2024 12:34:43
We will not be accepting bids less than £4.5 million for Dessers. There has been a bid submitted by a La Liga club of £3 million up front and £2 million over 24 months which is being considered.

There are now clubs in Italy, Germany and Holland who have expressed an interest, but haven't followed up with an offer.

Clement wants a marquee forward signing, this is not Sima. Rrahamani is the most likely option. Denkey from Brugge has been discussed again but is very unlikely as he's valued over 20 million with Brentford and Spurs interested.

Zak Lovelace will get more first team exposure this season. There's loan interest in Ross McCausland, I've been told this will not be entertained.

Sima will be signed as soon as we know our CL status, with a fee of £5.5 million plus a sell on percentage of 15-20%. Brighton are looking at a few lads in our academy.

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07 Jul 2024 12:53:39
Cheers good read ??????.

07 Jul 2024 13:51:49
McCausland absolutely needs a loan move or preferably sold. Don’t rate him at all in fact i’d rather keep Wright ? I get he’s young but I don’t see him hitting the levels required. Not strong enough and we looked extremely vulnerable down that right side with him as he offers no support defensively.

07 Jul 2024 14:02:14
I can’t agree I would prefer score wright over mcausland but I do agree we need better - neither will take us to next level - at least mcausaland can still improve I suppose and fill out and just maybe make it at rangers long term - can’t help thinking though a Cortez type quality on the right would make a massive difference ??????.

07 Jul 2024 14:02:56
Did someone eat a lot of cheese last night?

07 Jul 2024 14:06:36
WeAreready does that imply that he won't be signed if we don't qualify? Surely we get him in to help us qualify?!

Coisty we have been weak down the right for years mate that's why teams target us there and that's not because of McCausland.

07 jul 2024 14:14:46
why would denkey be discussed again if he is in a different stratosphere to our budget? ans sima will be signed as soon as we know our cl status, what if we ain't in it, he won't be signed then i take it?

07 Jul 2024 14:29:13
Rather keep wright Jesus Christ young Ross done more last season for us that wright has done since he signed.

07 Jul 2024 14:30:15
Correct big dado it’s because we have Tav playing there.

07 Jul 2024 14:34:25
Possibly another of your friends Tom? Just up there☝️.

07 Jul 2024 14:38:51
Incoming SWS refutal post imminent?.

07 Jul 2024 14:54:33
The emoji queen has been quiet last couple of days fork. I was led to believe that we would sign sima if we can ship dessers and another, freeing up the wages and funds to sign the big man, so why would we wait until we find out our CL fate, wouldn't we be better to spend the money on a proven player sooner rather than later to help us for the qualifiers? Or am I just on another planet?

07 Jul 2024 15:12:28
We r ready, you're accurate re we did enquire before cup final, but were blown by price u quote, we then want Rrahmani and sima, I’m told signing of igamane has not changed this.

07 jul 2024 15:17:41
you not like wright then?

you've never said.

07 Jul 2024 15:22:49
Think McCausland will be a valuable member of squad this season, plenty of players should be sold but plenty of room for him to grow in this team, do not think he is our first pick on right and a think a lot of the abuse he got was when we were trying to get him back in team to quick after injury thought he was showing good form at end of season when others tailed off.

07 Jul 2024 15:28:41
Ins and outs determine the fiscal spend bud. See where you're coming from though, think the club is trying to be more financially astute.

07 Jul 2024 15:30:11
Not often we agree storm, but spot on re McCausland.

07 Jul 2024 15:52:57
McCausland is better than wright all day. Both not good enough.

McCausland needs a years loan to top end of the English league one or anywhere he’ll get a game in the championship.

He either comes back ready to play or is sold to his level.

07 Jul 2024 16:58:23
Really encouraging that John’s info is such that we want Rrahmani and Sima. Achieving both of them would be a huge statement of intent.

07 Jul 2024 18:15:38
Absolutely not a chance wed pay 5.5 mill and 20% sell sell on fee for a player with 12mth left on his contract.

07 Jul 2024 19:00:19
Prefer wright ??.

07 Jul 2024 21:48:33
5.5 million for a player in last year of deal and not played for Brighton is way way too much he can sign for anyone precontract Xmas time.

Why would the player himself let Brighton a club that hasn't given him a chance dictate his future

If I'm sima I take another loan move or sit tight under new manager.

07 Jul 2024 23:32:36
Right I’m have option of years extension so although 12 months u can call it 24 really as far as Brighton are concerned.

I’d say £4m would be fair with a 20% sell on the profit.

Gives Brighton the chance to recoup their £7m outlay if we sell him for £15-20m in the future.
Although I doubt that .

I don’t see sima as good as most.

08 Jul 2024 07:19:23
Do they have an option of another year? Never seen that reported anywhere.

08 Jul 2024 08:59:35
Yes Brighton have a years option on sima.

08 Jul 2024 11:45:48
John what do u think sima is worth to us taking all factors into consideration?
They say a player is worth what someone is willing to pay. However, everything considered what donu, or others, think we should be willing to pay and not go above. ?

08 Jul 2024 12:40:08
Brighton boss assessing Sima, he might really like him, maybe as much as we do and that would be a problem.

08 Jul 2024 15:16:30
Thayre losing pascal gross for only €8-10m n he’s some player man.

Sima could find a place in the squad there.
However if he’s not for the gaffer then they can’t seriously ask for £5m+ when they’re getting €8m for gross who I really rate from dortmund.

Very u der rated player he’s top drawer.



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