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18 Nov 2023 03:18:58
Some say McKenna wouldn't come to Rangers, hearing Rangers want Barron and McKenna signed on pre contracts in January, heard nothing about Shankland but i certainly wouldn't be against that he's definitely improved his overall game as a cf.

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18 Nov 2023 08:15:33
I hope your info is spot on My star especially regarding scott mckenna mate and no reason to doubt your info ?.

18 Nov 2023 08:52:09
I'd happily sign all 3.

18 Nov 2023 09:31:55
Definitely be happy with all 3 and would strengthen our Europe squad with them being Scottish.

18 Nov 2023 10:21:11
I heard different on McKenna but we may not even be after him and he may not come but all you can do is try.

18 Nov 2023 10:46:55
I haven’t watched Barron play, the Scotland u21 fans are apparently raving about him online for his performance against Belgium the other night.
Apparently he was absolutely outstanding.

18 Nov 2023 10:53:51
Why would McKenna not want to sign for Rangers? Is it the Aberdeen thing? Surely that’s overplayed?

18 Nov 2023 11:09:17
Wouldn’t complain as we definitely need to sign some Scottish players.
Not only for the European squad but I feel having a Scottish identity will help make us a little stronger, obviously they have to be good enough and I would say those three players tick the boxes.
18 top quality players from other countries with 8 Scottish and home grown players that are good enough to make up European squads, that gives us the Scottish identity required and the bases to build a squad for home and European competition.

18 Nov 2023 12:04:57
I would take all 3 of them if McKenna comes we could sell Davies, Barron covers jack and shanklad for roofe who is a decent player but always injured.

18 Nov 2023 13:05:51
Carrick I think McKenna is supposed to be a die hard Celtic fan.
I think.
That will be the reason he’s not interested in us.

18 Nov 2023 13:13:45
Making McKenna an offer would get him thinking, players think what is best for them before the team they support.

18 Nov 2023 13:16:02
Barron is an ababsoloutplayer. fits European criteria also. this boys gona be a star so get him signed up while we can.

18 Nov 2023 13:29:05
Celtic might go in for him.

18 Nov 2023 13:34:45
From what i got told. Fenerbache willing to almost double his 30k wage at Forest. They have shown a lot of interest. Mckennas dad a ST holder at celtic.

18 Nov 2023 13:59:53
I thought McKenna was vastly overrated at Aberdeen, seen nothing to change my mind either, anytime I`ve seen him for Forest or Scotland. Before anybody raises the fact that he is playing in the EPL (currently he isn`t) but more to the point his sometime partner and captain is Joe Worrall, who was slated when he was up here on loan. So he apparently wasn`t good enough for us but he plays in the EPL. McKennas only plus point is that he is Scottish and although we do need some more homegrown players, they need to be good enough to improve what we already have . I would play Balogun and Davies before McKenna.

18 Nov 2023 14:04:49
You would think players would get out off going to turkey. If smeltic go in for him then he'd likely go there but if they don't then we should be going all out for him. Him and goldson would be a good partnership and hopefully get a few quid back from Davies.

18 Nov 2023 15:32:59
Iv always been really strong on us getting Shankland, even when his stock was low and on a free.

We all know he would come to us if the right deal

But he's hearts captain, first choice, respected and has a decent career. He's the number one choice. He could come to us and be behind the likes of Danilo, would be a big risk, as he is giving up a lot

But all that said I think he could really be a great, he just has it

He could be an astounding success and i think he would be

We can dominate possession and create lots of chances for him and most times than not, he can finish his chances.

18 Nov 2023 16:12:45
Not a McKenna fan, think he is one of the most clumsy overly physical defenders who would get punished in Europe.

18 Nov 2023 17:17:29
I would have preferred porteous.

18 Nov 2023 17:17:29
I'm not overly fussed on McKenna either tbh, gofor.

18 nov 2023 18:26:06
i said i was told a few months ago that a ch has agreed terms to come in january, whether that changed when beale went i don't know, but i believe it was either soutter or mckenna.

18 Nov 2023 19:00:33
Ryan porteous is the best Scottish defender around atm.
He’s have been an outstanding player for us.

I really really rate him highly.

He’s a big solid no nonsense defender, but he can also play a bit.

18 Nov 2023 19:06:21
I hope it's Souttar.

18 Nov 2023 19:25:54
McKenna isn't any better than Souttar or Davies imo. Barron on the other hand is a talent with loads of potential.

19 Nov 2023 12:28:18
Tom I was told 100% not Harry Souttar who is valued at 15 million.

19 Nov 2023 13:59:10
Aye a don’t see it being Harry either, only way I see us getting him would be a player swap, then it would be who Leicester want.

You’re talking raskin danilo cantwell?
Maybe yilmaz? But they have 2 good left backs I’m sure.

We could maybe get a loan in 2nd half of season but that would likely be our whack.

19 Nov 2023 14:14:58
Agree with bazbear 73
Should have snapped up porteous.

19 Nov 2023 14:57:44
Stevie with possibly exception of butland not a player at ibrox that would interest liescster

They value Souttar 15 million, so we would need to give them at least three players.

19 Nov 2023 15:56:07
I think £15 is what they paid for him John, they don’t seem to value him very highly as he can’t get a game or even get on the bench most of the time.

I think realistically u could get Souttar for £10m max but likely less.
Players don’t hold value when they’re not even in the playing squad.

Still outwith our price range anyway so it’s irrelevant really.

I know what u say regarding our players. I was more thinking if they wanted a player we’d do that plus cash.
But not to the value of £15m.

20 Nov 2023 13:12:48
Harry Souttar is another right sided centre back, so what would be the point of signing him . We already have his brother and Connor Goldson to play there. If we do want a centre back it must be to give balance on the left of the defence and replace Davies. Don`t see that as a priority in January though.



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