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18 Jun 2024 21:55:29
Now fourlads and chris jack saying that Connor Barron is signing for rangers, so welcome to the famous Glasgow rangers Connor Barron. ? Go smash it young man and imo he'll be a very good signing for us and an ideal replacement for the now departed Ryan Jack ?.

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18 Jun 2024 22:10:22
Would like to see it over the line and confirmed SWS, the way our lucks been bud?.

18 Jun 2024 22:56:57
What a signing

Honest question troops, do you think he's better than jack? I think he is
Lundsram with what I've seen he is also

TBF I have only seen him a handful of times but he looks good young and Scottish and for half a million of true well worth it.

18 Jun 2024 23:47:10
A realy good singing but we can't compete in Europe with only 2 scottish players.

18 Jun 2024 23:58:12
Pretty sure I actually posted this yesterday and got swooped on.

19 Jun 2024 00:05:20
Great signing can see him playing most games next season and think he'll get even better under Clement.

19 Jun 2024 01:02:19
I agree Barron will be like a new improved Jacko.
He’ll be fit and availible for a start n that’s not a dog cause I abso loved Jacko under stevie G
He was outstanding for us in Europe amd old firm games beside Davo and kamara, and aribo further up.
That was a very good team we had imo.

Hopefully Barron not only replaces a fit jack but improves on him and becomes an even better player.

For me he’s a starter ahead of lunny and Jack last season so it’s an improvement of the squad and 11 already.

19 Jun 2024 06:36:41
Michael, all i will say is that if barron is eventually as good as what the fit ryan jack was in the early years of his rangers career, that will do lovely for me, because that means we have a very good midfielder on our hands ?Jacko when fit was miles better than big lunny for me ? I see shades of ryan jack and his style in connor barron and i'm delighted at that ?I always rated and liked jacko and truly hope he gets a good club to go to next ?I wish him nothing but the best as jacko is 'rangers to the core ' ???.

19 Jun 2024 06:47:09
He has potential to be better than Jack and that’s about it for now, he’s going to offer us a fit and available player which is better than what Jack has been giving us.

Jack proved his ability vs tough opposition regularly when fit at home and European sides, a while to go for Barron yet but looks a good signing.

19 Jun 2024 07:01:15
Hopefully not too much pressure on him too early too exceed expectations and the boy gels n settles, and fans let him do so, far too quick too jump on guys backs if results don't go our way, but potentially a fantastic signing.

19 Jun 2024 08:18:17
Hopefully Barron isn't a replacement for Ryan Jack as we need him on the pitch not in the treatment room.

19 Jun 2024 08:23:21
Barbru, we don't need Scottish players to compete in Europe. If I'm correct they only need to have been part of our youth set up for 3 years and or be Scottish. We already have players like Rice, MacKinnon, McAusland and robbie Fraser who could make up some of the home grown quota for European games.

19 Jun 2024 08:23:29
Walter, let’s wait till club confirm, remember cordoba.

Also Mccrorie won’t be part of deal.

19 Jun 2024 08:36:27
Barron is one I wanted us to sign and I’m glad the club have him. David Watson would be another but time will tell.

I do think the club will sign another central midfielder over and above Barron. One of the key differences during those Old Firm games last season was the midfield. Celtic just have a better midfield three. I don’t think Barron alone fixes that.

19 Jun 2024 08:46:21
Course he's better than jack. If he's fit he's better.

19 Jun 2024 09:11:16
John, is Barron any better than our current youth? tbh, I've never seen him play.

19 Jun 2024 09:43:59
Barron will without doubt be a future captain of the club all going well, just like young Barry Ferguson.

19 Jun 2024 10:17:22
Mark, yes in that he has played a plenty First team games, McKinnon is closest we have to him.

19 Jun 2024 10:46:48
doesnt Barron have a sketchy injury history?

19 Jun 2024 11:56:00
I'd hope he can improve massively or he wouldn't be anywhere near game time at Ibrox. He's never been a full starter for Aberdeen sure he starts some games but not all of them. My worry is if he's barely a key player for Aberdeen (much like wright) how can he be expected to be a starter for rangers? I hope my worries are wrong tho just seems very similar to the wright signing.

19 Jun 2024 11:59:50
Barron is more technically gifted than Jack but with the same energy and dig etc.
potentially a far better player than jack in my opinion, and I say potentially. Time will tell.

19 Jun 2024 12:07:34
If he stays fit, then he is already a better replacement for Jack.

19 Jun 2024 14:28:43
I hope Clement has seen something in Barron that we'll see this season. Can't afford to have a young lad wasting away on the bench and getting starts in minor games. He needs to know his role and be given the responsibility from day 1, hopefully the form he's shown on occasions with the sheep can be seen regularly for us. With our luck, he'll become injury prone and absent more often like Jacko.



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