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27 Jun 2024 21:03:40
Heard another issue with Ibrox today at work whilst speaking with some chartered surveyors that ibrox is suffering from subsidence, built on an old flood plain for the Clyde soft ground didn't say how bad it was but club are aware and it's being kept quiet for now.

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27 Jun 2024 22:15:23
Doing a great job of keeping it quiet!

27 Jun 2024 22:18:22
With no idea where we play our fixtures surely to goodness some1 from the club has to inform the fans what's going on its now ridiculous after several weeks no1 came out.

27 Jun 2024 22:20:49
Dont worry all the asbestos will prevent her from going under. The funny thing is that she has stood there for a long time and nobody has ever noticed. I slipped off my seat a few times and silly me thought it was the bevy but at least now i know it was subsidence.

27 Jun 2024 22:23:02
More bs is from Timmy.

27 Jun 2024 22:24:16
??? . keep them coming!

27 Jun 2024 22:25:54
Maybe I'm a bit more dumb than I think but can you please explain how Ibrox is on the flood plain of the Clyde when the flood plain of the Clyde is 5m above sea level but Ibrox is 21m above sea level and not exactly right beside the Clyde?

27 Jun 2024 22:29:57
What a pile of mince.

27 Jun 2024 23:04:47
This is the Tim rumour that’s being going about for over a week.

28 Jun 2024 00:18:02
What next. Ibrox hits an ice berg .

28 Jun 2024 01:24:58
Basically, ibrox is on a volcano, its going to erupt any day.
It also has a few sinkholes etc etc.

28 Jun 2024 04:53:16
Not saying this is true but was there not going to be an issue if they lowered the pitch due to the water table under it due to the Clyde.

28 Jun 2024 07:36:23
Three cheers ?? nearly spat my coffee out there.

28 jun 2024 07:52:01
there’s always been an issue with ibrox and the clyde as far as i know, it’s the reason you can stand on one touch line and you can’t see the other, just a hill in the middle, and it’s actually very pronounced, from the dugout to jardine stand, the clyde issue is nothing new, btw the deeds of ibrox are locked up in a safe in my girls work, and kebmvin clancy is one of very few who have access to it, bit ironic that innit.

28 Jun 2024 08:33:05
Tom is there not a camber on most pitches to allow water to run off? Not sure that's much to do with proximity to the water table? I could be wrong tho. I do know that's the reason we can't dig down to increase capacity though.

28 Jun 2024 08:42:03
Paul86, I asked about this many years ago, when I was a lad in the old enclosure, .
Was told then it was for drainage, pitch has been relaid and maybe even lowered since, same camber. this is a non story.
They'll be telling us the Easter road slope was to combat the tide from portobello next!

{Ed001's Note - it is the amount of rain fall that decides the camber, same as on roads. A bigger camber drains quicker but it is not so good if the weather is dry because it is more difficult to keep the higher points watered.}

28 Jun 2024 08:43:48
Ed van, can you tell if people are posting under a false name? Cause surely some of them are just wasting your time, sad little men, haven't got the baws to post under their normal name.

{Ed033's Note - Every poster in this thread is using their usual username. If you look at Drew2701's previous posts, they appear to be a Rangers supporter. Maybe Drew2701 heard this subsidence 'rumour' from somewhere and decided to post it.

28 Jun 2024 08:58:58
“Speaking to chartered surveyors” what next! ???.

28 Jun 2024 09:33:14
John2561 seems false to me??.

28 Jun 2024 09:49:45
A heard from a great source they had dug up a woolly mammoth and which died off from the first covid e-coli and measle strain so it could be a few months before we get back in, a did offer to drop it off in the east end in my transit van if it helped but no reply so far, a keep you lot posted.

28 Jun 2024 10:15:04
I was thinking the same Ed033, Drew's previous posts do not indicate one bit that he is a tim.
I could be wrong, but I would harbour a guess that the guy has heard a rumour, and came on to post it, and that's it. Somebody should have warned him of the impending pile on by some. ?.

{Ed033's Note - That seems the most likely explanation.

28 Jun 2024 11:08:42
Drew is correct as I have been talking to someone in the know and apparently we are considering attaching wheels to the foundations and pushing Ibrox up towards Helen St and away from the soggy Clyde ridden land.

28 Jun 2024 11:12:34
how come i can't post then i am using my username, been trying for months, i get nada replies from edds seems childish to me.

{Ed033's Note - Half your posts are derogatory towards other posters. Maybe stop that?

28 Jun 2024 11:40:14
Thanks Sunshine, and Ed, i'm indeed a rangers fan been a season ticket holder for 20+ years, work in a property / construction role so speak to surveyors and others in the industry frequently and always chat about Rangers. if the topic comes up and mentioned the issue about the issue with the Broomloan yesterday with a couple guys were using for some consultancy work and they mentioned about the subsidence.

Note: subsidence is an issue across a lot of buildings with varying degrees of severity! Not saying the stadium is going to disappear into a sink hole, but its something the club are aware of and as they should be just like the asbestos unless a building was built post 2000, most buildings before this will have asbestos in some sort even in gaskets of heating systems!

28 Jun 2024 13:46:01
We have built three new stands, put an extra stand on top of the main stand and did lower the pitch at one point to get extra seats in but it is only now that we have a problem with subsidence, what a load of crap. If the other mob can build their dump on top of all the mine workings and shafts under the east end of Glasgow, then it must be possible to build anywhere.

28 Jun 2024 14:14:46
Not a pile on drew, just nothing much happening and people want a laugh, do not think you are one of them either.

28 Jun 2024 14:23:53
Drew don't be put off keep posting, welcome mate. We do get a lot of undesirables over here, but had a look at your few posts before Ed/ sunshine had said what they said, couldn't understand why you were getting called Timmy. Keep your roumers coming.

28 Jun 2024 17:09:18
Ed deserves an ooft??.



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