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21 Jun 2024 17:17:22
Has anyone heard about this asbestos problem or is it timtalk again?

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21 Jun 2024 17:41:13
Tim talk.

21 Jun 2024 17:57:29
No cause I don't listen to those mob.

21 Jun 2024 18:05:47
Falling for Tim nonsense.

21 Jun 2024 18:11:13

21 Jun 2024 18:15:31

21 Jun 2024 19:02:15
Well if it is true it's sheer negligence! Why take on work without doing your homework. I reckon it's not true though!

21 Jun 2024 19:04:27
Before any Construction work is carried out on any projects, a variety of feasibility studies would be carried out.
These would include looking at the possibility of Asbestos.
And would either be included in the current scope of work by the MWC or carried out by a separate company before the main works were started.
No expert or privy to any info but calling BS from the Tims.

21 Jun 2024 19:13:02
There's posts on follow follow and Ibrox noise from regular contributors saying they believe its genuine. A pal of mine who was in the trade reckons he would be surprised if there wasn't asbestos in the stands simply because when they were built it was almost always used in construction! Although I have to stress he is just speculating.

21 Jun 2024 19:18:07
It's the usual from the entitled bedwashers.

21 Jun 2024 19:41:40
Think at that time of the initial rebuild, industry was well aware of the effect of asbestos and the associated lung diseases that accompany it, special-ist companies were removing it in a factory I worked in late 70's early 80's, and of course horror stories emerged in various industry sectors as to its use.

21 Jun 2024 19:43:41
Our club would know about any asbestos as a survey would be carried out prior to any work. There would also be asbestos documentation for any area that has it present in the stadium. I've seen a few videos from people doing work and they don't appear to have any asbestos protection.

21 Jun 2024 20:06:33
They are just biting back with something because It’s been said for years about their stadium being built on the cheap. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guys were expecting to find it before they started.

21 Jun 2024 20:17:52
That lots heads are full of asbestos and of course the curious case of incurable RANGERSITIS ?.

21 Jun 2024 20:38:06

21 Jun 2024 22:00:45
Wouldn't be surprised if there was just depends what type and how much depends on how long the delay . They'll have done an R and D survey prior to start but it doesn't pick up everything sometimes you uncover it while your working.

21 Jun 2024 22:06:15
Any Engineer or Architeque would know this is utter nonsense. Yes there will be asbestos in Ibrox like every other staduim and building built pre 1999 in the UK. Ibrox faciliteis management will know where all the asbelstis is as by law. If left undisturbed asbesots is complety safe. If removed a specilast company is brought in to do this.

22 Jun 2024 11:36:51
Tjbb not true different levels of survey for different things. The asbestos register you legally need is pretty much a walk round and mostly non intrusive as an employee is not likely going to knock a wall down. R and D survey is more intrusive but still not 100% going to pick everything up it's why most sites tell you to still be aware even if a survey has been done.



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