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16 Jun 2024 15:22:54
Daily Rag say we have made a bid for Hamza Igamane, Morrocan forward. Quick Look on Transfermarket shows value £450k limited experience so maybe one for reserves and hope he develops. Anyone hearing any other fresh rumours?

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16 Jun 2024 15:37:30
I read it too.

16 Jun 2024 15:37:59
Just seen on twitter from FRMF Xtra tranlated to "The transfer was concluded with a €2M deal"

16 Jun 2024 15:38:13
Aye a just saw it on the Daily Rebel online there. Don’t know anything about the lad. Even reading that rag online makes me feel like I need another shower the day!

16 Jun 2024 15:43:59
Hope not, even YouTube, struggling to make him look any good, God help us!

16 Jun 2024 15:47:26
BAR 72 if you read comments from Moroccans they are all saying one of the best talents in the country and expect him to be in Europe shortly and that was a few months ago.

16 Jun 2024 15:47:36
Saw had a bid of £1.5M accepted. Wonder if he is seen as a 3rd choice, if that's the case and keeping Dessers that's probably our 3 strikers going in tonext season with lovelace backing up.

16 Jun 2024 16:05:28
Bar72, the boy looks pretty good on YouTube
Try being a bit more optimistic.

16 Jun 2024 16:12:21
A mate of mine said in last transfer window that his team where looking at Hamza Igamane so had a look a while back he is like Morelos stocky and strong bit of pace. I think this is a good move well thought of in Morocco as one of if not the best player they have had in there League.

16 Jun 2024 16:23:05
Forgetting danilo coisty. I firmly believe dessers will be offski.

16 Jun 2024 16:23:30
Lol, God help us!

Imagine being linked with young raw talent with potential resale value.

16 Jun 2024 16:37:46
We don't win the league with danilo and dessers our 2 strikers. No idea about young lad we are after but at 1.5m if true hrs not signing to play in b team.

16 Jun 2024 16:48:17
Aye the good old you tube videos to decide if a player is good or not it’s embarrassing writing guys off before they are even signed.

16 Jun 2024 17:33:27
Read that we have made a second bid of 2m euros and bid has been accepted striker that can also play right wing, has scored 7 in his last 14 appearances.

16 Jun 2024 17:50:15
Interesting to see us finally starting to tap into these markets. The Belgians and Dutch have been doing it for years and picking up some great players. Maybe a sign of things to come for this window.

Agree this lad will probably take up Roofes slot in the roster. Would really like to see us move on either Danilo or Dessers to make way for a proper number 9.

Can’t see us sign another 1 unless one of those guys leave.

16 Jun 2024 17:57:06
Announcement imminent.

16 Jun 2024 18:24:21
Also good to see it coming out of nowhere which would suggest the other lads mentioned in the press are just rumours. Looks like we will be doing our business on the qt.

16 Jun 2024 18:29:10
We need to buy players that can be starters won’t win **** all with a team of 20 year olds.

16 Jun 2024 18:58:52
Sima, I beg to differ mate, but it's all about opinions, we will see.

16 Jun 2024 19:03:50
Bar that's an nonsense take. He's 7th in the top 10 performing under 23 strikers in europe last season.

16 Jun 2024 19:49:48
OWS how do you know? So we just give another trophy away, players coming in so we won't move fwd, think I'll watch Junior or god forbid Walking football, fgs give the team a chance?.

16 Jun 2024 20:44:43
Where in europe is morocco, tj?

16 Jun 2024 21:30:41
North Africa part Big D??.



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