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15 Nov 2023 17:11:10
See Warburton in paper talking about the way he and Davie Weir were edged out, I know there were rumours they were talking to another club, but anybody got decent info on this, seemed a bit harsh, if they did move to another club we would have got compo surely?

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15 Nov 2023 18:49:10
In past who cares move on

Need to look forward not back why are people intent on creating negative headlines around us when we are doing well.

15 nov 2023 18:54:52
tried to be fly and look innocent, git caught, end of.

15 Nov 2023 18:58:20
Is this just some media spin from Brighton as D Weir being mentioned in rumblings re potential DOF job at Ibrox and a way of spreading negative press so as to distance him from the job? Just a thought?.

15 Nov 2023 19:37:59
Things were going pear shaped for him as his lack of a plan B was getting found out, he thought he was gong to get sacked and started looking around for other offers, got caught and got sacked. We got no compensation because we sacked him and he got no compensation because he was talking to another club. He didn`t last long there either, couldn`t maintain a challenge at QPR and after a spell as West Hams assistant coach, and is now looking to get back in somewhere. what's the best way of doing that? Start talking again about the only big club he`s ever worked for and hope to get noticed. He got us promoted and then was found out, that's the real story.

15 Nov 2023 20:24:44
Warburton said it in a podcast, nothing to so with weir.

15 Nov 2023 20:37:21
Cheers gor the responses guys, especially wslgers.
Well informed.

16 Nov 2023 14:36:34
I’d like to see warburton takeover an spl club and see how he gets on.
Maybe the hearts job will be up for grabs soon.

16 Nov 2023 23:05:39
Plan B is to do Plan A better. ?.



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