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12 Jun 2024 22:16:36
Albion Rrahmani is not as close as being reported as of today. Rangers have not made a formal bid yet but he is their number 1 target for the striker position.

The club have identified Ramon Mierez of Osijek as a potential back-up if they don't get Rrahmani.

Yusuf Kabadayi is extremely close. Club hoping to get it over the line this week.

Thomas Galdames will likely happen after Copa America. The club have made formal offer to the player and will look to agree a fee with his club over the next few weeks as they want him now instead of January for free.

Lenny Lobato has been a player the club have enquired about. They have spoken with his agent but nothing further has been done.

Connor Barron was seen as a back up if Damian Garcia fell through. Club were notified late on Monday night by Garcia's agent that he was going to commit to Penarol. Rangers in a very strong position with Barron and it is closer than what has previously mentioned on here. The club are after another midfielder but no names as to who.


Adama Traore is not anywhere near as close as what has been previously reported. The club have interest in the player and spoken to Ferencvaros about his availablity but nothing more.


Joaquin Lavega is a player the club are really interested in. He has been watched by the club and is in a similar contract situation as Garcia. Club made contact with the players agent a few weeks ago but not sure of the latest on him.


Flavius Daniliuc is not a name I have heard mentioned so don't know if the links about him are true.


Aljosa Matko is a player I know the club have definitely watched. I was told this a few weeks ago but don't know if anything has happened since.


Tommy Conway is a player that the club really like but they are not willing to pay the fee that Bristol City want with 1 year left on his contract. Unlikely he will still be a Bristol City player when the window closes.

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12 Jun 2024 22:31:36
Gd info bud, Mierez is Interesting 19 in 34 and 6 assists, same club we got Borna at, is Lavega a possible development player? Matko 18 in 26 and 6 assists also interesting, time will tell.

12 Jun 2024 22:36:01
Barron has had an offer since January itk.

12 Jun 2024 22:49:01
ITK thanks for all the info, have you heard anything about adjei?

12 Jun 2024 22:51:13
I hope leaving Galdames until after the Copa isn't be a bad idea. A good showing could easily push him up the list of other clubs and out of our price range.

12 Jun 2024 23:24:08
Very interesting post. A good few to watch out for.

12 Jun 2024 23:26:10
ITK, have we any interest whatsoever in young south african winger mofokeng ?.

12 Jun 2024 23:27:19
@My star in the sky

They did extend an offer during the back end of the season but the club have jumped to offer improved terms to get the deal down asap because they have missed out on Garcia.

12 Jun 2024 23:30:11

The club will get everything agreed with club and players agent then they will formally sign him after the tournament.

They will ensure they have a form of agreement before regardless of how well he plays / if he plays.

12 Jun 2024 23:32:52

Adjei was a player the club were really keen on in January before Hammerby accepted Lorient's proposal.

I have not heard anything about him but it wouldn't surprise me the club are back in for him now that Lorient can't afford him and their buy option ends in 15th June.

12 Jun 2024 23:41:01
ITK_Bear at least 80% of this is false, we have not interest nor indeed the scouting reports into the majority of these players. The names mentioned date back to Gerrard/ Beales reign.

13 Jun 2024 00:13:03
Is galdames not a left centre back.

We’ve just signed 1 from Milan.

Just a thought.

Thanks for all the info bro.

13 Jun 2024 00:16:24
cant see why we’d be in for Lenny Lobato tbh.

13 Jun 2024 00:33:02

What information is false?

The information I have posted is from a very trusted source as of this afternoon.

Some names I don't have the up to date information about (Lobato, Lavega, Matko) but I know the interest is 100% confirmed.

13 Jun 2024 00:34:37
He'll have better offers than the Rangers offer itk.

13 Jun 2024 00:39:23
Is Conways fee not only 300k? Surely we can’t be thinking that’s too high for him.

13 Jun 2024 06:15:39
Baron is nearly done and has been coming for a while.

13 Jun 2024 07:24:56

Thanks for he info mate some good reading their
Lavega was a top talent touted by the guardian in a list of top young talent of his age group
Sounds a cracking g player and one who will develop and possibly become a right good player
Would love to see this one go through

Looking for ward to seeing Baron get over the line

@we are ready
What info do you know who we are looking at then if you think this list is 80% false?
Genuinely interested to know what you’re hearing?

13 Jun 2024 07:47:09

Tommy Conway still has a year left on his contract. The £300k fee would be the development fee we would pay Bristol City if Rangers sign him on a pre-contract, which they can do in January.

However Bristol City actively shopping the player to cash in on him.

13 Jun 2024 08:01:03
Blue no the cost of Conway is not 300k it’s only 300k at the end of next season as he is out of contract and that’s what we would pay then. Cross border transfer.

13 Jun 2024 09:24:24
@Blue89 no, he's out of contract in 1 year. If we agreed a pre contract this January, we'd only have to pay a 300k development fee but to sign him this summer, there will be a larger fee involved.



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