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14 Nov 2023 11:15:47
@ John27

Morning John I saw a post you put in about some maybe disappointed in the recruitment of the DOF
And then I saw you post about the possibility of John Robertson possibly coming to us

So question is, have you possibly heard our next DOF is going to be John Robertson?

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14 Nov 2023 13:45:53
Robertson not as dof. Stigno.

14 Nov 2023 13:58:32
My Mrs uses the same hairdresser as Todd Cantwell and she says that she says that he says naw….

14 Nov 2023 14:05:46
Ah right kl
Thanks John27.

14 Nov 2023 14:13:35
Stuarty- does Todd jump oot the hairdressers chair and shove her when he doesn't like the close attention for his highlights? Just asking for a friend in the SFA???.

14 Nov 2023 14:18:37
What capacity is john robertson coming to rangers in then John227?.

14 Nov 2023 15:12:56
SWS who said Robertson was coming to Rangers?

14 Nov 2023 17:01:41
A possible coach?

14 Nov 2023 18:14:42
He was interviewed with two others re a coaching role.

14 Nov 2023 20:48:24
Do you know who the other two candidates that were interviewed are John227?

14 Nov 2023 21:41:27
Robbie neilson was one of them monty,

15 Nov 2023 03:03:22
Monty my understanding Nielsen Robertson Davidson although couple others say mcall and not Davidson.

15 Nov 2023 05:24:05
So is one of those 3 getting a rangers coaching position ?.

15 Nov 2023 07:53:45
Walter time will tell. Suppose how interview went. Obviously won’t b Nielsen.

15 Nov 2023 08:02:37
I’d read elsewhere that the b team coach davie mccallum, is that his name? Is leaving in summer.
Perhaps the interviews are in relation to replacing him.?

Any info on that possibility John or anyone?

15 Nov 2023 08:49:02
Yes mcallum is moving on.

15 Nov 2023 10:39:39
D McCallum is a great guy known him since we were 7 tho don’t seem him much these days.

15 Nov 2023 15:31:42
It would be a massive bonus if we had a quality head coach in charge of b team.

Someone of the quality of neilson, Davidson etc

It could offer them a pathway to first team in future similar to European clubs.

If that’s what we’re trying to do is lure a quality experienced coach to the b team with incentives then that’s a massive step in the right direction.



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