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15 Jun 2024 18:43:57
Plymouth trying to sign barron surely he's not knocking us back for plymouth.

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15 Jun 2024 18:47:21
Think we need to just wait and see who he goes to they are meant to be interest for Italy etc… so I would think Plymouth don’t have a chance.

15 Jun 2024 18:55:35
Press are saying that Rooney being manager of one of the clubs could have a positive bearing on where he goes. Surely with Rooney's abysmal track record in England that should be a massive negative!

15 Jun 2024 19:23:26
A helluva lot of speculation, rumour and wishful thinking methinks on here. which is fair enough, I'll wait till I see scarfs above heads in the marble foyer, , I think we will all be surprised and maybe a little underwhelmed if I'm being honest.

15 Jun 2024 19:58:33
Yip a few clubs interested in Barron, and why wouldn't they. I do think he will be a Rangers player though.

15 Jun 2024 20:24:46
If you went for a job interview and you realised people have pets with greater intelligence than your new boss then you'd be looking at your options.

15 Jun 2024 20:38:03
If connor barron cares about his grandmother he will knock them back.

15 Jun 2024 21:08:42
How would not care about his grandmother if he knocks us back?

15 Jun 2024 21:59:29
Due to Rooney’s fondness of granny grabbing.

15 Jun 2024 22:09:40
Rooney has a penchant for them I think Big D is inferring ???.

15 Jun 2024 22:23:50
Im not explaining it.

15 Jun 2024 22:32:44
Strange comment lol.

15 Jun 2024 22:52:53
Brilliant BigDado ?.

16 Jun 2024 01:55:53
How olds his granny? ????.

16 Jun 2024 02:10:54
Have a friend that has a son that is signed for Birmingham and said that Rooney was the worst coach could not stand on the touch line and take training but wanted to be involved.

16 Jun 2024 08:28:43
Got it now took me a while long day ?.

16 Jun 2024 09:10:28
While Plymouth being mentioned, remember morgan whittaker? He's had a good season with them 19 goals.
Shame we never signed him .

16 Jun 2024 09:41:51
Rooney is to busy on Union Street, all the Grannies have come out of retirement ?.

16 Jun 2024 10:32:45
Rooney will be gone by xmas.

16 Jun 2024 13:18:39
If Barron chooses Plymouth over us, then good luck to him, we move on . I would like to sign him but if he doesn`t want to come then we don`t want him anyway . The Whittaker one is strange and another Beale screw up, chased him all January then when he does become available in the summer we sign Lammers an older player, for more money.



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