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06 Jul 2024 13:51:26
Spent some time with a Gers legend this week, gave some really good insight as to this summers transfer window

Says this will be single biggest turnaround in squad in recent seasons

Up to 15 new players, 15 out and a few younger boys sent out on loan

Club direction has shifted and they are significantly lowering the player wage bill, focussing more on using that money in the infrastructure of the team, coaches, sports science, scouting data etc

This guy has looked into players for us in the past so has some past experience in what we have been doing, and says the whole scouting departments been or being rejigged, with a clear focus on developing players rather than buying experienced players

He did also mention we still need a Scottish identity which the club has highlighted so there's also a sharp focus on finding the best young Scottish players

He reckons given players leaving we will spend close on £25-30 million over the next couple months including the money we paid for Diomande

Thought I would pass on what I believe to be really good info.

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06 Jul 2024 14:23:06
Really like the sound of all of that! Hope Lennon miller is featured as part of the incoming Scottish contingent.

06 Jul 2024 14:46:16
Makes a lot of sense and good reading Sydney.

06 jul 2024 14:54:32
ian ferguson? or possibly big oz

dont see vidmar having that sort of info, good news if true tho, cobber.

06 Jul 2024 15:00:38
Good stuff mate - glad to have someone that has on the face of it genuine info without any cryptic messages tagged on.

06 Jul 2024 15:20:51
Just a wee inkling, great info by the way and hope it all comes to fruit, Any chance your source was legend Bomber Brown.

06 Jul 2024 15:37:16
SydneyGer, all that is music to my ears ?.

06 Jul 2024 16:02:21
Hertford - the red fox sleeps in Moscow on a snowy morning. shhhh.

06 Jul 2024 16:17:59
Good post Sydney.

06 Jul 2024 16:38:49
Ian ferguson lives in perth WA, my good mate played for his side he coached in perth last couple seasons. Not matt mckay is it sydney? ??.

06 Jul 2024 16:40:40
If you throw sardines from the trawler. the seagulls will follow, follow. ?.

06 Jul 2024 16:52:37
Great info mate. Thanks for sharing ??.

06 Jul 2024 17:06:13
Comrade athole???.

06 Jul 2024 16:59:25
Rangers need Scottish players for European squads. We have always needed a core of Scottish players to help with the European squads. Even when we were spending big and dominating domestically we would have a core of Scots because you need that for Europe. So that has always been the case, and has never changed.

Rangers Donkt just buy experienced players. Rangers have been buying young players and developing them for years. Morelos was 20 when Rangers first picked him up. Bassey and Aribo being sold for bing money a few years later was a clear indication that the clubs player trading model was working. Even Patterson emerged from the youth academy, broke through, and was sold on for big money. Beale brought in Raskin, Sterling, Sima, who were all young guys. Butland has experience but Rangers could sell him for £10m tomorrow so I can understand why Beale brought him here.

The idea of buying players young, developing them, and selling for profit, has been spoken about for decades. I remember it being spoken about back in the 1990s. Celtic have been buying young and selling for profits for years too. Wanyama and Van Dijk was about a decade ago now. The model has always been but Rangers have just lacked the competence to do it properly. Will we be able to get it right moving forward? Who knows.

06 Jul 2024 17:27:08
Value is still about!

Interesting reading a number of outlets saying Donny V D Beek leaving Man U for Girona for around €500k.
Man U paid 9 times that before! And I suspect he will be taking a handsome pay cut to make the move
Shows there are bargains about, for both young and seasoned players, especially those whose careers have for one reason or another stalled ….

06 Jul 2024 18:23:47
Error above… meant to say nearly 90 times the amount.
Realized 9 x €.5m not earth shattering ?.

06 Jul 2024 18:37:43
500k is a bargain for Donny.

06 Jul 2024 20:23:20
He will
Get him their wages then he would get here with us

GRF we can only buy Scottish if they are good enough.

06 Jul 2024 21:47:01
Good info but getting another 5 or 6 out won't be easy.

06 Jul 2024 22:12:49
Great post to read.

06 Jul 2024 21:54:37
DVB is also on 120,000 a week. That's not good value.

07 Jul 2024 00:48:19
Sentiment of the conversation was one of disappointment (TBH) in how the club have laid out the money for such a high wage bill but those players just haven’t delivered how they should have, that’s definitely how the conversation centred

If your of the opinion that most of the senior players in the current squad have been told they are free to find other clubs then u are ? correct (sorry OWS)

Also might explain certain players drop in form or limited games at the end of last season.

07 Jul 2024 02:37:40
Van De Beeks biggest mistake was joining Man Utd damaged his career massively, prior to that at Ajax he was on the up and up amongst a growing group of high quality youths breaking out of Ajax Jong.

55 mill at 22, to 5 mill at 27, the constant loans out didn't help either, and his move to Man U trashed his international career as well, having represented holland at every level from under 17's right through to the 1st team for years.

would happily Have him running our midfield as our new Captain.
miles ahead of anything we currently have in midfield.
My guess is he will revive his best form elsewhere, perhaps a return to Ajax would suit him best, still has 6 to 8 good seasons left in him.

Just checked the Ajax squad what a mess they are in, considering the quality they had coming through in every position, even Feyenoord have surpassed them now it's that bad, Been Ajax's problem since the 90's when they last had world class sides that could canter through a dutch season and outclass and out perform most of the best teams on the planet, sell, sell, sell has been their downfall season after season, build a top quaulity side then sell them all before achieving anything major, there current team is full of junk compared to the team they had just 2 seasons ago, when they were destroying top sides for fun.

Once one of the most feared opponents in Europe just like Rangers, now struggling to win there domestic league never mind anything else.

07 Jul 2024 10:44:39
suppose we will see how good or bad Ajax are soon .

07 Jul 2024 11:27:51
Van De Beek Was apparently getting payed £35k when on loan.

07 jul 2024 11:55:32
aye mibbes bomber, he does travel the world working fir rangers, likes his travels abroad does bomber and talks very well about all things rangers, i know he's been to oz a few times along with dubai and far flung countrys, , great post mate.

07 Jul 2024 11:58:40
Paul86 you are correct re Fergie, We both stayed in the same area, I often seen him in the local supermarket, But I can’t remember the team he coached. ?????????.

07 Jul 2024 12:39:21
He’s talking about Craig Moore.

07 jul 2024 12:51:31
hes had 3 clubs mate perth glory, queensland and northern fury,
hiw i would have loved him working at rangers.

07 Jul 2024 14:13:00
TT correct about the three clubs. But he has also coached Stirling Macedonia here in Western Australia,

07 jul 2024 14:17:43
did he say he was talking about craig moore stevie?

07 Jul 2024 15:57:52
Naw Tom, he didn’t bro. I’m just working out same as all of us bro n that’s my take / guess on it same as i you think bomber mate. All the same really it’s a great wee post ??.

07 Jul 2024 15:59:24
The only former player that knows anything about the scouting department in recent seasons is John Brown.

07 Jul 2024 21:55:12
Sounds good but I'll believe it when I see it we've been told this before and never materialised.



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