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10 Nov 2023 11:32:12
Is the reports true about souttar not being fancied by our manager or is he just out injured again?

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10 Nov 2023 12:16:22
Soutter and Davies need replaced. To think the emoji man once said Soutter could be the next Richard Gough.

10 Nov 2023 12:16:33
Muscle injury.

10 Nov 2023 12:54:11
John Soutter is an outstanding central defender, on his day probably the best we have. Unfortunately, the injuries which have plagued his career have left him struggling to be fully fit and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Not signing his brother when we had the chance frankly is almost dereliction of duty from our previous manager. I would bring in Harry and allow John to either play a bit part on a 'pay-as-you-play' contract or move him on.

10 Nov 2023 13:01:59
Hopefully he's back for the 30th November.

10 Nov 2023 13:19:36
Soutter is our best CB imo. Like a few others though, is nowhere near fit enough to compete in such a busy schedule over the course of a season.

10 Nov 2023 13:24:39
Super swally your talking as if you're on the swally because i can assure you it certainly wasn't me comparing big john souttar to Richard Gough ?big goughie is the best centre half i've seen at ibrox bar none ?.

{Ed001's Note - I was thinking he meant Coldo?}

10 Nov 2023 13:34:12
Souttar has had some really good games for us although he is prone to the odd lack of concentration but to be fair all our centre backs are . We are screaming out to have Scots in the squad and he is one of the best we could have. I only hope he gets fit for the Aris game where he will be needed to play instead of Goldson . Playing right centre back will probably help him as that is his more natural side.

10 Nov 2023 13:54:54
I thought he meant coops ??‍♂️

Souttar makes too many mistakes that lead to goals for a centre back to be a first pick.

He’s inconsistent, for his height loses too much in the air. That causes us to lose a high number of goals. If u look at all our goals conceded in the games he plays u will see a pattern.

He’s a good football player, good coming out from the back but he’s never going to be good enough to be a first pick for us.

10 Nov 2023 14:24:32
I actually don’t rate Soutter as a starter.
He’s a decent player and very good with the ball, but unfortunately always seems to have a bad mistake in him that tends to lead to a goal.

Unlike most on here I actually rate Davies.

10 Nov 2023 14:25:50
Personally think Souttar is fine for SPL, and is even prone to odd mistake ( as is Goldson) but is often caught out in Europe.
I think PC will address our defence very soon.

10 Nov 2023 14:43:19
Super who is the emoji man? I don’t think coops has ever said that but could be wrong.

10 Nov 2023 14:44:28
Guys I don’t think he is our best CH, I have said we need a new back 4 but will settle for 3 in the next 2 windows.

10 Nov 2023 15:01:50
Souttar isn’t our best centre half I’d argue he isn’t even in the top 3. He always seemed to play a part in the goals we conceded when he was playing. He’s not good enough to consistently play across a season not even including his injury issues. He’d be a solid backup but that’s it.

10 Nov 2023 15:49:54
Storm has heavily backed souttar in the the past but you know what it's about opinions.

I myself was not a big souttar fan I think all our centre backs are way below the standard of some of our previous defenders weather it be .

Gough butcher McLaren amoruso bougherra boumsong Weir cuellar

Clement has given them all a clean sheet and souttar not done much wrong under Clement the way manager has turned lundstrum around and is getting a tune out of guys like wright

Then I'm more than happy to give everyone the benefit of doubt and back this manager he certainly seems to know what he's doing unlike beale.

10 Nov 2023 16:15:23
Bee82 I thought you were describing Goldson there for a moment.

10 Nov 2023 17:04:13
You seen what happened to our defence when Goldson wasn’t there last season, fell apart.

10 nov 2023 17:18:38
his brother may well be at ibrox sooner than later.

