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17 Jun 2024 10:39:14
Been reading the players who aren't coming
Anyone in the know who we are actually goi g for outwith Rrahmani? And the players who have decided to stay with their own clubs or gone elsewhere?

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17 Jun 2024 15:09:37
4 players definately not coming to us this season.

Joey Veerman (offered to gerrard for 3-4 mill) instead signed for PSV by Koppen for 6 mill in 2022 - now worth 40 mill.

Malik Tillman (loaned to us by Bayern Munich - with the option to buy for 5 million) valued at 1.5 mill then - Loaned by Bayern to PSV - Deal finalised by Koppen prior to rangers DOF move - With option to buy at end of loan - Option to buy accepted for 12 mill - Now worth 20 million.

Bakayoko brought to PSV by Koppen as a youth from belgian league for free, now worth 45 million.

Ismael Saibari bought by Koppen from the Morrocan league for 25k - Now worth 16 million - Same Saibari that scored 2 goals against us in Holland in the champs league to knock us out at the qualifiers stage.

18.25 million spent by PSV on Koppens scouting recommendations (and that is just some of the talent he brought to PSV in his time as youth / Head coach) - combined value now of those 4 players alone - 120 million.

Nils sure has an eye for top quality young talent.

But he PSV rebuild was not done in 1 season, so don't get your hopes up thinking we will be a genuine champions league quality team in one season, it took 4 seasons at PSV to bring that kind of talent in and rebuild there previously average side, but it can be done, certainly by him, i doubt Clement has much say in who comes in. his job is to identify the areas that need work done, and Koppen brings the young talent in.

17 Jun 2024 15:14:36
As I've said already stig, I wait to be impressed when someone is actually photographed with the scarf.
Far too many names on here to list and almost none of them will end up with us.

17 Jun 2024 15:31:03
Good post Laudruo. My only fear is we have a very entitled, impatient support and time won’t be permitted. A rebuild and long term fix is an absolute must though.

17 Jun 2024 15:41:11
Would be exciting to end up with a couple of players who are worth those sort of figures - will be difficult to gel and start dominating right away - not impossible but may require some patience ??????.

17 Jun 2024 15:52:02
Only problem is fact most players would want to play in any league other than scotland both Veerman, Tillman not interested in signing full time with us. but here's hoping some of these players signing make us money, along with some experience signed we can win league.

17 Jun 2024 16:13:38
Clement is the coach. He had said in interviews he doesn’t like the transfer windows.

17 Jun 2024 17:07:03
Good post laudrup and ibrox

That’s the problem ibrox he won’t get that time with fans unfortunately if he is behind by a few at Xmas folk will want him gone as they expect instant success and never loook at the bigger picture.

17 Jun 2024 17:39:04
Tilman got roasted on here and apparently he was never worth 5 million. The amount of players we don't give sufficient time to is embarrassing. Players are hesitant to come to Scotland because the league is full of hammer throwers and if you have a couple of bad games your branded a dud.

17 Jun 2024 18:24:46
With the sheer amount of bodies that have left and likely coming in, I expect that we may well finish second due to the time it takes for people to settle and also adapt to our league as it definitely feels one of a kind in what it requires from players. I won't be wanting PC out as he seems a very level headed man and think we need to give someone time as we have been really harsh on managers since SG left. SG wasn't great at start but look what he did eventually.

I'm actually really looking forward to see what Koppen does over this summer and into January, we should be excited and hopeful as I doubt those lot will be signing world beaters.

17 Jun 2024 18:41:52
Rangers can be the beginning and end of many careers. I honestly believe that had Gerrard failed in Scotland he would not have gotten another job in management. As much as we take a chance on players and managers, they take a chance with us.

17 Jun 2024 20:01:39

Mate you don't need to keep highlighting/quoting everyone's posts on here,
we can all see and read the posts, and pressing regular posters on here to explain and clarify their posts, because you feel they should for some reason, take a chill pill man.

We are all excited for the new signings and season ahead.

Welcome to the Rangers Rumours page.

17 Jun 2024 20:18:54
Agreed Storm. The job they have to do is massive but it’s doable. I think if the fans can see see progress there’ll be a little more patience but there will still be those, at games or online, who will have their whipping boys before the season has started. I’m confident Clement and Koppen know what they’re doing.

17 Jun 2024 20:37:42
Yeh Tillman was overrated by many on here. ??

Great post Hagi. Great points well made.

18 Jun 2024 07:44:45
A rangers ‘rumours’, page, yet if rumours are posted they get roasted.
Change the name to, “rangers roasted! ”.

18 Jun 2024 10:31:25
Many said Tillman wasn’t worth £5m. They accused him of being lazy, faking injury against Celtic, etc. shocking treatment of 20 year old boy who did his first year of senior football with us and won Scotland’s POTY. So many need to leave Rangers and then pick themselves back up again: Lammers, Tillman, Helander, etc. These guys can be good players they just need the right environment.



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