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18 Jun 2024 10:15:01
Wonder if Fabian Hurzler will allow Big Sima to come to us, bold move appointing a 31 Yr old for an EPL Club, big step up for him.

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18 Jun 2024 10:39:41
Probably not being ex st Pauli.

18 Jun 2024 10:51:03
It’s the same thing whenever these EPL teams appoint a new manager. They will gather all their players together and assess them during preseason. Decisions on who stays or goes will be made after that and towards the end of the window.

Rangers had Kent for years who, despite all his talent, had no end product. Sima is nothing but end product and the sixteen goals he scored last season will be difficult to replace. Rangers have been trying to find wide attackers that could find the net since the days of Warburton and the lack of success we’ve had in that department is staggering.

We need goals coming from all three forward players, not just the striker.

18 Jun 2024 13:07:03
I’m not fussed if sima comes back or not.
Better value for £5m out there.

18 Jun 2024 13:37:01
Stevie, I would love to know the better value options than Sima at £5m. (That’s assuming there is even a need to pay that amount with him on 12mnths to go in contract) .
He scored 15 times, plenty assists including Europe, is 23 with 7 caps, and has pace to burn and has levels to take his game.

Whilst there may be better players I doubt they cost £5m …. or would be battering our doors down to join up….

18 Jun 2024 13:45:23
I could not disagree more Steve.

18 Jun 2024 13:54:54
Sima won't get a kick at BRIGHTON. They've already got proven wide men and are trying to bring in Summerville from Leeds so Sima's right down the peckin order. If he comes to us ad stays fit, both parties will benefit.

18 Jun 2024 15:41:24
Biggest issue is that they are best run club financially in EPL if not the world in terms of net spend on players and what they sell them for. Basically they don’t need to sell to balance books or meet FFP regulations.
Having a new manager muddies water further. He is entering into final 12 months of his deal so if available I think it would around the £3m mark. Club might decide to give him an extension and loan him back out again though as he’s still relatively young.

18 Jun 2024 16:01:15
My bet is we will get Sima for roughly 4-5 million, currently valued at 7 million, was worth 12 million at 19 yr old during his break through season at Slavia Prague, still his highest scoring season to date outside of his homeland, guess what his main position was then?
Centre Forward have said for a while now, the club that actually plays him there again with good supply from quality wingers and midfielders will reap solid dividends, lad has it all, young, goals, strength, pace, and he is fearless while attacking and in front of goal, wasted on any wing, sure he will score from there, but i see and out an out CF once transitioned back to his best position again.

He was brought to Rangers to Play RW or CF but put on the LW despite that being his 3rd best position, as we were short of LW's.

If your still convinced he is a natural LW lmfao, go watch his highlights at Slavia Prague, was always played there as RW or CF.
who knows Brightons new manager might decide to keep and finally play him in those positions, when you have wasted away for 2-3 seasons as loanee on clubs benches and hardly been played, you will play any attacking position, again Sima never has and never will be an out and out LW.

Its is his 3rd choice position.
we need natural RW's Cortes is a natural RW, for those who think he is a LW.

Gerrard and Gio understood the benefit of playing players in their best natural position, hence the League win, wins against celtic, the Europa miracle run and final.

Clement knows this, and will bring in natural wingers for each position, look at how may injuries our wingers got playing on the wrong wings last season,

Matondo natural RW - always injured playing on the left wing.
Sima natural RW - played on the left injured for half the season.
Cortes natural RW - Injured in the 1st month playing on the LW.

Kent went almost his whole spell at rangers uninjured playing on the LW his natural position.
Sakala played almost his full spell at ranger not injured playing on the RW his natural position.
Candeias played almost his full rangers spell with very few injuries playing in his natural position on the RW.

so let's get wingers in for the correct sides and end this wrong sided winger long term injury nonsense.

3 natural LW's and 3 natural RW's 4 for the 1st team and 2 up and coming young lads - Mcausland / Ishaka for example.

P. S Ignamane signed for us, sure it's already been posted on here.
cracking young talent, just like Nsiala, Cortes, Jefte, Diomande.
new teams taking some kind of promising shape, plenty work to do yet.

18 Jun 2024 17:37:28
I'd take Sima at £5 million.

18 Jun 2024 18:12:45
There no better value than Sima for 5m imo his calling is a lot higher than most at Gers and he contributes a lot already.

18 Jun 2024 20:47:46
Sima’s all round game isn’t brilliant.

His end product is.
Someone else’s words earlier today on here and I couldn’t agree more.

Goals and assists are great, but I don’t really see a sell on in him if we pay £5m +
Our main market for sales is England and I don’t see many coming for him.

If we had more mi et then yes. But we need to buy with a view to sell.

Look at the players the club are in for, the boy at Bayern, the morrocan lad.
Those are the players I mean when I say better value for money.
I don’t pretend to know them. That’s not my job.
I’ll tell u this though, miovski at £6m is far better value than sima for £5m.
Once the wages balance themselves out miovski would be a better bet over course of season. And when it comes to selling.

18 Jun 2024 20:50:15
Mark in general I’d take sima at £5m all day long of course I would.
But in the situation we are as a club, everything in consideration…. The value isn’t there for us at £5m when we have a whole squad to rebuild.

I’d take another years loan with obligation if targets are met.

19 Jun 2024 11:35:02
laudrup hagi what on earth are you on about using transfermarkt valuations and positions as facts for christ sake.



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