10 Nov 2023 17:31:38
Ha ha the emoji man…. wonder who that could be?

10 Nov 2023 17:56:35
Talking about central defenders, I thought Davies was outstanding last night.

10 Nov 2023 17:57:56
Don’t know about Souter being the next Richard Gough but he will be back playing shortly, perhaps alongside his young brother at Ibrox in January.

10 Nov 2023 18:04:18
I’m the emojo man?????.

10 Nov 2023 18:38:34
Gofor you spout some utter barry white on here pal. You make a hell of a lot up. No idea why.
Explain heavily backed? That’s never happened. I didn’t want him signed at the start because he was injuries prone and I gave him credit for a couple of good games. If giving someone credit is heavily backing him then I am guilty ?. Right at this time and this season I would have Goldson, Davies and balogun in front of him.

Also people can change their minds if they want to. gofor have you never changed your mind on anything?

I have slightly changed my mind on wright after the last few games I still think we need a lot better but he has done a job. This is not me heavily backing him tho.

10 Nov 2023 18:39:12
I did as well fool monty.

10 Nov 2023 18:49:05
I don't think Souter is our best defender, he is guilty of switching off which has directly cost us a few goals.

10 Nov 2023 20:09:43
Souttar has done nothing since he arrived to suggest that he is our best centre half and his injury record to date suggests that he will never stay fit for long enough to develop as he could do to be of the quality we need. I am not sure about Davies and it could be that under Clement he will prove to be a good acquisition. Goldson is still our best centre back but he does not come close to either Butcher or nGough, or for me, Amorusso.
For too long we have been signing players that have been signing players that are evidently injury prone, presumably on the assumption that they will suddenly become fully fit with us but the days of the 'magic sponge' have long since gone.
It will be interesting to see if any of those players will be able to attain the fitness levels required by Clement and maintain them.
Godfrey is not an option, if he isn't signed by Tottenham of Newcastle it will be because of injury issues and in such circumstances it would make no sense for us to sign him.

10 Nov 2023 20:19:45
Going on recent performances under PC there is an argument that even though many of us didn’t want him back that Balogun next to Goldson is out strongest pairing at the back.

10 Nov 2023 20:48:04
I think we need a tall commanding centre half to partner Goldson or 2 new altogether.
We need an aerial threat at set pieces at both ends.

I think we should look to Eastern Europe for someone for this position.
I actually loved Katic but it never worked out but someone in that mould but better for me.
A ball player and a solid unit is my preference in defence.

10 nov 2023 21:07:26
mirrors mirrors everywhere, and can't see any of them lol.

10 Nov 2023 21:51:15
Really can't see us signing harry souttar.

10 Nov 2023 21:54:03
It’s about time you looked in one of those mirrors TT ?.

10 Nov 2023 22:04:59
Souttar is our best defender and will be back in the side. The one consistent thing on here are people who don't like our team, players and even football in general.

11 Nov 2023 10:06:35
In my opinion John Soutter is the best cb we have, in my opinion by a distance, should be played at rcb.

11 Nov 2023 11:16:01
Souttar cost us most goals at the start of the season he ain’t the best we have I have 3 others before him.

11 Nov 2023 11:25:02
And by the looks of it only thing I've got wrong this season is cifuentes.

From what I seen in the MLs we should still be able to get something from him .

Wonder 8f he's been carrying an injury seems to be only one not had a chance under Clement yet.

11 Nov 2023 11:34:15
Storm best in my eyes by a distance.

11 Nov 2023 11:37:25
Gofor the only thing you got wrong, sorry man you get things wrong daily mate.

11 Nov 2023 15:37:56
Goldson for me is still the best CB we have, it’s proven when he’s out the team, however, I think Goldson will be away next season and Souttar will play and show what he’s capable of playing on his favoured side.

11 Nov 2023 16:27:31
Souttar is far from our best lol!

He gets far too touch tight and caught on the turn. He is also often unaware of his surroundings. Bull in a China shop. Good kid and works hard. Like when he runs forward but he often does it at the wrong times.



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